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Mon Jun 15, 2015, 10:36 AM Jun 2015

Hillary Clinton has always been to Obama's left on economics [View all]

Money quote: "On the kind of pocketbook issues Clinton spent most of yesterday's speech discussing, she's always been on the left wing of the Democratic Party."

At a dramatic weekend rally on Roosevelt Island, Hillary Clinton unleashed a speech that was in some ways strikingly liberal, especially for a candidate who's not facing meaningful opposition in the Democratic primary. Politico's Glenn Thrush says it shows that "the Democratic Party is moving left fast" and Clinton knows it, which is why she uncorked "economic-inequality rhetoric could have been comfortably uttered by the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Joseph Stiglitz, Bernie Sanders, or Martin O’Malley."

The truth, however, is that on the kind of pocketbook issues Clinton spent most of yesterday's speech discussing, she's always been on the left wing of the Democratic Party. She's been in the public eye far too long to have avoided inconsistencies over the years. But in positional terms, somewhat to the left of Obama — or Bill Clinton — on economics is where she's been this whole time.

Clinton's voting record was to the left of Obama's

In 2008, both Clinton and Obama spent a lot of time debating a single fateful vote she cast in 2002 in favor of George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq. But if you look at all the votes that were cast during the four years they served together in the Senate, it was Clinton who amassed the more liberal record.

Read more: http://www.vox.com/2015/6/15/8779449/hillary-clinton-populist-record
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Interesting.. AuntPatsy Jun 2015 #1
people forget that in the debate over the health insurance mandate, Clinton attacked Obama geek tragedy Jun 2015 #2
You have a weird sense of left and right Rilgin Jun 2015 #44
I have Paul Krugman's sense of left and right. geek tragedy Jun 2015 #57
I think you do, actually. MADem Jun 2015 #72
To mandate that you buy insurance from a Private Insurer is THE Republican plan Rilgin Jun 2015 #109
"and at the center of his plan was a public option." Herman4747 Jun 2015 #104
we, that makes her more corporate, not less Doctor_J Jun 2015 #81
You had health insurance for $500 a year? ellisonz Jun 2015 #100
But is it to the left of Bernie Sanders? nt TBF Jun 2015 #3
Hell no, it would be too far left. Thinkingabout Jun 2015 #5
No. But in the realm of what is realistically possible it doesn't matter. DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2015 #16
So we need to eat our peas? Fearless Jun 2015 #46
You just need to be realistic. Just because everybody loves him and would vote for him Ed Suspicious Jun 2015 #68
DU = / = the American electorate YoungDemCA Jun 2015 #71
Does DU play a role in influencing the American electorate or are we just sitting around Ed Suspicious Jun 2015 #83
Since we are talking about circle jerks I would literally bet my d--k on the latter.../NT DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2015 #95
It's mostly circle jerk. ellisonz Jun 2015 #101
Morton's for me. zappaman Jun 2015 #58
If you're paying we can go to the one off Canoga and Victory./NT DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2015 #61
Too far. zappaman Jun 2015 #65
If it's free I might travel. DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2015 #87
I can't eat at McDonalds zappaman Jun 2015 #91
No. I will travel to you for Mortons. DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2015 #93
She is claiming a lot of his territory BeyondGeography Jun 2015 #29
Except Bernie is polling above all Republicans. Fearless Jun 2015 #47
That's like saying Hillary Clinton beats every Republican by fifty points... DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2015 #54
Just read this. NCTraveler Jun 2015 #4
Excellent article. Thank you. leftofcool Jun 2015 #6
all of those- Warren, Sanders, Stiglitz strongly oppose the TPP. She endorsed it in her book. cali Jun 2015 #7
yeah, this article's complete bs Doctor_J Jun 2015 #88
But significantly? Orsino Jun 2015 #8
Being to the left of Obama on economics isn't saying much. BillZBubb Jun 2015 #9
Clintonomics says otherwise. Exilednight Jun 2015 #10
When did Hillary do that? I must have missed it. wyldwolf Jun 2015 #11
First debate in 2008 when she made the claim Exilednight Jun 2015 #12
Hillary did everything you cited in a debate in 2008?? wyldwolf Jun 2015 #20
She ran on her husbands economic record, and the first debate in 2008 Exilednight Jun 2015 #24
but you gave a list of things Hillary had done wyldwolf Jun 2015 #26
If she wants credit for what her husband did then she must also take accountability for it. Exilednight Jun 2015 #33
Did you miss the part where I asked.. wyldwolf Jun 2015 #35
It allowed banks like WaMu, BofA and Wachovia Exilednight Jun 2015 #43
but the banks that caused the financial meltdown wouldn't have been subject to it. wyldwolf Jun 2015 #55
You're quoting Brook and Watkims of the Ayn Rand Center. Exilednight Jun 2015 #62
I was quoting Forbes. Steven Pearlstein more acceptable? And Elizabeth Warren's quote? wyldwolf Jun 2015 #82
He got a few facts wrong, but it's not Pearlstein's first time doing so. Exilednight Jun 2015 #94
I'm quoting sources, you're not. And you're attacking mine wyldwolf Jun 2015 #96
I can't find a direct source for the Warren quote. Third hand Exilednight Jun 2015 #103
"Knowledge is the best I can find. Economics is my life." wyldwolf Jun 2015 #107
The real answer... Springslips Jun 2015 #99
I was going for an answer that was easily understandable, but that sums it up nicely. Exilednight Jun 2015 #108
How is it that you cannot see Hillary Clinton as her own person BainsBane Jun 2015 #13
She made the connection, not me. Exilednight Jun 2015 #14
This is entirely your doing BainsBane Jun 2015 #18
Again: she made the statement, not me. It's her words, not mine. Exilednight Jun 2015 #23
No doubt, we often attribute those quotes which validate our biases... LanternWaste Jun 2015 #80
No it does not relfect how people see women SaranchaIsWaiting Jun 2015 #115
Good, then she can't take credit for the good things Motown_Johnny Jun 2015 #19
+1 YoungDemCA Jun 2015 #59
Well, he is a former president, he has the experience and he's a notorious know-it-all tularetom Jun 2015 #97
Why do you think Hillary is an extension of her husband? leftofcool Jun 2015 #27
Hillary's words, not mine. SHE claimed her husbands record, I did not force it on her. Exilednight Jun 2015 #34
DU rec...nt SidDithers Jun 2015 #15
So when questioned about her husband's banking reform Motown_Johnny Jun 2015 #17
What I am more curious to see from the debates is if Hillary's answers Exilednight Jun 2015 #22
That was kinda my point. n/t Motown_Johnny Jun 2015 #38
Why should she be asked about "her husband's" policies. leftofcool Jun 2015 #30
Because she ran on being first lady in 2008 Motown_Johnny Jun 2015 #37
Yup, she has all the benefits but none of the responsibility Damansarajaya Jun 2015 #50
It won't fly in the General. Motown_Johnny Jun 2015 #84
If I recall she did use her being First Lady as experience SaranchaIsWaiting Jun 2015 #116
she will give the DLC answer, which is always like a judge trying to please a rapist and his victim yurbud Jun 2015 #69
"She's been in the public eye far too long to have avoided inconsistencies over the years." Damansarajaya Jun 2015 #21
LMAO! leftofcool Jun 2015 #31
Thanks for that content-free post. No calories. Less filling. nt Damansarajaya Jun 2015 #48
Yep, Hillary is laughable. Motown_Johnny Jun 2015 #85
Time. Folks are impatient. Obama was just the start of the revolution, Clinton will succeed Obama and Fred Sanders Jun 2015 #25
"Folks are impatient" because they need to eat. TBF Jun 2015 #41
What "revolution"? Obama is a proud defender of the status quo, not a revolutionary... truebluegreen Jun 2015 #66
Actual revolutions are incredibly rare historically and almost inevitably lead to violence YoungDemCA Jun 2015 #70
Of course not. Stupid question. truebluegreen Jun 2015 #78
KnR Skinner Hekate Jun 2015 #28
'especially for a candidate who's not facing meaningful opposition in the Democratic primary' elleng Jun 2015 #32
There's this fable . . . let's see, what's it called? Damansarajaya Jun 2015 #52
Thank you Skinner. lark Jun 2015 #36
this is good. Obama has jumped the shark on the trade deal samsingh Jun 2015 #39
That could very well be. Her husband on the other hand sure wasn't, and I suspect a lot of the still_one Jun 2015 #40
I don't believe there is any significant difference between Hillary and Obama economicly. Autumn Jun 2015 #42
And to Bernie's right on everything. Full stop. Fearless Jun 2015 #45
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Jun 2015 #49
We should eat our peas and be glad we have them Fearless Jun 2015 #51
"pragmatic centrist" Matthew Iglesias wrote the article. m-lekktor Jun 2015 #56
Shoot the messenger! YoungDemCA Jun 2015 #60
FWIW, that tweet looks like irony to me. (nt) Skinner Jun 2015 #67
Have you seen the standard bearers on the other side...give your head a shake, dude?! Fred Sanders Jun 2015 #117
Nope YoungDemCA Jun 2015 #63
Yup. truebrit71 Jun 2015 #105
Uhh, good luck with that. Fearless Jun 2015 #112
Interesting. riqster Jun 2015 #53
and on cue DonCoquixote Jun 2015 #64
"..not facing meaningful opposition in the Democratic primary.." radiclib Jun 2015 #74
She was the Most Liberal Senator in Congress! truebluegreen Jun 2015 #73
so says Fox news and the HRC fan club Doctor_J Jun 2015 #77
Yup. truebluegreen Jun 2015 #79
The Bernie Sanders fan club is turning me off of visiting DU. Metric System Jun 2015 #114
my video says different hfojvt Jun 2015 #75
They were not left of candidate Obama. mmonk Jun 2015 #76
That's as may be. But Obama isn't an option for 2016. lumberjack_jeff Jun 2015 #86
K&R! stonecutter357 Jun 2015 #89
No, not really Report1212 Jun 2015 #90
The disdain for Democrats on this site is disheartening. Dr Hobbitstein Jun 2015 #92
Respect demands a mutual return. The left who has been the most loyal since Roosevelt mmonk Jun 2015 #98
Both BHO and HRC have been well within in the main stream of Democratic thought. DemocratSinceBirth Jun 2015 #102
We have always been at war with Eastasia... truebrit71 Jun 2015 #106
Obama won because he ran to her left. Clinton's Iraq vote and her continued use of strong Jefferson23 Jun 2015 #110
Not sayin much whatchamacallit Jun 2015 #111
Dwight Eisenhower was to Obama's left economically. 99Forever Jun 2015 #113
+1 Scuba Jun 2015 #118
Obama's not running. GeorgeGist Jun 2015 #119
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