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11. Well,I'm posting the first four letter word that came to minf
Sun Jul 26, 2015, 07:58 PM
Jul 2015

B A R F. OK, maybe it was the second one..

I don't see any beer. onehandle Jul 2015 #1
Look at their bellies. nt pinboy3niner Jul 2015 #6
They aren't sharing the beer TexasTowelie Jul 2015 #7
2 words for them. spanone Jul 2015 #2
More like American Idiots... ChisolmTrailDem Jul 2015 #3
The lyrics fit perfectly with RW sub-America. Fred Sanders Jul 2015 #12
Look at that damn cat all wrapped around that dude's ankle - I'd expect petronius Jul 2015 #4
The truth is TexasTowelie Jul 2015 #9
Well then, that I can respect! petronius Jul 2015 #10
The one on the left looks like a troll. BillZBubb Jul 2015 #5
You mean that's not the Travelocity Gnome? Hassin Bin Sober Jul 2015 #20
The Travelocity... onyourleft Jul 2015 #21
OMG, don't they look like comedy extras in a snarky film about idiots? MADem Jul 2015 #8
Well,I'm posting the first four letter word that came to minf libdem4life Jul 2015 #11
Early halloween lol n/t udbcrzy2 Jul 2015 #13
Ripping off food banks deserves a special circle in hell pinboy3niner Jul 2015 #14
How to be a horrible person shenmue Jul 2015 #15
Scarfs with merit badges???? Half-Century Man Jul 2015 #16
The kids ought to be taken away from the parents meow2u3 Jul 2015 #17
Is it wrong that I laugh when I see people dressed in these stupid outfits? Calista241 Jul 2015 #18
That's a lot of stupid right there! n/t Tom_Foolery Jul 2015 #19
I don't understand what these people are doing, senseandsensibility Jul 2015 #22
that's as far onethatcares Jul 2015 #23
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