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Fri Jun 12, 2015, 06:33 AM Jun 2015

Does being adamantly opposed to same-sex marriage make someone a bigot? [View all]

If no, why not?

71 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
62 (87%)
No, not necessarily
9 (13%)
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Of course it does madokie Jun 2015 #1
I would almost agree with you, except that I plead for a little understanding Betty Karlson Jun 2015 #44
I stand by what I said madokie Jun 2015 #54
He was both a bigot and a victim of an intolerant upbringing. MADem Jun 2015 #87
You're viewing this as a needlessly black-white issue Boomer Jun 2015 #128
In other words a sinner Betty Karlson Jun 2015 #142
In YOUR words, not mine Boomer Jun 2015 #152
I should explain that in Christian-Reformed Church circles, Betty Karlson Jun 2015 #153
I get wgat youre saying, but.... Adrahil Jun 2015 #182
Does opposition to interracial marriage make someone a bigot? Yes. n/t pampango Jun 2015 #2
Exactly. n/t OneGrassRoot Jun 2015 #26
Yes, and a homophobe Rob H. Jun 2015 #3
Yes Sparhawk60 Jun 2015 #4
In 2006 a DU poll on same sex marriage was 70% for and 30% against Recursion Jun 2015 #5
Absolutely. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #6
Yep! Those Are Smokescreens ProfessorGAC Jun 2015 #9
Agree times a million. randys1 Jun 2015 #252
Yep. Wrapping bigotry in religion doesn't make it any less bigotry. Solly Mack Jun 2015 #17
I wouldn't have even bothered with the word 'adamantly'. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jun 2015 #7
You have it backwards jberryhill Jun 2015 #8
In this case, I meant "make" skepticscott Jun 2015 #10
no that doesn't work. The set of bigots contains and is larger than the set of Warren Stupidity Jun 2015 #13
I hope so. 'Cause otherwise they're just stupid. Iggo Jun 2015 #11
absolutely. Warren Stupidity Jun 2015 #12
Probably not here, cheapdate Jun 2015 #127
yes! nt m-lekktor Jun 2015 #14
I used to think that a federal civil union contract Revanchist Jun 2015 #15
The problem with that approach nichomachus Jun 2015 #32
You don't have to rewrite all 1300 bills. One bill Exilednight Jun 2015 #193
That's essentially what France did to create "gay marriage" many years ago. jeff47 Jun 2015 #37
While the practical rights and privileges skepticscott Jun 2015 #52
Sorry, but safeinOhio Jun 2015 #16
No need to be sorry. Jester Messiah Jun 2015 #20
what marriage even means anymore in today's world. AlbertCat Jun 2015 #38
True, it is a pre-written form contract treestar Jun 2015 #64
Meaning what, exactly? skepticscott Jun 2015 #21
Me, I wouldn't get on an airplane safeinOhio Jun 2015 #23
A poor analogy skepticscott Jun 2015 #27
I did apologize first. safeinOhio Jun 2015 #30
As I said, poor analogy skepticscott Jun 2015 #34
No, I safeinOhio Jun 2015 #43
You are against having a legal agreement to avoid financial & property entanglements? uppityperson Jun 2015 #68
All of those items can be safeinOhio Jun 2015 #75
I read the marriage statute before signing it. In that state, it was who owned what, who got what if uppityperson Jun 2015 #81
Post hoc ergo prompter hoc. The comforting ally of the myopic and dogmatic. LanternWaste Jun 2015 #86
Also would apply to safeinOhio Jun 2015 #93
No, it wouldn't skepticscott Jun 2015 #125
Yes it would safeinOhio Jun 2015 #126
Many people actually survive a divorce ... JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 2015 #49
In this society treestar Jun 2015 #63
I remember a lady comedian once say safeinOhio Jun 2015 #77
lol treestar Jun 2015 #79
You are against couples having legal protections in their partnership? That is odd, to me. uppityperson Jun 2015 #66
Note, one can be against all military and still think that the military if it must exist should Bluenorthwest Jun 2015 #85
Such a simple question you asked and yet you never received an answer. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #137
False equivalent. I can make an argument as Exilednight Jun 2015 #194
Marriage is a civil contract, not a religious ceremony, the religious part is an optional add on Bluenorthwest Jun 2015 #220
This is where you lose me. If marriage is nothing more than Exilednight Jun 2015 #225
Centuries of case law with established court precedence. n/t ieoeja Jun 2015 #230
In most cases, I'd say 'yes'. Captain Stern Jun 2015 #18
I call foul on this argument me b zola Jun 2015 #211
Where's the foul? Captain Stern Jun 2015 #259
Vice-versa I think, but close enough. Jester Messiah Jun 2015 #19
Yes. Arkana Jun 2015 #22
People seem to forget that President Obama was opposed to same goldent Jun 2015 #24
Well, he couldn't have been that adamantly opposed skepticscott Jun 2015 #29
he was promoting a bigoted position at that point in time. Warren Stupidity Jun 2015 #33
Well, a few years ago, when President Obama opposed it, it was a "social policy" position. goldent Jun 2015 #113
it was always bigoted, as were the laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Warren Stupidity Jun 2015 #119
They also forget that he was for same sex marriage before he was against it LostOne4Ever Jun 2015 #45
Politicians stick their finger in the wind. News at 11! LeftyMom Jun 2015 #91
that was for political reasons but it was still a bigoted position JI7 Jun 2015 #114
So does that mean he was a "public bigot" but privately not a bigot? goldent Jun 2015 #116
It's not complicated... MellowDem Jun 2015 #205
He, like most politicians, adopted a bigoted position for political reasons Recursion Jun 2015 #129
I kind of wonder too what his real feelings were then and are now. goldent Jun 2015 #148
Well of course you don't. Warren Stupidity Jun 2015 #149
Conservative and libertarian approaches to same-sex marriage are bigoted. DemocraticWing Jun 2015 #25
Probably, but LWolf Jun 2015 #28
it also makes them a parasite living off of societies ignorance olddots Jun 2015 #31
It's hard to use that word toward people you love. qwlauren35 Jun 2015 #35
So if a couple has a child skepticscott Jun 2015 #36
Nope. qwlauren35 Jun 2015 #40
My mother doesn't feel hatred. My sister doesn't feel hatred. AlbertCat Jun 2015 #39
Call it what you will. qwlauren35 Jun 2015 #41
there is no disgust, there is no "sin". AlbertCat Jun 2015 #50
I don't think it's rational. qwlauren35 Jun 2015 #60
Having read many of your posts about other people's bigoty I think you are either far too generous Bluenorthwest Jun 2015 #89
Unforgiving of others. qwlauren35 Jun 2015 #98
something really ugly about "bigot" AlbertCat Jun 2015 #260
My mother actually once told me she would have had a problem if I dated a black girl... Humanist_Activist Jun 2015 #76
You're ignorant, at the very least. LeftyMom Jun 2015 #97
I lived in a single parent home. qwlauren35 Jun 2015 #105
So you're okay with single parents as long as they're not women? LeftyMom Jun 2015 #107
wow. just wow olddots Jun 2015 #110
+1. Wow! nt riderinthestorm Jun 2015 #120
People calling it bigotry does not make it so. goldent Jun 2015 #115
I used to work with an awesome gay guy who thought that gays should not be allowed to marry. prayin4rain Jun 2015 #42
And did he ever give you skepticscott Jun 2015 #47
I remember it clearly. ..but, no, I didn't get any substantive answer. prayin4rain Jun 2015 #48
I have met older gay people who felt the same way, but not because they were religious. yardwork Jun 2015 #178
Of course it does LostOne4Ever Jun 2015 #46
I voted no, because valerief Jun 2015 #51
But if someone believes skepticscott Jun 2015 #53
That wasn't the question, but by definition that person is a bigot. S/he'd be intolerant. nt valerief Jun 2015 #55
Just to clarify, it was not a trick question skepticscott Jun 2015 #65
Absolutely positively yes! William769 Jun 2015 #56
It's interesting, if not a bit telling, to watch people parse it. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #58
it's also very telling on looking at the poll. William769 Jun 2015 #61
Well uppityperson Jun 2015 #69
Thanks for the back up. William769 Jun 2015 #70
That was a long time coming. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #130
Excellent news! Spazito Jun 2015 #171
Bi.got (n.) KamaAina Jun 2015 #57
I strongly dislike... harrose Jun 2015 #108
Not sure if repukes qualify as a "group". KamaAina Jun 2015 #109
Repukes are most certainly a group... harrose Jun 2015 #121
I think there is a difference in disliking people for choosing/holding certain beliefs Arugula Latte Jun 2015 #111
Perhaps.... harrose Jun 2015 #122
Interesting point. DeadLetterOffice Jun 2015 #257
Denying rights that you possess to others is bigotry me b zola Jun 2015 #59
+1000 beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #132
YUP! Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #134
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2015 #234
I'm sorry, but this is just a silly argument me b zola Jun 2015 #238
Believing a person or a group of people does not have the same rights... Matrosov Jun 2015 #62
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2015 #229
... William769 Jun 2015 #67
Theoretically No, Practically Yes One_Life_To_Give Jun 2015 #71
This message was self-deleted by its author William769 Jun 2015 #73
personally, I prefer to evaluate actions/behavior/beliefs rather than label individuals fishwax Jun 2015 #72
Well, you're right skepticscott Jun 2015 #78
I'm down with that fishwax Jun 2015 #80
Yet, oddly, the Hillary-backers don't Damansarajaya Jun 2015 #74
the straight people timeline for Bluenorthwest Jun 2015 #92
Conclusion--"Hillary is less evil than a lot of Dems." Damansarajaya Jun 2015 #150
I'm not here to endorse Hillary, I support Bernie, what I am talking about is the hypocrisy of Bluenorthwest Jun 2015 #219
I remem ber hearing his speech irisblue Jun 2015 #207
Yes, this gay Hillary-backer doesn't have a problem with that. Next question. yardwork Jun 2015 #179
Like many things in this life melm00se Jun 2015 #82
In the US, all law is secular, there is not a state religion. Bluenorthwest Jun 2015 #95
bingo melm00se Jun 2015 #118
Well, let's clarify skepticscott Jun 2015 #124
I think you have to find out the motivation. n/t Yo_Mama Jun 2015 #83
Motivation to deny a civil right? William769 Jun 2015 #84
Two gay guys I have known have commented in my presence that they don't think it's right. Yo_Mama Jun 2015 #174
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2015 #231
No more and no less than opposition to inter-racial marriages illustrates one as a bigot. LanternWaste Jun 2015 #88
It depends on how they feel towards gay people. You can have people who hate gays but believe they craigmatic Jun 2015 #90
Bigotry motivated by religion is one of the most common brands of bigotry, closely followed by Bluenorthwest Jun 2015 #94
you put this better then I could today. irisblue Jun 2015 #208
I think if they feel that that gay people shouldn't be married for religion or cultural beliefs then Juicy_Bellows Jun 2015 #96
I don't know I'm just saying that people like that probably exist. craigmatic Jun 2015 #101
Yes, I think we agree - and I would hope those folks come around. nt. Juicy_Bellows Jun 2015 #106
What specifically leads you to believe that religious-motivations for bigotry are not in fact, bigot LanternWaste Jun 2015 #99
Because people are crazy and I've seen some crazy shit. I've seen some white people who would craigmatic Jun 2015 #102
Muslims overwhelmingly say that homosexual behavior is morally wrong oberliner Jun 2015 #100
Yep. And it's also a reason to not put religious beliefs in some protective bubble Arugula Latte Jun 2015 #112
oh my gosh, you mean to say religion promotes biogtry? Skittles Jun 2015 #140
At one time, a great deal of the world was engaged in the slave trade, Muslims were at it before Bluenorthwest Jun 2015 #221
Do morals evolve? oberliner Jun 2015 #222
You were asked a question you did not answer. You should answer it. Bluenorthwest Jun 2015 #224
"If Muslims bigoted views are subject to change, then they should change them without delay." oberliner Jun 2015 #227
If your religion allows you to commit what you later see are atrocities, simply halting that Bluenorthwest Jun 2015 #233
According to the definition of the word bigot, yes. guillaumeb Jun 2015 #103
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2015 #232
Only if they do not accept opposition as permissible whatthehey Jun 2015 #246
Yes. Because this is about equal status Skidmore Jun 2015 #104
Of course it does EvolveOrConvolve Jun 2015 #117
Kick! beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #123
Why do you care about same sex marriages? akbacchus_BC Jun 2015 #131
Don't you care about lgbt rights? beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #133
This message was self-deleted by its author Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #135
I am seeing lots of that lately. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #136
Unfortunately so am I. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #139
Gee, I don't know, why the hell should anybody care skepticscott Jun 2015 #146
This is such a messed up post LostOne4Ever Jun 2015 #156
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2015 #235
YES YES YES Skittles Jun 2015 #138
Bigotry is still bigotry even if someone thinks they have some religious justification for it. Warren DeMontague Jun 2015 #141
No, of course not. Starboard Tack Jun 2015 #143
So people who are opposed to interracial marriage aren't bigots either? beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #144
I'm sure that some are. Starboard Tack Jun 2015 #155
Apparently, you're equally sure that some aren't skepticscott Jun 2015 #158
Lgbt rights are human rights, if you are opposed to marriage equality you are a bigot. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #175
How do you justify your complete distortion of what I said? Starboard Tack Jun 2015 #217
Marriage is included in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 16 Bluenorthwest Jun 2015 #223
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2015 #236
Indeed, you are correct. Thank you. Starboard Tack Jun 2015 #248
I see Bluenorthwest already corrected your error. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #249
Your continued misrepresentation of what others say is noted. Starboard Tack Jun 2015 #250
You're an apologist for religious bigotry, Tack, your posts here prove it. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #254
He's not still trying to marry his bike is he? truebrit71 Jun 2015 #255
Anything is possible, he did compare lgbt people to hamsters and dogs. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #256
tojo'Qa', yIntagh t'ooho'mIrah Starboard Tack Jun 2015 #258
Apparently you need clarification too skepticscott Jun 2015 #147
I'm curious if you're opposed to gay marriage EvolveOrConvolve Jun 2015 #160
Well he did compare it to marrying his dog, hamster, brother, mother and bicycle: beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #176
He is not the only poster who is ambivalent when it comes to LGBT rights. n/t Humanist_Activist Jun 2015 #184
I wouldn't even call it skepticscott Jun 2015 #187
I think it is more about your confusion than my ambivalence Starboard Tack Jun 2015 #215
"Marriage is a social convention" Rob H. Jun 2015 #168
I disagree. It is not that simple Starboard Tack Jun 2015 #216
'If You Oppose Equal Marriage, You Are a Bigot' beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #145
Of course it does- just as being opposed to interracial marriage does NT Lee-Lee Jun 2015 #151
IMO, this whole thing is about nomenclature, which is why gov't should get out of the marriage biz Algernon Moncrieff Jun 2015 #154
No, the "whole thing" is about equal treatment, regardless of what you call the arrangement skepticscott Jun 2015 #157
Which is exactly why legal unions should be differentiated from spiritual marriage Algernon Moncrieff Jun 2015 #159
Sorry, but you can't seriously be arguing skepticscott Jun 2015 #164
I absolutely argue that point. Algernon Moncrieff Jun 2015 #167
why all the ho-hum about marriage at all? PowerToThePeople Jun 2015 #161
Because important rights are guaranteed to couples who are legally married skepticscott Jun 2015 #163
I know. PowerToThePeople Jun 2015 #166
The Bible is homophobic XemaSab Jun 2015 #162
No, but here is why .... Exilednight Jun 2015 #165
Fine, but you're not arguing for opposition to legal same-sex marriage skepticscott Jun 2015 #169
I did answer your question, I just explained my reasoning. In a perfect Exilednight Jun 2015 #192
No, as explained, you answered a different question skepticscott Jun 2015 #195
equal treatment and equal rights are two different things. Exilednight Jun 2015 #197
When I said "equal treatment", I was referring to skepticscott Jun 2015 #200
Just to clarify...again skepticscott Jun 2015 #170
Absolutely yes n/t Spazito Jun 2015 #172
Yes ellisonz Jun 2015 #173
I don't think God is a bigot Omnith Jun 2015 #177
as far as I can think yes. Kali Jun 2015 #180
The Bible is Very Clear on The Subject On the Road Jun 2015 #181
Are you saying you oppose same-sex marriage? Humanist_Activist Jun 2015 #183
As Far as the Poll Question: On the Road Jun 2015 #206
You do realize your last statement is blatantly false, also, just a couple of observations... Humanist_Activist Jun 2015 #209
Civil Marriage Clearly Came Before Christian Marriage On the Road Jun 2015 #212
Marriages in the United States aren't a joint civil/religious institution... Humanist_Activist Jun 2015 #214
Coretta Scott King does not share your view at all. She said this way back in 2000, early and strong Bluenorthwest Jun 2015 #228
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2015 #237
So what are your thoughts on the subject? EvolveOrConvolve Jun 2015 #185
Do you have an answer to the question skepticscott Jun 2015 #186
Which bible, the old testament or the new? B Calm Jun 2015 #188
Rewrite history in what way? gollygee Jun 2015 #190
Why should people who don't follow the Bible be forced to conform to it's dictates? LostOne4Ever Jun 2015 #210
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2015 #239
You really don't think I wont alert on that comment? LostOne4Ever Jun 2015 #240
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2015 #241
That's not the truth, its hateful bigotry. Now for MIRT to remove you back to the garbage heap nt LostOne4Ever Jun 2015 #243
MIRT cleaned up the spill. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #247
I have a belief to force on your homophobic ass: PeaceNikki Jun 2015 #242
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2015 #244
You know - homophobes PeaceNikki Jun 2015 #245
It didn't used to MannyGoldstein Jun 2015 #189
And yet you have suggested that the stridently and adamently anti gay Pope be given a role of Bluenorthwest Jun 2015 #198
Sorry, there are no grounds for an honest discussion with you. MannyGoldstein Jun 2015 #199
Anything to avoid speaking honestly and factually, that's your game. Bluenorthwest Jun 2015 #218
Post removed Post removed Jun 2015 #191
I'm fine, thank you skepticscott Jun 2015 #196
AUTOMATED MESSAGE: Results of your Jury Service (re: post #191) Orrex Jun 2015 #201
Thanks for sharing skepticscott Jun 2015 #202
Yeah, I've seen quite a few examples of truly ugly anti-gay bigotry lately on DU Orrex Jun 2015 #203
Marriage is about household property rights. haele Jun 2015 #204
I think it depends hollowdweller Jun 2015 #213
Marriage is a civil right, not a religious one. Lex Jun 2015 #226
No question about it, cannot alter the truth it no matter how hard one try's AuntPatsy Jun 2015 #251
It does make one an asshole because what skin is it off anyone's hide Cleita Jun 2015 #253
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