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woo me with science

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63. See post 21. You are excusing her
Sun May 17, 2015, 08:35 PM
May 2015

for hiding her positions from voters. That's a slimy position to take.

You can't use corrupt media as an excuse for corporate politicians to deceive voters and deliberately hide from the democratic process.

If Hillary were truly concerned about corrupt media, she would be calling out their avoidance of real issues and doing her best to work around them to make her agenda clear. That is what Bernie Sanders is doing:


Instead, she is USING corrupt media as an excuse to avoid taking positions on issues where her actual positions are unpopular, and predatory. She is the poster candidate for the vapid, policy-avoidant, entertainment pageants our elections have become under corporate rule. She ought to be ashamed.

Another train wreck of a thread? hrmjustin May 2015 #1
So you have an opportunity to refute what he says. But no, just a cute emoticon. nm rhett o rick May 2015 #18
And this bothers you? hrmjustin May 2015 #22
Careful... zappaman May 2015 #25
This place gets stranger and stranger. hrmjustin May 2015 #27
I like the way 840high May 2015 #28
Of course. hrmjustin May 2015 #29
Hugs back at 'ya. 840high May 2015 #41
Thanks. hrmjustin May 2015 #42
I think that the desire is that it's intended to bother. But IMO it's a signal that that's all rhett o rick May 2015 #32
Are we not allowed to respond sarcastically or in good fun? hrmjustin May 2015 #35
Wow do you whine a lot. Nt Logical May 2015 #43
Beer mostly. hrmjustin May 2015 #45
I see what you did there.. one_voice May 2015 #46
. hrmjustin May 2015 #47
If Clinton is avoiding the media because she's afraid to be tripped up eloydude May 2015 #2
Senator Sanders has to speak to the media daily okasha May 2015 #65
Hologram candidate. RiverLover May 2015 #3
Meanwhile Bernie lays out in great detail why the TPP is a disaster for American workers think May 2015 #4
Well, at least you got ... NanceGreggs May 2015 #5
I think it's a sad commentary on our political system. Marr May 2015 #6
+10000000 It's the faux democracy of oligarchy. woo me with science May 2015 #19
I think she knows that once she starts talking her numbers will fall. Autumn May 2015 #7
... SidDithers May 2015 #8
I think it is unimportant noise. Unvanguard May 2015 #9
Like what? TM99 May 2015 #11
Clinton hasn't stopped communicating with voters. Unvanguard May 2015 #15
So, in other words, TM99 May 2015 #17
If Sanders is wise, he is also thinking hard about how to craft his message. Unvanguard May 2015 #33
Already done. TM99 May 2015 #38
If your only point here is to play a childish "My candidate is better than yours" game Unvanguard May 2015 #40
Hardly a childish game. TM99 May 2015 #44
Sanders and Clinton have appropriately different priorities. Unvanguard May 2015 #48
ROFL! woo me with science May 2015 #20
Clinton has been taking policy positions, though. Unvanguard May 2015 #36
Let me see if I got your point. HRC, who has been running for the presidency for decades rhett o rick May 2015 #23
That's not what I said. Unvanguard May 2015 #37
Really? So let's look to see what you actually said. "And she needs to make sure her campaign team rhett o rick May 2015 #49
The poll question wasn't about the TPP. Unvanguard May 2015 #51
I agree. It's about the fact that instead of speaking to the important issues of the day rhett o rick May 2015 #52
Damn. Where is the LOL option? nt DURHAM D May 2015 #10
You're now a fan? JaneyVee May 2015 #12
Our media does a disservice to our democracy. joshcryer May 2015 #13
What a slimy talking point. woo me with science May 2015 #21
We saw how the media treated Gore. joshcryer May 2015 #24
the ground efforts is exactly why Obama was able to be competitive and win against Clinton JI7 May 2015 #53
She's listening and nodding. And nodding... progree May 2015 #14
Had to vote for Thumb in Manny's eye! bigwillq May 2015 #16
20 days is almost 3 weeks!1!1!1! zappaman May 2015 #26
Great point. MannyGoldstein May 2015 #30
Glad you find it funny. I would 840high May 2015 #31
You mean the same media that asked so much about Obama's birth cert, benghazi, etc The Straight Story May 2015 #34
I know just what you mean mannygoldstein Wash. state Desk Jet May 2015 #39
Here a thought based on Hard numbers... pkdu May 2015 #50
That's only because no one has asked her what her most inspirational Bible passage, is. Warren DeMontague May 2015 #54
Kick to expose the arrogance of oligarchy. Representative elections, my ass. woo me with science May 2015 #55
She'd be wise to start talking about infrastructure . . . today. Vinca May 2015 #56
kick woo me with science May 2015 #57
weird Bobbie Jo May 2015 #64
Jeb complained this week about the same thing bigtree May 2015 #58
That's a surprisingly low response. woo me with science May 2015 #59
I have a low opinion of 'the press' bigtree May 2015 #60
See post 21. You are excusing her woo me with science May 2015 #63
I saw the press other day repeat a few of the 'liberal' positions she's been voicing, verbatim bigtree May 2015 #66
No, her claims to be a populist aren't remotely believable to me, or anyone who knows her record. woo me with science May 2015 #67
How many @#$&ing times do I need to tell you people? MannyGoldstein May 2015 #68
That's because the media isn't asking her the important questions, that the Public needs answered. Warren DeMontague May 2015 #61
I'm no fan of HRC... sendero May 2015 #62
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