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71. You are painfully, agonizingly correct
Wed May 13, 2015, 01:04 AM
May 2015

I support Obama on Iran, Cuba, social issues, and a bunch of other stuff.
Those are good.

But his support of TPP is awful, just awful.
It is awful because TPP is awful, and Obama is a bright person who knows its awful.
But he pushes it anyway.

Obama is very much a mixed-bag as a President, and not a Progressive on many huge issues.
On many issues he seems like an obedient product of The University Of Chicago and Milton Friedman.
Privatized Public Schools/"Race-To-The-Top"? Drone killings? NSA spying? "Banks Too Big To Fail (or JAIL)?
These are part of what I think of as Obama's "bad" side.
All in all, my feelings about him are, "complex".

I am not some mindless "Obama-basher", but just someone who is earnestly Progressive on many issues,.
especially economic ones. And it is on the key economic and financial issues where I disagree with him most strongly.
The "TPP" side of Obama is not the side of him I like or admire.
Sorry, but that side of Obama is just way way too Reagan for me.
Y' know what I'm talkin' about?

Good thing nobody HERE would be disrespectful..... brooklynite May 2015 #1
Lol~ sheshe2 May 2015 #2
I am sure disagreeing with Obama is an issue with you! nt Logical May 2015 #4
Are you making a point? sheshe2 May 2015 #5
Then the Iranian Ayatollahs trolled them AgingAmerican May 2015 #63
LOL Iliyah May 2015 #8
Yup~ sheshe2 May 2015 #9
my disagreements are over policy. His race makes him roguevalley May 2015 #62
Ha ha ha! MADem May 2015 #78
Yea sure! leftofcool May 2015 #101
... To any President. Oktober May 2015 #108
K & R nt okaawhatever May 2015 #3
It's disgusting and hurts the party. Potential right wing Supreme Court Justices stock is on uprise Hoyt May 2015 #6
K&R and bookmarked for use later when I post on a conservative blog. TexasTowelie May 2015 #7
You are so very brave, TT! sheshe2 May 2015 #10
My dear, you are strong. Iliyah May 2015 #12
You are mischaracterizing DU. Jim Lane May 2015 #80
+1 cui bono May 2015 #85
+1. I agree with every word. "Implicit" racial bias is not just the provence of the right. Some.. Tarheel_Dem May 2015 #128
Who would have known that the TPP with birth ... 1StrongBlackMan May 2015 #131
Yup. They finally found an "ism" they can't live with. Tarheel_Dem May 2015 #133
Well ... 1StrongBlackMan May 2015 #138
I was going to say it was interesting for them to say that at a time when the GOP and Obama cui bono May 2015 #11
Obama is not working against liberals, although some are too obtuse to realize it. Hoyt May 2015 #13
No he is not, but they must elevate their choice Iliyah May 2015 #14
Sanders, Warren, Brown, and the other Democratic Congress members are all obtuse are they? Elwood P Dowd May 2015 #15
I guess you prefer siding with Tbaggers on TPP. See, it's easy to play your game. Hoyt May 2015 #16
I am so loving you Hoyt! nt sheshe2 May 2015 #17
Thanks. I sure need it. :) Hoyt May 2015 #24
Well you have it. sheshe2 May 2015 #42
You do pretty well too. I always look for your posts. What really saddens me are the good Dems Hoyt May 2015 #56
Damn you Democrats for not voting with Republicans!!!! How dare you!! neverforget May 2015 #50
It's not the liberals' game. I was accused of being a libertarian because I agreed with Rand Paul cui bono May 2015 #81
You are painfully, agonizingly correct nikto May 2015 #71
Well, he did say he was like a "moderate '80s Republican" Art_from_Ark May 2015 #86
Yeah, economically ... nikto May 2015 #97
I absolutely do know just what you are talking Nite Owl May 2015 #141
Overall, I think President Obama has been a good President. Half-Century Man May 2015 #18
DUzy sheshe2 May 2015 #19
Well said Iliyah May 2015 #20
This is from two months ago MannyGoldstein May 2015 #21
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~ sheshe2 May 2015 #23
Ok. MannyGoldstein May 2015 #25
I posted in this thread.... sheshe2 May 2015 #38
Thank you! Iliyah May 2015 #28
Hugs Iliyah! sheshe2 May 2015 #44
This message was self-deleted by its author neverforget May 2015 #45
So the round President Obama lost today is more disrespect because he's black? bluesbassman May 2015 #22
No, and the attacking of posters is unacceptable, period. Iliyah May 2015 #27
Sorry, I wasn't responding to you so I have no idea what you're getting on about. bluesbassman May 2015 #32
Actually you did, see what I posted you. sheshe2 May 2015 #36
Did someone send out the bat signal to say this is 2 months old news? sheshe2 May 2015 #33
Only Bat Signal sent out tonight was your OP. bluesbassman May 2015 #46
Exactly. cui bono May 2015 #82
Actually, you would be wrong. sheshe2 May 2015 #90
It was a stupid alert. cui bono May 2015 #109
I think you're confusing "implication" with "inference..." LanternWaste May 2015 #111
Thanks for the correction. bluesbassman May 2015 #115
Sorry, watching a Democratic President team up with Republicans... raindaddy May 2015 #26
Respect is earned... Obama ISN'T earning it now! cascadiance May 2015 #54
Yeah, it's sickening the disrespect the President gets from those who can't debate with integrity.. Cha May 2015 #29
Truth! Iliyah May 2015 #30
Did the posts about the Bronze Statues go to the top of the page! sheshe2 May 2015 #47
you win some you lose some Enrique May 2015 #31
It's not over. Cha May 2015 #35
true Enrique May 2015 #40
And some here will cheer it as a victory. zeemike May 2015 #70
And in the same breath, they'll go on about how horrible it will be Art_from_Ark May 2015 #96
Obama "supporters" accepted the outcome for today. It was known last week. Iliyah May 2015 #43
He won really big Iliyah May 2015 #49
Maybe the Senate Democrats need to read this n/t WestSideStory May 2015 #34
They have Iliyah May 2015 #39
Why? Because they did their job as they are supposed to? cui bono May 2015 #88
he won twice... But I think some are right, he was being held to a higher standard than AuntPatsy May 2015 #37
What an utterly dishonest and disgusting OP. TM99 May 2015 #41
This is what the RW/GOP/Libertarians do Iliyah May 2015 #48
You are making zero sense. TM99 May 2015 #55
You know what. sheshe2 May 2015 #60
Now you claim you are a victim TM99 May 2015 #61
I agree, the "two month" criticism makes no sense. Heck, these folks are treating Obama worse now Hoyt May 2015 #74
Really? The gender card? cui bono May 2015 #84
Post removed Post removed May 2015 #93
In response to your hidden post... cui bono May 2015 #107
"brutal attack"? SMC22307 May 2015 #152
+1 rbnyc May 2015 #129
You are too involved. I think you need to step away for a while! akbacchus_BC May 2015 #51
yes, but hatred will still be here Iliyah May 2015 #57
We all do, and hate is not sustainable! akbacchus_BC May 2015 #59
Most Americans are not. Iliyah May 2015 #64
I agree with you, Most of us want peace and live akbacchus_BC May 2015 #69
You think I need to step away? sheshe2 May 2015 #65
No, I only know how political you are on here! akbacchus_BC May 2015 #67
I disagree. The Far right has legitimized extremist and often racist dialog... Eleanors38 May 2015 #122
Results of your Jury Service ProudToBeBlueInRhody May 2015 #52
Thank you jurors. nt ucrdem May 2015 #92
Your post was alerted on, and here are the results: CaliforniaPeggy May 2015 #53
Thank you Peggy! sheshe2 May 2015 #66
Wow.. some people want to censure anything on this board that doesn't fit their stupid little agenda Cha May 2015 #68
WTF? sheshe2 May 2015 #95
Ah, the little soothsayers, crystal ball and tea leaf readers need to go back to psychic school and Cha May 2015 #140
Sad but true Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 2015 #145
I don't even alert the ones that tell my friends they're "a fucking idiot".. just boomerrang it. Cha May 2015 #149
If one speaks speaks up on race, the posts are alerted. It is we who speak up who are racists! How dare we? Liberal_Stalwart71 May 2015 #103
But as I've posted ... 1StrongBlackMan May 2015 #134
As a note, if disrespect hits a new low, that's actually a good thing... whereisjustice May 2015 #58
It seems like it will never end huh Iliyah May 2015 #76
'Yes, and they should do so honorably.' It's a disgrace what they have done to him and freshwest May 2015 #72
I never understood the demand for respect for a POTUS. Bonobo May 2015 #73
Respecting Presidents is boring. Need more pitchforks. Cheese Sandwich May 2015 #99
Disrespect of Americans and democracy by our corrupt, purchased government hits a new low. woo me with science May 2015 #75
Well sheshe2 May 2015 #87
Exactly. And the feigned innocence is ridiculous and transparent. cui bono May 2015 #89
Results of your Jury Service DeadLetterOffice May 2015 #105
^^^THIS^^^ L0oniX May 2015 #118
"mouthpieces of the first black president" You mean like his fucking SUPPORTERS? Number23 May 2015 #124
Sounds like this TPP thing has the corporate wing of the Democratic Party riled up. jalan48 May 2015 #77
nope, won it Iliyah May 2015 #79
Good one, she! longship May 2015 #83
I think it's partly racism but partly 9/11 Jim Lane May 2015 #91
Post removed Post removed May 2015 #94
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2015 #98
Respect is not automatic..... sendero May 2015 #100
Certainly not just the Rethugs. Right here on DU. It's NOT just Republican racism, either! Liberal_Stalwart71 May 2015 #102
The criticism has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with his moderate Republican cui bono May 2015 #110
I disagree with the president on a host of issues, but don't deny that the *constant* disrespect Liberal_Stalwart71 May 2015 #123
On Du that is not the case. It is about policy differences. cui bono May 2015 #136
Fuck that! When people of color say that they have experienced racism right here on DU, they have! Liberal_Stalwart71 May 2015 #150
I didn't say that. I've seen some racist comments on DU, particularly regarding white privelege. cui bono May 2015 #153
Speak on it! Racism seems to be the only "ism" Americans, of all stripes, willfully ignore. Tarheel_Dem May 2015 #135
Right here on DU TOO! MaggieD May 2015 #104
You are conflating disrespect with criticism. cui bono May 2015 #113
No I'm not MaggieD May 2015 #114
Well I'll give you the right wing talking points for sure. cui bono May 2015 #116
So let me get this straight... MaggieD May 2015 #117
You haven't provided any context so I can't comment on that. cui bono May 2015 #119
uh huh MaggieD May 2015 #120
Or a "f**cking used car salesman", and the disrespect goes on to collect a few hundred recs. Tarheel_Dem May 2015 #143
I don't see it as racism fadedrose May 2015 #106
A new low all over the place. NCTraveler May 2015 #112
That poster has been called out as being full of shit since s/he first got here. By no means, Number23 May 2015 #125
This is also fueled by the reputation of Democrats as being weak & afraid... Eleanors38 May 2015 #121
It's sad but the GOP has become gopiscrap May 2015 #126
He is not able to run again for President. He obviously can get the stuff he WANTS to get done, djean111 May 2015 #127
Shhh ... DU is talking about that (President) Obama's ... 1StrongBlackMan May 2015 #130
She, I'm so sorry you got locked out of your thread. You were stalked, baited, and ultimately.... Tarheel_Dem May 2015 #132
HA, someone got a 24-hour lockout after reporting your post R B Garr May 2015 #139
Thanks for letting me know. Juror #7 hit it out of the park. Alerter should be shut down for abuse. Tarheel_Dem May 2015 #142
No problem, Tarheel. I think if a jury result is unanimous against the R B Garr May 2015 #148
Agreed. Bobbie Jo May 2015 #146
Yup. They're yukkin' it up. I guess it's a victory (of sorts). Alert stalkers suck! Tarheel_Dem May 2015 #147
as does the disrespect for Michelle Obama ... napkinz May 2015 #137
IMO it is all about the color of his skin. South Texas seems to be a hotbed Rex May 2015 #144
Thank you for admitting the truth. Liberal_Stalwart71 May 2015 #151
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