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51. Self Control.
Mon Jun 8, 2015, 09:41 AM
Jun 2015

I don't mean that in a snide way. If your membership payment is on some kind of reoccurrence, put a stop to it. Then simply don't log onto du. It works in multiple ways. You get what you want, and if you change thoughts in the future, your profile is still here waiting for you. Go in with the mindset you are taking a break. If that break turns into an overall positive in your life, make it permanent. Millions of things you could be doing other than this. Determine if this is what you want to use your free time on over those other options. Best wishes to you.

Purge it of what? nt sufrommich Jun 2015 #1
remove my account? samsingh Jun 2015 #2
you can have your account locked ProdigalJunkMail Jun 2015 #3
that's fine - i just am disconnecting myself from DU - i'm tired of contributing financially and samsingh Jun 2015 #5
drop a line to skinner ProdigalJunkMail Jun 2015 #7
Ask a previously banned poster... boston bean Jun 2015 #4
okay - i can just stop coming to the site samsingh Jun 2015 #8
that is one other option. boston bean Jun 2015 #11
but then isn't there a lost password recovery? treestar Jun 2015 #37
i'm one of the strongest Hillary supporters and i'm still appalled by the treatment received by a samsingh Jun 2015 #12
i'm a very strong Hillary supporter and was pleased boston bean Jun 2015 #13
Call someone the c word Renew Deal Jun 2015 #6
will do. thanks samsingh Jun 2015 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author Duckhunter935 Jun 2015 #10
It isn't worth it just to get a free pizza. TheCowsCameHome Jun 2015 #26
Forgive me but I'm pretty sure this is mandatory on Goodbye Cruel World posts FrodosPet Jun 2015 #14
You are supposd to beg them to stay - that is the whole point of the post! patricia92243 Jun 2015 #18
In that case... FrodosPet Jun 2015 #36
To leave DU, just leave pinboy3niner Jun 2015 #15
That does not work nadinbrzezinski Jun 2015 #42
I thought those types of posts were cruel and immature. It's like a pack of nasty sharks. BlueJazz Jun 2015 #16
thank you. samsingh Jun 2015 #17
There is no deleting your account, admins won't do it as they've been asked many times before. seaglass Jun 2015 #19
thanks samsingh Jun 2015 #20
Suggested process: muriel_volestrangler Jun 2015 #21
Good advice...nt Jesus Malverde Jun 2015 #40
Just take a break and leave the door open Rhiannon12866 Jun 2015 #22
that's good advice. samsingh Jun 2015 #23
Thank you! Rhiannon12866 Jun 2015 #24
Just slip out the back, Jack ... JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 2015 #25
and certainly "no need to be coy, Roy". TheCowsCameHome Jun 2015 #27
Here's one way..... Nye Bevan Jun 2015 #28
All time classic. nt awoke_in_2003 Jun 2015 #35
That is an initial inductee to the DU Hall of Fame. hifiguy Jun 2015 #39
Giving it a fiber rich diet might help. CentralMass Jun 2015 #29
Polite requests to do so tend to get ignored. Lizzie Poppet Jun 2015 #30
"Name removed" only happens with newbies, not long timers uppityperson Jun 2015 #41
I was thinking that might be the case. Lizzie Poppet Jun 2015 #43
I like and respect you sam but this a overreaction. DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2015 #31
thanks for your kind words. i will follow them. I don't think samsingh Jun 2015 #44
At the end of the day, sam, this is still an anonymous message board./NT DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2015 #46
I will absolutely not say anything snarky or smart alecky... hlthe2b Jun 2015 #32
What do you mean by "purge?" City Lights Jun 2015 #33
FUCK the grave dancers. Keep posting while imagining what they're like in real life. cherokeeprogressive Jun 2015 #34
Take a break for a while. I avoided DU for a year hifiguy Jun 2015 #38
thank you samsingh Jun 2015 #45
I love DU. cwydro Jun 2015 #47
I prefer the vaunted "Walt Starr" method. Warren DeMontague Jun 2015 #48
Yes, it was! csziggy Jun 2015 #49
thanks everyone for your kind emails and responses samsingh Jun 2015 #50
Self Control. NCTraveler Jun 2015 #51
Here you go Capt. Obvious Jun 2015 #52
Take a break and come back after the primaries cyberswede Jun 2015 #53
Just take a break for a while. I know you're upset about Skip but for heavens sake, he called OregonBlue Jun 2015 #54
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