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Fri Apr 17, 2015, 10:56 PM Apr 2015

If elected President, which of these Democrats... [View all]

would be most likely to really turn things around?

47 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Time expired
Hillary Clinton
9 (19%)
Martin O'Malley
1 (2%)
Bernie Sanders
30 (64%)
Elizabeth Warren (who's NOT running, Manny!!1!)
6 (13%)
Other (please name below)
1 (2%)
Oh @#$% you Manny you @#$% hater
0 (0%)
Turn things around? Why? They're fine now!
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Hillary because I think she has the best chance to bring the house and senate to the Democrats. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #1
This is precisely why I voted for Clinton. joshcryer Apr 2015 #19
Sanders can't get elected Tommy2Tone Apr 2015 #24
What Nader did was true democracy in action. cui bono Apr 2015 #54
Nader had the right to run but he was a contributing factor to Gore's loss. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #93
Exactly my point n/t Tommy2Tone Apr 2015 #96
Thanks One of the 99 Apr 2015 #111
The system is more to blame for our loss then... cascadiance Apr 2015 #127
Nader was not the only reason but he was a major factor. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #129
But focusing on him to blame makes it harder to fix the system properly... cascadiance Apr 2015 #131
I am sorry but he had the right to run but his running helped cause Bush and he deserves to be hrmjustin Apr 2015 #132
No, you're blaming continues to keep a corrupt system in place! cascadiance Apr 2015 #133
I have no problem with third parties but they are not immune from criticism. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #134
But criticize their policies, not that simply running helps the Republicans... cascadiance Apr 2015 #136
With respect I think he can be criticized for running as well. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #137
You are criticizing democracy then too... cascadiance Apr 2015 #138
Damn i hate myself! hrmjustin Apr 2015 #139
Post 151. MADem Apr 2015 #152
Agree 100 percent. I don't look on Nader as a positive force after 2000. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #153
No. He should not be blamed as he was the only determining factor that was democracy in action. cui bono Apr 2015 #149
+1 - That's my point. cui bono Apr 2015 #150
Agree..The SCOTUS stole this election n/t Tommy2Tone Apr 2015 #144
Yes, taking all that GOP money for his campaign was "true democracy in action....?" MADem Apr 2015 #151
I think Sanders could win if he was the nominee. joshcryer Apr 2015 #56
Sanders can't be the nominee since he is not a Democrat Tommy2Tone Apr 2015 #95
There's nothing in our system STOPPING him from being a Democrat to do so... cascadiance Apr 2015 #126
I have no issue if he runs as a Democrat Tommy2Tone Apr 2015 #143
I think he's given strong indications that this is the way he'd do it. cascadiance Apr 2015 #146
Sanders=Nader only if he runs against the Democrat, which is highly unlikely. Jim Lane Apr 2015 #57
Why do you... onyourleft Apr 2015 #82
I think that many here underestimate the capability of either Sanders or Warren winning... cascadiance Apr 2015 #135
So we have to settle for eight more years of center-right nothingness Ken Burch Apr 2015 #65
You need Congress to do anything. joshcryer Apr 2015 #66
I know we need Congress. Ken Burch Apr 2015 #69
Where has Clinton run away? joshcryer Apr 2015 #70
All Clinton has to do is not fuck anything up DonCoquixote Apr 2015 #88
You're assuming she wants to regain the House and the Senate. Ken Burch Apr 2015 #38
Really? Was she president in the 90's? hrmjustin Apr 2015 #39
Marionette... Agschmid Apr 2015 #40
No they weren't. joshcryer Apr 2015 #53
Because they almost never said the words "we need a Democratic Congress" Ken Burch Apr 2015 #59
Have you watched it? joshcryer Apr 2015 #60
He COULD have flipped the House back to us in '96, but he didn't even try. Ken Burch Apr 2015 #61
He ran on welfare, Ken. joshcryer Apr 2015 #62
welfare could have been reformed WITHOUT punishing the poor. Ken Burch Apr 2015 #63
How? He ran on cuts. joshcryer Apr 2015 #64
He ran on "ending welfare as we know it"-not on throwing poor people to the wolves. Ken Burch Apr 2015 #67
You are simply wrong. joshcryer Apr 2015 #68
He could at least have shown the stones Harry Truman showed when he vetoed Taft-Hartley. Ken Burch Apr 2015 #72
Sure. joshcryer Apr 2015 #73
+1000 Third Way politicians seek divided government, not majorities. woo me with science Apr 2015 #79
I think she has the worst chance for coattails. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Apr 2015 #83
Well we disagree. hrmjustin Apr 2015 #89
Agreed. LuvNewcastle Apr 2015 #162
Hillary tied for 2nd! nt Logical Apr 2015 #94
Turn things around from what? zappaman Apr 2015 #2
I tried to be gracious. MannyGoldstein Apr 2015 #10
Voted for Bernie because as you said Elizabeth is not running. jwirr Apr 2015 #3
Bernie isn't a Democrat currently so... Agschmid Apr 2015 #4
I want to pick Liz who isn't running or Bernie but I'm ignoring Manny so I can't vote in the poll. Autumn Apr 2015 #5
Me too. MannyGoldstein Apr 2015 #6
Like an ignore Manny group? Awesome! May I be co host host? Autumn Apr 2015 #9
We can co-host. MannyGoldstein Apr 2015 #29
I can get behind that, the promise not to post Autumn Apr 2015 #92
If you're ignoring Manny, how is it you're able to post on this thread? n/t. Ken Burch Apr 2015 #71
It's a special new DU feature. I can say I ignore Manny and still give him crap Autumn Apr 2015 #87
No...but I would be interested in a "Ignore the Ignore MannyGoldstein group". n/t. Ken Burch Apr 2015 #141
It's not up and running yet but in the meantime you can still join us in the Elizabeth Warren Autumn Apr 2015 #142
I'll give those a look. Cheers. n/t. Ken Burch Apr 2015 #147
Im not ignoring Manny and I still can't vote in the poll. JaneyVee Apr 2015 #155
No one is restricted from voting. You can chose Other if you like no one listed in the poll Autumn Apr 2015 #156
No, it won't let me vote because poster must have me on ignore. JaneyVee Apr 2015 #157
The time has run out on the poll that's why the options to vote are un-clickable. Autumn Apr 2015 #158
Ah, ok. I learn something new about DU every day. JaneyVee Apr 2015 #159
It took me a bit to find it. I looked twice for your name to see if you had voted Autumn Apr 2015 #160
http://www.dumblittleman.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Change.png blkmusclmachine Apr 2015 #7
How in the world can anyone seriously vote for Hillary in this poll? Reter Apr 2015 #8
You voted for the one person who isn't a democrat, just FYI. Agschmid Apr 2015 #12
Ironic how he's the one acting most like a Democrat though.... truebrit71 Apr 2015 #28
Well done, and very true. nt haikugal Apr 2015 #55
Yes, indeed. n/t onyourleft Apr 2015 #84
There's no ideal/perfect Democrat that everyone can agree on YoungDemCA Apr 2015 #122
Except he isn't... Agschmid Apr 2015 #130
If you are not being facetious and/or pointing out Manny messed that up treestar Apr 2015 #112
I was pointing out that it seemed like a flawed poll. Agschmid Apr 2015 #114
She has actual supporters treestar Apr 2015 #110
Elizabeth Warren Aerows Apr 2015 #11
+6.02e23 nt MannyGoldstein Apr 2015 #41
Give me a hug Aerows Apr 2015 #42
I'm still waiting for an answer on what we can do about TPP BainsBane Apr 2015 #13
Face it: MannyGoldstein Apr 2015 #14
Because I was hoping you'd have ideas BainsBane Apr 2015 #16
Nah, sorry. MannyGoldstein Apr 2015 #20
So what does progressive reform consist of BainsBane Apr 2015 #22
Good point. MannyGoldstein Apr 2015 #26
AFL-CIO Day of Action to Stop Fast Track- Today, April 18 2015.....Do something about it!!!! Bluenorthwest Apr 2015 #90
Thank you! nt BainsBane Apr 2015 #119
What can you do about anything, BainsBane? Scootaloo Apr 2015 #34
I understand that BainsBane Apr 2015 #36
This is a big Day of Action on Fast Track, there are events all over the country today. Bluenorthwest Apr 2015 #91
How would a president turn things around? BainsBane Apr 2015 #15
IIRC, Warren herself did the killing MannyGoldstein Apr 2015 #21
Nope, she just voted the administration that killed him into office. BainsBane Apr 2015 #23
I really have no idea. MannyGoldstein Apr 2015 #27
Nobody knows where to draw the line treestar Apr 2015 #76
Good point MannyGoldstein Apr 2015 #98
Hillary never voted for his appointing POTUS treestar Apr 2015 #99
I really don't know what to say MannyGoldstein Apr 2015 #101
Hillary is a murderer of Gaddafi? treestar Apr 2015 #103
I'm curious: did you vote for John Kerry? MannyGoldstein Apr 2015 #108
Yes. treestar Apr 2015 #109
You're right. Kissinger is only an accessory to murder. But, there's no statute of limitations leveymg Apr 2015 #115
What is the second oldest Democratic government? treestar Apr 2015 #116
They are still doing it treestar Apr 2015 #77
Kick for Bernie. 840high Apr 2015 #17
I'm of the opinion that anyone these days who would make a great POTUS for the 99% ... Fumesucker Apr 2015 #18
Love that the person winning isn't a democrat... Agschmid Apr 2015 #25
And yet Bernie acts more like a Democrat than the rest.... truebrit71 Apr 2015 #31
I agree it's interesting, but realistically he is acting just like he is... Agschmid Apr 2015 #33
Wait, he's just acting that way? truebrit71 Apr 2015 #35
Where did I say that? Agschmid Apr 2015 #37
Sorta how Hillary is talking "just like she is" a socialist/populist. Autumn Apr 2015 #105
Good post. Agschmid Apr 2015 #107
My fault. MannyGoldstein Apr 2015 #32
Don't apologize Aerows Apr 2015 #45
I suck less? MannyGoldstein Apr 2015 #48
To be fair I don't think you suck at all... Agschmid Apr 2015 #49
Nah. I think you win! KMOD Apr 2015 #52
Are you determined Aerows Apr 2015 #44
I do on a daily basis. Agschmid Apr 2015 #50
so now you are being open about treestar Apr 2015 #75
Try again... Agschmid Apr 2015 #97
You said that you loved that the winner of this poll was not a Democrat treestar Apr 2015 #100
Lol. Agschmid Apr 2015 #106
It's going to take more than the Presidency to turn things around. winter is coming Apr 2015 #30
And yet . . . Major Hogwash Apr 2015 #58
Elizabeth Warren Aerows Apr 2015 #43
Any of them would make a huge difference KMOD Apr 2015 #46
Well said! hrmjustin Apr 2015 #47
Yup! Agschmid Apr 2015 #51
None without Congress treestar Apr 2015 #74
Correct answer ... and it is instructive that the OP did not include it. JoePhilly Apr 2015 #102
Or the desire for a dictator who will be obedient to their own purist demands YoungDemCA Apr 2015 #123
How much does Bernie owe Corporations for his Campaigns ? orpupilofnature57 Apr 2015 #78
Bernie fights for Democratic principles better than most card-carrying Dems... polichick Apr 2015 #80
I'm just surprised that President Kucinich hasn't fixed everything... SidDithers Apr 2015 #81
It's always said a person lost for not being progressive enough treestar Apr 2015 #104
If your 1% allies, the MSM, would have allowed Kucinich some press, maybe he would have. Zorra Apr 2015 #117
He's too busy collecting his check from his good buddy Rupert, and playing the MADem Apr 2015 #154
I'll pass rock Apr 2015 #85
No one ann--- Apr 2015 #86
I voted, "did not wish to select any of the options provided" ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2015 #113
You mean we can't have a STRONG LEADER that can "turn things around?" YoungDemCA Apr 2015 #120
I'll go a step further ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2015 #124
Good point. MannyGoldstein Apr 2015 #125
Did you read the part about ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2015 #128
As I've noted in my thread, Hillary isn't interested in changing trade or campain finances WhaTHellsgoingonhere Apr 2015 #118
In case you haven't noticed, both houses of Congress are controlled by the GOP YoungDemCA Apr 2015 #121
Draft Barbara Lee! nt daredtowork Apr 2015 #140
Would be fine with Sanders or Warren mvd Apr 2015 #145
No One Will "Turn Things Around" Liberal_Dog Apr 2015 #148
We need to beg the 1% to at least let us live in poverty and give us just a few more crumbs. L0oniX Apr 2015 #161
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