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sabrina 1

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Mon Jun 15, 2015, 01:49 PM Jun 2015

Did Elizabeth Warren just endorse Bernie Sanders? [View all]

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I think she did!

Elizabeth Warren as Treasury Secretary in Sanders' Administration!

Now that would strike fear into the hearts of the corrupt Wall St manipulators our economy.

And Barbara Lee for VP!

Edited to add this link to her entire statement:

Eliabeth Warren Praises Bernie Sanders His Vision for America is Important for People to Hear

Friday, Warren was asked about Sanders’ presidential campaign.

“I’m glad to see him get out there and give his version of what leadership in this country should be,” Warren told the group, according to the Boston Herald. “I think that Bernie Sanders is going to play out a vision for America and that it is important for people to hear what he has to say.”
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Normally when someone endorses, a question mark isn't necessary. NCTraveler Jun 2015 #1
Which is why there IS a question mark. So what do you think she is saying? sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #2
What do I think she is saying where? NCTraveler Jun 2015 #3
I have included a link to her full quote in the OP. sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #26
You don't need opinions on this one. If you did..... NCTraveler Jun 2015 #30
We don't need a lot of things that occur here. Why is this getting your attention as 'something we sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #64
I think you are correct to the point about my actions. NCTraveler Jun 2015 #67
Thank you for saying that, you didn't need to but I appreciate it. And yes, we are all guilty sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #70
The Boston Herald sheshe2 Jun 2015 #66
I don't really care about the SOURCE, did she say it or not? That's all the matters and I am not sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #85
I am from Boston. sheshe2 Jun 2015 #86
Did she say it or not? Clearly she did, so I'm not sure why you keep talking about the source sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #99
one thing I notice is madokie Jun 2015 #41
I like how you bring Hillary supporters into it. NCTraveler Jun 2015 #62
Did that hurt? madokie Jun 2015 #75
I'm not aware of what you are saying. NCTraveler Jun 2015 #76
Of course you don't madokie Jun 2015 #77
she said he has a vision for America and let's hear what he has to say snooper2 Jun 2015 #4
Yes, she did say it was important to hear what he has to say. Which is a lot different to what the sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #8
I thought the question mark made it obvious. nm rhett o rick Jun 2015 #84
I don't know, but I like what she said. lonestarnot Jun 2015 #5
No hootinholler Jun 2015 #6
Absolutely. At this stage I don't think Elizabeth Warren or other majors will push too many still_one Jun 2015 #56
no, I don't think it's even close to an endorsement but it's still great cali Jun 2015 #7
It's not an endorsement, though it is true. intheflow Jun 2015 #9
That's not an endorsement. It's an encouragement for people MineralMan Jun 2015 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author whatchamacallit Jun 2015 #14
Thanks for your OPINION! Mine is different, which is fine. That is why I ASKED THE QUESTION. sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #23
All of my posts are my opinion. MineralMan Jun 2015 #33
I think we DUers all know what a FORMAL endorsement is. My Op was to ask for the opinions of others sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #54
Exactly. I answered your question. MineralMan Jun 2015 #80
She has to go all the way...no ambiguity. I do appreciate her statement regardless. K&R Jefferson23 Jun 2015 #11
I see...this is a fantasy post brooklynite Jun 2015 #12
You are ignoring the fact that this is a Left leaning nation according to every poll sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #28
This is a CENTER-LEFT leaning nation when it comes to voting brooklynite Jun 2015 #51
No it is not. That is why so many Dems are now registered Independents, because your claim sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #69
LOL -- middle class voters would be scared of Warren on a ticket with Sanders JonLP24 Jun 2015 #96
That's your wishful thinking. She has also written a letter urging Hillary Clinton to run. pnwmom Jun 2015 #13
Did she write it, or just sign it with the other Senators? polichick Jun 2015 #15
If she signed it, she meant it. (I'm not aware who exactly penned it. But it doesn't matter.) n/t pnwmom Jun 2015 #19
I have included a link to Warren't statement about Bernie in the OP. Could you link to her sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #25
Sure, it's pretty easy to find zappaman Jun 2015 #32
Thanks, zappaman! pnwmom Jun 2015 #53
The link is in the OP, there are several sources to the link. And google works just fine, however I sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #58
Signed it with other Senators. nt. NCTraveler Jun 2015 #22
She signed it just after becoming a Senator, in early 2013 Art_from_Ark Jun 2015 #34
2013 - thanks, quite a while ago. polichick Jun 2015 #61
Thanks - then it's the one I remember. polichick Jun 2015 #60
No, but when she speaks people listen. Maybe this will het Exilednight Jun 2015 #16
I sure hope so whatchamacallit Jun 2015 #17
It's not an outright endorsement, but imo, a subtle message to her supporters to pay attention to sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #31
did she do the nod and a wink thing when she said it dlwickham Jun 2015 #59
Have you compared her Senate voting record to Bernie's by any chance? Just asking, I note the sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #63
She is a little left of Sanders JonLP24 Jun 2015 #97
Aaaaaaah sheshe2 Jun 2015 #18
"it is important for people to hear what he has to say" - Don't have too much of a sad over that. L0oniX Jun 2015 #82
The comment I made was about the Op, LOonix. sheshe2 Jun 2015 #83
Not too many females in govt I like more fadedrose Jun 2015 #20
I liked Bella Abzug, and Shirley Chisholm Art_from_Ark Jun 2015 #38
Ann Richards? Go Vols Jun 2015 #39
Nope. She didn't endorse Bernie. She didn't endorse Hillary. She didn't endorse O'Malley onenote Jun 2015 #21
She is far more in sync with Bernie on the issues than she is with Hillary, as Bernie's support sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #40
How do you think she'd answer the question onenote Jun 2015 #71
I'm sure she would say 'yes' and I would agree with her. What I did NOT agree with sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #91
In a sense. Donald Ian Rankin Jun 2015 #24
Bernie is in this to WIN IT. Make no mistake about that, he has repeatedly stated that sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #36
This ^^^ Art_from_Ark Jun 2015 #55
Where did you get that? tazkcmo Jun 2015 #46
I don't think Sanders is a fool. Donald Ian Rankin Jun 2015 #48
Sanders' goal in running is Autumn Jun 2015 #88
EW for VEEP! WDIM Jun 2015 #27
Barbara Lee for VP? JDPriestly Jun 2015 #29
How about Tammy Baldwin? RufusTFirefly Jun 2015 #47
I don't know her views well enough. JDPriestly Jun 2015 #57
I'm not sure if this is an endorsement but I am sure SaranchaIsWaiting Jun 2015 #35
Here's what will happen when she does officially endorse whatchamacallit Jun 2015 #37
Lol! you're probably right. I believe she won't outright endorse anyone until it looks like they sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #43
I agree... SoapBox Jun 2015 #45
Warren won't endorse during the primary. JoePhilly Jun 2015 #78
Profoundly true BrotherIvan Jun 2015 #79
It's not an endorsement, but... Oilwellian Jun 2015 #42
Which I think was her intent. sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #44
but isn't Clinton the closest thing we have to FDR these days? MisterP Jun 2015 #49
That's pretty darn close to an endorsement it seems to me. NorthCarolina Jun 2015 #50
Not yet. AtomicKitten Jun 2015 #52
no. she didn't. n/t SleeplessinSoCal Jun 2015 #65
There is a strong chance that she will kenfrequed Jun 2015 #68
No, but I'm guessing the Clinton campaign still wishes Warren hadn't said it. n/t winter is coming Jun 2015 #72
the non-endorcement endorsement. Javaman Jun 2015 #73
I'm glad it was Bernie rather than Warren at this point. Smears against Warren had already begun, sabrina 1 Jun 2015 #74
All very good points... Javaman Jun 2015 #100
"it is important for people to hear what he has to say" = his message is being endorced. L0oniX Jun 2015 #81
Given her rhetorical strengths, it's a show of support. It's not an endorsement. nm ancianita Jun 2015 #87
No. hrmjustin Jun 2015 #89
Actually, Warren didn't "just" do anything onenote Jun 2015 #90
you're kidding dlwickham Jun 2015 #92
Nope. The date on the article in the OP's link is May 6 onenote Jun 2015 #93
I've always said jumping to conclusions should be an Olympic sport dlwickham Jun 2015 #95
I think Elizabeth will endorse Hillary. kentuck Jun 2015 #94
And will she be his VP? Either way, Sen Sanders is paving the way for her 2020 run of he & Hill fail grahamhgreen Jun 2015 #98
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