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Nye Bevan

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Fri Sep 4, 2015, 12:59 AM Sep 2015

Is it appropriate for progressives to mock Kim Davis's weight and fashion sense? [View all]

66 votes, 5 passes | Time left: Unlimited
11 (17%)
55 (83%)
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Nope, nor her religion. CBGLuthier Sep 2015 #1
this n/t Psephos Sep 2015 #9
I disagree...I think mocking her religion is within bounds since she is hiding behind it davidpdx Sep 2015 #16
Not really. She had those divorces and out of wedlock children before she became a christian CBGLuthier Sep 2015 #19
Please don't make this about Christianity. It's HER personal religious beliefs. merrily Sep 2015 #32
I know many bigoted christians Lordquinton Sep 2015 #92
And? I know bigoted and good people of all faiths and philosophies. That woman can issue licenses merrily Sep 2015 #93
Maybe wi your friend interpretation Lordquinton Sep 2015 #129
I know many Christians that are not bigoted. 840high Sep 2015 #180
I agree with you. cwydro Sep 2015 #100
that is absurd dsc Sep 2015 #117
"She had those divorces and out of wedlock children before she became a christian" Rob H. Sep 2015 #175
HER "religion" dictates that she discriminate against people. seems mock-worthy. RedCappedBandit Sep 2015 #25
Or so she claims. Please see Reply 32. merrily Sep 2015 #33
Which is why I said HER "religion", and emphasized her. RedCappedBandit Sep 2015 #186
seems mock-worthy. AlbertCat Sep 2015 #105
Many other Christian denominations (more main stream than hers) DO support marriage equality mnhtnbb Sep 2015 #174
True. I haven't seen any bashing done on looks at least on DU yeoman6987 Sep 2015 #38
Try this thread. Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #56
I missed that luckily yeoman6987 Sep 2015 #60
I wanted to thank you for your responses in that thread but I did not want to bump that thread any Tipperary Sep 2015 #68
You're welcome. Ms. Toad Sep 2015 #70
I do not care for her positions on this issue and I hope she is thrown out of her elected office, Tipperary Sep 2015 #84
There have been threads about her looks. 840high Sep 2015 #181
which is of course expressly and entirely caused by her religion, which is off limits why? whatthehey Sep 2015 #48
Because she has the right under the 1st amendment to believe whatever bullshit she wants CBGLuthier Sep 2015 #59
She would be "standing up for her beliefs" by resigning in protest. Tanuki Sep 2015 #63
"whatever bullshit she wants" (sounds like mocking her religion) fishwax Sep 2015 #73
Because she has the right under the 1st amendment AlbertCat Sep 2015 #108
Bull. Shit. This is *exactly* the sort of thing that earns religion legitmate mockery. Marr Sep 2015 #66
+100 smirkymonkey Sep 2015 #152
I agree. I have no problem with her personal beliefs, but when she uses them to hurt others, ladyVet Sep 2015 #173
Her religion yes, her fashion sense yes, her hypocrisy yes, her weight no. HERVEPA Sep 2015 #76
I'm sure you are fashion perfect. How sad. 840high Sep 2015 #182
Her batshit religion's fair game. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #78
Bullshit. She climbed up on that cross as a justification for her bigotry.... truebrit71 Sep 2015 #89
I reserve the right to mock bigotry where I find it. When it is found in religion I mock. LiberalAndProud Sep 2015 #90
THIS ^ AlbertCat Sep 2015 #106
her religion needs a shit ton of mocking Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #112
Wrong. Her beliefs are fair game, just like Republican beliefs are fair game. Arugula Latte Sep 2015 #137
Is it permissible to "mock" those who genuinely believe The Earth is 6,000 years old? Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #155
+ a zillion. 840high Sep 2015 #179
She should be mocked for using her religion Bettie Sep 2015 #187
No, but I'll mock the bajesus outta her hypocritical bullshit behavior. nt. Juicy_Bellows Sep 2015 #2
Jury results.. I was #3 Cha Sep 2015 #3
It got alerted on?????????? Suich Sep 2015 #5
Ergo, my message to the alerter. Cha Sep 2015 #15
As usual, Cha, I am happy to stand with you. nt longship Sep 2015 #178
Fashion sense? SURE. Why not. MADem Sep 2015 #4
It's not team sport. Psephos Sep 2015 #10
Sorry--I don't agree. There's nothing funnier than Bush in a too-tight, sweat stained shirt. MADem Sep 2015 #12
It's petty and cruel. AlbertCat Sep 2015 #107
It is not about her taking it. It is about Tipperary Sep 2015 #116
Agree 100% 840high Sep 2015 #183
Fashion sends messages spinbaby Sep 2015 #36
I agree. xmas74 Sep 2015 #47
Plus, she's wearing garments with mixed fibers. JoePhilly Sep 2015 #54
This is my position. mythology Sep 2015 #74
Some overweight people are such outside of their control. AlbertCat Sep 2015 #109
So you define what's tasteful? Glad you 840high Sep 2015 #184
she mocked our way of life and government, ericson00 Sep 2015 #6
I don't think it is LostOne4Ever Sep 2015 #7
I never gave it a second thought, but bringing up this poll is mocking her. demosincebirth Sep 2015 #8
Her weight? No. Her fashion sense? No, but in the grand sceme, so what. Behind the Aegis Sep 2015 #11
IYO you are wrong. But I assume makng fun of people in general is OK with you. nt Logical Sep 2015 #157
I think ridicule is appropriate here. longship Sep 2015 #13
I agree dorkzilla Sep 2015 #27
What happened to the FUCK NO!!! option? n/t eridani Sep 2015 #14
No weight, Yes Mock Fashion, Yes mock her religion because she is the one who brought her religion YabaDabaNoDinoNo Sep 2015 #17
there are as many childish assholes on our side as there are on the other side Spider Jerusalem Sep 2015 #18
It is not productive quaker bill Sep 2015 #20
Getting all guilt-trippy about it. Well said. kcr Sep 2015 #99
Her weight? No. How she dresses and her religion? Yes. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #21
She's one of them even though she's one of us. ileus Sep 2015 #22
More bad news, eh? RandiFan1290 Sep 2015 #23
She's mocking the Constitution. Vinca Sep 2015 #24
I don't care what she looks like or how she dresses. It's what she does that matters. RedCappedBandit Sep 2015 #26
I won't make potshots at her weight romanic Sep 2015 #28
I suppose this OP is aimed at me for daring to suggest she could use some fashion advice mnhtnbb Sep 2015 #29
Please see.... DonViejo Sep 2015 #40
Yes, I hope it is. People like you make DU look bad. And insult others who look like her. nt Logical Sep 2015 #158
It is despicable and it would not happen except Tipperary Sep 2015 #30
As of this post, 84% have voted no. merrily Sep 2015 #37
I am glad to see that. But there was another thread where posters were falling all over themselves Tipperary Sep 2015 #53
I guess I'll have to go back to making fun of Trump's "hair" then. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #80
No one has ever made fun of Trump's hair because he's a man Democat Sep 2015 #144
Her stance is repugnant enuf all by itself dembotoz Sep 2015 #31
Leave no shit unstirred. merrily Sep 2015 #34
This is why I have much respect Lulu Belle Sep 2015 #35
Her "fashion sense" is directly related to her religious beliefs.... DonViejo Sep 2015 #39
So should we mock the hijabs worn by Muslim women who oppose marriage equality? (nt) Nye Bevan Sep 2015 #41
Did I say, or even suggest, she should be mocked for her attire? DonViejo Sep 2015 #43
Courtesy is a one way street with you, huh? DonViejo Sep 2015 #49
My university campus has a decent-sized Muslim population. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #81
All of which is intended to make women feel bad about themselves. mnhtnbb Sep 2015 #45
Agree, Don ... this isn't "fashion sense" it is religious proscription etherealtruth Sep 2015 #110
ankles arouse men? Skittles Sep 2015 #147
That's what my sisters-in-law tell me... DonViejo Sep 2015 #148
that's their problem Skittles Sep 2015 #162
No TeddyR Sep 2015 #42
Well said. cwydro Sep 2015 #88
Yep. 840high Sep 2015 #185
Not a very progressive thing to do imo. Rex Sep 2015 #44
Of course not--I'm sure there are many better looking people in Ky & in the US book_worm Sep 2015 #46
No, but sure is tempting! MoonRiver Sep 2015 #50
Weight no. abelenkpe Sep 2015 #51
Her dehumanization of gays is worse than anything Facility Inspector Sep 2015 #52
no - it is the kind of thing you see in middle-school DrDan Sep 2015 #55
In all honesty, I don't think it helps. Tommy_Carcetti Sep 2015 #57
All is fair in love and war and in the war for love it's all double fair. However her actions are so Bluenorthwest Sep 2015 #58
Well, both are changeable, unlike sexual orientation and gender identity. MillennialDem Sep 2015 #61
Agree^^ Person 2713 Sep 2015 #67
No and Yes. Iggo Sep 2015 #62
Then who is next? Chris Christie for being Fat? One_Life_To_Give Sep 2015 #64
Oh there has been plenty of both here on the DU. Tipperary Sep 2015 #69
weight no, fashion sense yes nt geek tragedy Sep 2015 #65
If a man were doing this, would you focus on his outfits? merrily Sep 2015 #95
If he were dressing Amish, you bet. nt geek tragedy Sep 2015 #98
Except she is not dressing Amish. merrily Sep 2015 #104
focus? no, but if he looked ridiculous I'd certainly mention it. Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #113
People make fun of Donald Trump's hair every day Democat Sep 2015 #145
It's a bit fishy to attack her on her weight, rather then her actions... Lancero Sep 2015 #71
Too much to mock as is, there is no reason to go for her looks. Xyzse Sep 2015 #72
Definitely not her looks...but her fashion...well, I have a smiliar nutjob joeybee12 Sep 2015 #75
I just want to elect Quakers in every GA AL TX KY WV county for clerk who issues gun licenses randys1 Sep 2015 #77
Start a GoFundMe Account! joeybee12 Sep 2015 #79
I worked with another fundie nut who could be Kim's twin sister. Frank Cannon Sep 2015 #103
Yeah...I agree... joeybee12 Sep 2015 #139
K and R. Tipperary Sep 2015 #82
I can only speak for myself LanternWaste Sep 2015 #83
I'll mock who I want & how I want. GOLGO 13 Sep 2015 #85
Good for you. cwydro Sep 2015 #86
You go! TeddyR Sep 2015 #130
Mockery is petty, childish, and cruel. Shandris Sep 2015 #87
... cwydro Sep 2015 #91
mockery is an excellent method of viral meme generation Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #114
I don't consider memes a good tool. Shandris Sep 2015 #115
ah of course we must rise above the fray. Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #125
Well, at least your name fits. Shandris Sep 2015 #128
wait - I thought you were staking out the moral high ground and now you mock my name? Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #138
Persecution complex much? Shandris Sep 2015 #140
We must not respond to the Swiftboat attacks, people will realize they are wrong on their own Democat Sep 2015 #146
The important thing is to feel superior Warren Stupidity Sep 2015 #149
If I knew how to rec a post TeddyR Sep 2015 #132
Ridicule is a powerful weapon against oppressors. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #150
Ow, my head hurts. WTF? smirkymonkey Sep 2015 #153
And her marriage's and cheating is fair fucking game. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #160
What you are calling fashion sense .... etherealtruth Sep 2015 #94
You are precisely right. She belongs to a Pentecostal church that demeans women mnhtnbb Sep 2015 #118
I am at a loss as to why people are being jumped on for pointing this out ..? etherealtruth Sep 2015 #120
It's supposed to be PC not to comment on a woman's attire mnhtnbb Sep 2015 #121
I would never comment on someone's looks ... for the sake of aesthetics .... etherealtruth Sep 2015 #122
no, but her style reminds me of the Duggar woman. Liberal_in_LA Sep 2015 #96
She is legally in the wrong steve2470 Sep 2015 #97
She's not going to resign because she knew going in that this could happen mnhtnbb Sep 2015 #119
theocracy and a big $$$$ payoff somehow steve2470 Sep 2015 #124
ABSOLUTELY NOT. Neither is relevant to religious views. flor-de-jasmim Sep 2015 #101
Saturday kick. nt cwydro Sep 2015 #102
Both are irrelevant. AngryOldDem Sep 2015 #111
I do what I think is appropriate. Deadshot Sep 2015 #123
Ok TeddyR Sep 2015 #133
Of her sense of entitlement, that runs all trough government though . orpupilofnature57 Sep 2015 #126
Without going for her Weight, or fashion sense or even Religion w0nderer Sep 2015 #127
How about we don't "mock" at all TeddyR Sep 2015 #134
how about you do that w0nderer Sep 2015 #136
Those people mock issues, not weight ir Tipperary Sep 2015 #141
and? w0nderer Sep 2015 #142
If it makes you feel better to mock someone TeddyR Sep 2015 #151
you didn't read my entry and then called me a bully w0nderer Sep 2015 #171
Easy no... Mike Nelson Sep 2015 #131
He'll no!!! sdfernando Sep 2015 #135
I confess I laughed at the side by side Kali Sep 2015 #143
To paraphrase yoda, my own council I will keep on what is "appropriate" or not. Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #154
Nice to see the ones who voted YES. Nice to expose them. nt Logical Sep 2015 #156
I'll mock her dress and her hair Ligyron Sep 2015 #159
I'll mock her religiously approved birth control clothing. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #161
If you draw attention to yourself in such an awful way Boudica the Lyoness Sep 2015 #163
Some DU'ers have a short memory--or selective memory--or weren't here when GWB mnhtnbb Sep 2015 #164
Haha! Who can forget Commander Codpiece? n/t backscatter712 Sep 2015 #166
No, and I frogmarch Sep 2015 #165
I don't regret it. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #168
I know, and me neither, really. frogmarch Sep 2015 #169
She's disgusting both inside and out. Drunken Irishman Sep 2015 #167
How times change. lumberjack_jeff Sep 2015 #170
When you publicly make a mockery of the law, you deserve whatever flak you get. hobbit709 Sep 2015 #172
I think "appropriateness" is partly a matter of opinion here. But personally, I would tend to avoid nomorenomore08 Sep 2015 #176
I won't mock a person's weight. All else is fair game. cheapdate Sep 2015 #177
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