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32. Angry teenage girls frequently use their words...
Tue Apr 28, 2015, 06:15 PM
Apr 2015

... and sometimes a parent or teacher thinks it would much easier on everyone if they just punched a hole in the wall or threw a wastebasket.

I know I have.

The difficult part isn't telling people what they "should" do; anyone can do that since everyone has opinions how to best get along in this world. The difficult part is simply listening, even as you are being eviscerated by angry words.

Privileged white males in the U.S.A. have a bad habit of telling everyone else what they "should" do. Cops in the U.S.A. are even worse.

If I was emperor of this nation I'd fire three-quarters of the cops and completely disarm three-quarters of those remaining. Let them solve problems with their words, and leave the weapons to those few saintly individuals who would sooner take a bullet than kill someone.

Dumbing it Down: I have a teenaged son [View all] ScreamingMeemie Apr 2015 OP
I think this is a good post. bigwillq Apr 2015 #1
Thanks, and that is what I'm thinking too. ScreamingMeemie Apr 2015 #11
It amazes me how, on a progressive board... Whiskeytide Apr 2015 #2
It amazes me too. ScreamingMeemie Apr 2015 #12
Your post really makes a useful and timely point. JohnnyLib2 Apr 2015 #3
Thank you... ScreamingMeemie Apr 2015 #13
Thank you for this post. onecaliberal Apr 2015 #4
Thank you ScreamingMeemie Apr 2015 #14
Reads post, worries about responses.... daleanime Apr 2015 #5
I did too. ScreamingMeemie Apr 2015 #15
excellent post. fuggin, excellent. i agree with using this to better express how so many feel seabeyond Apr 2015 #6
Thanks. I'll make sure he gets it. ScreamingMeemie Apr 2015 #16
well done post - excellently made points Mira Apr 2015 #7
Exactly. Also, you give me hope that my son will make it through this. ScreamingMeemie Apr 2015 #17
My dad always made me fix the damage I did as a teen... hunter Apr 2015 #8
Thank you for this post. ScreamingMeemie Apr 2015 #18
Understanding is a good start Joe Nation Apr 2015 #9
Very well-written. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. ScreamingMeemie Apr 2015 #21
Hope your life is getting better Joe Nation Apr 2015 #30
Sorry. If my child JDPriestly Apr 2015 #10
+10000 - I have friends with a schizophrenic son wordpix Apr 2015 #20
If you somehow thought there were not penalties for the destructive behavior, ScreamingMeemie Apr 2015 #22
Interesting how the same people who "empathize" with a violent child JDPriestly Apr 2015 #25
My child is angry. He has a right to be. I'm going to go with his counselor and the job ScreamingMeemie Apr 2015 #26
And do you empathize with the police officers who are violent? JDPriestly Apr 2015 #27
Reframing. ScreamingMeemie Apr 2015 #28
You never punched a hole in the wall? hunter Apr 2015 #29
Actually, I had a very bad temper when I was a small child, but JDPriestly Apr 2015 #31
Angry teenage girls frequently use their words... hunter Apr 2015 #32
Good suggestion. Maybe we should require police officers to wear JDPriestly Apr 2015 #33
My mother died thanksgiving day 1981 awoke_in_2003 Apr 2015 #19
I am so sorry. ScreamingMeemie Apr 2015 #23
It makes sense... awoke_in_2003 Apr 2015 #24
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