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Wed Sep 16, 2015, 11:14 AM Sep 2015

Pocket Knives - Do You Carry One? [View all]

I do. It's a Schrade Old Timer three-blade stockman's knife. It's in my pants pocket unless I'm flying on a plane or have to go through security at the courthouse. I use it, on average, once a day to do things like open taped-up cardboard boxes, clean my fingernails or cut something that needs to be cut. I've been carrying a knife like that since I was 12 years old, and when I was 12 years old, it was OK to carry a pocket knife, even at school.

So, do you carry a knife in your pocket or in your purse?

112 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes - Always
58 (52%)
Yes - Sometimes
21 (19%)
Yes - Rarely
1 (1%)
I used to, but don't any longer
14 (13%)
Never have carried a knife
13 (12%)
Pocket knives should be illegal
0 (0%)
Other (explain)
5 (4%)
I won't answer your stupid poll.
0 (0%)
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Pocket Knives - Do You Carry One? [View all] MineralMan Sep 2015 OP
Yup HappyinLA Sep 2015 #1
Yes, all my life, and I am a 69 yr old woman. morningglory Sep 2015 #235
Emerson mini commander OhWiseOne Sep 2015 #275
Nope, never have. greytdemocrat Sep 2015 #2
Japanese Utility Knife Xyzse Sep 2015 #3
Looks Useful MineralMan Sep 2015 #4
It is. Xyzse Sep 2015 #5
Does it have a clip? mahina Sep 2015 #64
Was a gift from my brother. Xyzse Sep 2015 #67
What a nice gift! mahina Sep 2015 #146
Na'u ka hau'oli Xyzse Sep 2015 #157
You can buy this very knife from Garett Wade appal_jack Sep 2015 #142
Gerber Sportsman with stag handle. alfredo Sep 2015 #342
Oh, I have one similar as well. Xyzse Sep 2015 #364
I used to sell Christmas trees, that blade holds an edge. alfredo Sep 2015 #365
Nice, makes sense. Xyzse Sep 2015 #366
The twine didn't stand a chance against that mighty blade. alfredo Sep 2015 #367
Starting back in my days of substitute teaching... immoderate Sep 2015 #6
Wow Munificence Sep 2015 #325
My brothers did when we were younger, but I never knew what to do with one. Stellar Sep 2015 #7
Yes, always, unless mahatmakanejeeves Sep 2015 #8
Not since I was a kid pinboy3niner Sep 2015 #9
Same here. I had many pocket knives. geardaddy Sep 2015 #164
Nope though one lives in the jeep. nadinbrzezinski Sep 2015 #10
LOL - I know the pain! Daemonaquila Sep 2015 #37
Here they do not have an envelope, they just make you get rid of it nadinbrzezinski Sep 2015 #60
This message was self-deleted by its author Agschmid Sep 2015 #11
Mine would be useless as a weapon, but MineralMan Sep 2015 #18
My day to day doesn't really require tools... Agschmid Sep 2015 #19
I think a lot of people forget that knives are MineralMan Sep 2015 #24
It is extremely handy to have one Aerows Sep 2015 #101
huh, I never thought of it as a weapon. uppityperson Sep 2015 #134
It's funny because I'm the opposite, I never thought of it as a tool. Agschmid Sep 2015 #135
Swiss Army "Camper" zipplewrath Sep 2015 #117
I have Case stockman. hollowdweller Sep 2015 #328
Hmm...I don't think I'd want a hollow-ground blade MineralMan Sep 2015 #329
I got caught out without a corkscrew too many times jberryhill Sep 2015 #54
I've never been attacked by a pocketknife. lumberjack_jeff Sep 2015 #118
I don't think most of us carry them as weapons. Adrahil Sep 2015 #120
Weapon? Android3.14 Sep 2015 #279
This message was self-deleted by its author Agschmid Sep 2015 #281
This message was self-deleted by its author YabaDabaNoDinoNo Sep 2015 #12
Does a small swiss army knockoff knife on a keychain count? eShirl Sep 2015 #13
Yup. If it has a blade it does. MineralMan Sep 2015 #20
Yes, but not in my pocket. I have one in my backpack. Iggo Sep 2015 #14
the only time I ever leave mine at home is when I'm flying... mike_c Sep 2015 #15
I have one exactly like that one, only it shows more mileage. lpbk2713 Sep 2015 #16
Mine has a lot of mileage on it, too. MineralMan Sep 2015 #22
All through grade school. Downwinder Sep 2015 #17
Used to have another game with a two bladed life called "baseball" 1939 Sep 2015 #26
Also Splits or Stretch. Downwinder Sep 2015 #33
Having "donated" several to the TSA ... accidentally DonP Sep 2015 #21
One year for x-mas I bought a 20 lot of tsa confiscated knives off ebay for families uppityperson Sep 2015 #137
Me, too. I used to keep one on my keychain- a little swiss army knife Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #184
Same here, I usually just picked it up withy my handkerchief DonP Sep 2015 #206
Hey, man, that's why the internet was invented! Warren DeMontague Sep 2015 #217
Damn your eyes! DonP Sep 2015 #231
Usually w0nderer Sep 2015 #23
Make a flame. MineralMan Sep 2015 #27
flame w0nderer Sep 2015 #38
The primitive firemaking techniques are a pain in the butt. MineralMan Sep 2015 #40
they are truly a pain w0nderer Sep 2015 #52
It's not hard to dry out a wet BIC, really. MineralMan Sep 2015 #59
going to have to try that technique w0nderer Sep 2015 #227
I read an article in an outdoor magazine Snobblevitch Sep 2015 #287
Whenever I am out hunting or fishing I always carry a flint/steel/tender kit with me. oneshooter Sep 2015 #79
rather get the weird looks and be warm with warm and boiled water w0nderer Sep 2015 #226
I use old style char cloth oneshooter Sep 2015 #229
classic 'flint' and steel w0nderer Sep 2015 #239
No I haven't. Char cloth wooks great for me. A small snuff can of dryer lint, oneshooter Sep 2015 #268
Couple of Bics and a plastic prescription bottle fulla cotton. Eleanors38 Sep 2015 #96
Protip: Nac Mac Feegle Sep 2015 #138
Yep, aware of that. Thanks. Eleanors38 Sep 2015 #177
Used to carry a small one with blade, scissors, standard screwdriver, and a file. Gidney N Cloyd Sep 2015 #25
I carry a bastard sword. PeteSelman Sep 2015 #28
I carry a 2 inch blade Gerber Crabby Appleton Sep 2015 #29
Yup. I'll bet I use it to open packages more than MineralMan Sep 2015 #31
Mine is almost exactly like that one. lumberjack_jeff Sep 2015 #119
I carry a very similar one with the 3" blade. SeattleVet Sep 2015 #332
That's my everyday knife, my Sportsman II is my Sunday dress up knife. alfredo Sep 2015 #344
Knives 1939 Sep 2015 #30
always, it was my grandfather's Amishman Sep 2015 #32
Nice. I wouldn't do that, though. I tend to lose MineralMan Sep 2015 #34
pretty much all the time madokie Sep 2015 #35
"One"? I answered yes, but carry "one" as the first of "several" uppityperson Sep 2015 #36
I have prolly 50 or more ... Lurker Deluxe Sep 2015 #39
Schrade actually was out of business for a while. MineralMan Sep 2015 #45
Schrade is made in China now? Thats sad news. I think the last pocket knife I bought was a Ka-Bar, Erose999 Sep 2015 #84
Yes. I was sad about that, too. MineralMan Sep 2015 #88
I used to always wear a Leatherman on my belt. MohRokTah Sep 2015 #41
Pretty much every day since I was eight years old dumbcat Sep 2015 #42
Pretty knife Lurker Deluxe Sep 2015 #58
Nice knife Travis_0004 Sep 2015 #71
As a collector of 'cheaper' $20(kershaw skyline on sale)-$500 w0nderer Sep 2015 #228
Anything handmade has great appeal to me dumbcat Sep 2015 #233
Husband and sons do Maeve Sep 2015 #43
I keep a good-quality multi-tool in the consoles of both MineralMan Sep 2015 #46
If just to get packaging open! Maeve Sep 2015 #50
Yup. I hate clamshell packaging. MineralMan Sep 2015 #66
My Dad did fadedrose Sep 2015 #44
I'm heartened to see how many DUers are still carrying knives. MineralMan Sep 2015 #48
Carry a Buck 110 someone gave me. Had a broken blade tip, not under warranty... Eleanors38 Sep 2015 #98
Kershaw Skyline in my pocket now. Romulox Sep 2015 #47
I carried a locking folder for a while, but MineralMan Sep 2015 #49
Yep, clip, spey, and sheepsfoot dumbcat Sep 2015 #68
I think the sheepsfoot and Wharncliffe blade MineralMan Sep 2015 #72
I have a Case XX electrician's knife I carry sometimes. The hawkbill blade definitely comes in handy Erose999 Sep 2015 #104
Some electricians knives have a straight blade, rather MineralMan Sep 2015 #107
One of these days I'm going to make a sheepsfoot knife for boatbuilding lumberjack_jeff Sep 2015 #299
Locking is good for whenever you're doing more coarse work. Romulox Sep 2015 #100
The thing about an oboe reed knife is that you sharpen the blade MineralMan Sep 2015 #110
that makes at least 2 skyline carriers in this thread so far w0nderer Sep 2015 #53
Thanks, you too! I also enjoy Benchmade knives, but I'm nervous to carry them every day ($$$). nt Romulox Sep 2015 #99
i consider EDC close to disposable w0nderer Sep 2015 #230
Yes. trackfan Sep 2015 #51
Sort of. I have one in my driver's side acessory pocket, so I always know exactly where it is. mahina Sep 2015 #55
They had specific uses for cowboys and sheepherders. MineralMan Sep 2015 #62
Thanks MineralMan. mahina Sep 2015 #65
Great tutorial dumbcat Sep 2015 #69
A Buck pen knife and a Gerber folder REP Sep 2015 #56
Swiss Army Knife. BarbaRosa Sep 2015 #57
Why would I admit that on teh interweb? Gormy Cuss Sep 2015 #61
LOL! MineralMan Sep 2015 #63
I carried a Benchmade 710 folder at work before I retired but now ... spin Sep 2015 #70
Anyone who knows anything about knives Shankapotomus Sep 2015 #129
In my tackle box and tool boxes can be found numerous pocket knives. cherokeeprogressive Sep 2015 #73
I found a very old Russell Barlow knife in a MineralMan Sep 2015 #76
WOW! cherokeeprogressive Sep 2015 #126
There are lots of knife collectors. MineralMan Sep 2015 #131
I own two swiss army knives yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #74
It is legal to carry a knife on you in all 50 states Travis_0004 Sep 2015 #151
I still don't trust police... yuiyoshida Sep 2015 #153
Yes, For Many, Many Years ProfessorGAC Sep 2015 #75
I have one in my toolbox, and another with my camping gear. Agnosticsherbet Sep 2015 #77
It is a tool. I use mine daily. MineralMan Sep 2015 #78
Don't need it for normal work. They are hard on keyboards. Agnosticsherbet Sep 2015 #80
Carry a German Eye similar to this Go Vols Sep 2015 #81
I think that's called a Congress pattern knife. MineralMan Sep 2015 #82
One side stays sharper than the other Go Vols Sep 2015 #86
Makes sense. MineralMan Sep 2015 #89
Seems the congress knife Go Vols Sep 2015 #368
That video was well worth the time spent MineralMan Sep 2015 #369
And no clip or spearpoint pattern blade dumbcat Sep 2015 #91
I doubt it. The two blade designs are useful for a lot MineralMan Sep 2015 #93
Not in my pants or attached to a belt. kentauros Sep 2015 #83
Ah, kitchen cultlery. MineralMan Sep 2015 #85
This reminds me that I need to go and sharpen my veggie cleaver. kentauros Sep 2015 #103
My kitchen knife set is from Chicago Cutlery. MineralMan Sep 2015 #108
Chicago Cutlery is an excellent brand. kentauros Sep 2015 #111
Yes! I love the old-school Chicago Cutlery knives. Lizzie Poppet Sep 2015 #373
They're my favorites. I found them at a Goodwill MineralMan Sep 2015 #374
Your Wusthof chef''s knife with the broken handle is from their Gourmet line. Snobblevitch Sep 2015 #271
Thanks for the link! kentauros Sep 2015 #282
They are good knives, Snobblevitch Sep 2015 #283
My girlfriend really liked it kentauros Sep 2015 #285
I have a couple of those cleavers. Snobblevitch Sep 2015 #288
I live in Texas. kentauros Sep 2015 #302
Good luck to you.... Snobblevitch Sep 2015 #311
Thanks! kentauros Sep 2015 #322
It can work out. oneshooter Sep 2015 #318
I'll have to let her know of that, kentauros Sep 2015 #323
I continued to work overseas even after we were married. oneshooter Sep 2015 #324
Thank you for your kind words and advice kentauros Sep 2015 #357
In the early 80's there was no skype, only telephone and the mail. n/t oneshooter Sep 2015 #362
I find it interesting how much we seem to have in common. Snobblevitch Sep 2015 #272
I carry a Scimitar folder from Cold Steel Half-Century Man Sep 2015 #87
That's an attractive knife, but I don't think it would be MineralMan Sep 2015 #92
In my current life Half-Century Man Sep 2015 #97
When my son and my nephew went overseas, US Army both of them. oneshooter Sep 2015 #197
Often, I carry a Leatherman Wave in my backpack. backscatter712 Sep 2015 #90
I don't have to go through metal detectors very often at all. MineralMan Sep 2015 #94
Usually carry a Leatherman. bluedigger Sep 2015 #95
When I was a boy I did, like... Mike Nelson Sep 2015 #102
Please add "Fuck with me and find out" as an option, just for the lulz TacoD Sep 2015 #105
Here you go: Erose999 Sep 2015 #106
Why would I do that? I'm talking about knives as tools. MineralMan Sep 2015 #109
I always have one except on a flight or the Courthouse. Carrying a ... Whiskeytide Sep 2015 #112
I always have one except on a flight or the Courthouse. Carrying a ... Whiskeytide Sep 2015 #112
I misplaced one of my pocket knives before 9/11 and found it a year after in a side pocket of my yurbud Sep 2015 #301
Usually two sarisataka Sep 2015 #114
Used to OriginalGeek Sep 2015 #115
I carry a Case Stockman. Case is one of the few companies doc03 Sep 2015 #116
Kershaw leek model 1660BB Major Nikon Sep 2015 #121
lovely blade, lovely steel n/t w0nderer Sep 2015 #232
No... I carry two of them krispos42 Sep 2015 #122
I have no reason to. Fearless Sep 2015 #123
Used to, then I forgot to take it out of my purse when I went through security at the airport MiniMe Sep 2015 #124
I did that once Travis_0004 Sep 2015 #152
Clever! MineralMan Sep 2015 #155
Just dont get caught Travis_0004 Sep 2015 #160
nice one :-) w0nderer Sep 2015 #234
Rule #9 Thor_MN Sep 2015 #125
One from my adopted hometown... bobclark86 Sep 2015 #127
I've got five different pocket knives GoneOffShore Sep 2015 #128
A Case or a Kershaw in my pocket, a gerber multi-tool in my bag. X_Digger Sep 2015 #130
I have a Gerber Dime micro tool on my keychain with a short blade Xithras Sep 2015 #132
Yup. A Buck 305T. Adsos Letter Sep 2015 #133
Yes. My Dad's knife, he engraved his initials in it when he was in the Navy. Avalux Sep 2015 #136
Great example of white privilege! Well done! nt Bonobo Sep 2015 #139
But does the OP count as "micro-aggression"? JustABozoOnThisBus Sep 2015 #148
WTF? I don't get it. MineralMan Sep 2015 #156
Become black and THEN carry a knife around. Bonobo Sep 2015 #158
I see. I know a few black men. MineralMan Sep 2015 #172
I've weighed that I do carry a pocket knife BUT Aerows Sep 2015 #140
Here are the three that I carry. kwassa Sep 2015 #141
You must have very deep pockets. nt JustABozoOnThisBus Sep 2015 #149
When I'm at work, which is almost all the time Nac Mac Feegle Sep 2015 #143
I had to go to a woodworking shop inside a state prison once. lpbk2713 Sep 2015 #145
Not as often as I should. Waldorf Sep 2015 #144
I used to. ladyVet Sep 2015 #147
Not usually, LWolf Sep 2015 #150
Stay away from cheap pocket-knives. DetlefK Sep 2015 #154
I carry a multi-tool thing with a knife blade in my purse. DawgHouse Sep 2015 #159
Swiss Army Knife... Miles Archer Sep 2015 #161
I carry my Schrade sometimes. It is very old and not very large. Jamastiene Sep 2015 #162
A Swiss Army knife when travelling. bikebloke Sep 2015 #163
It is truly amazing how many democrats carry a deadly weapon. n/t oneshooter Sep 2015 #165
I can't imagine how a non-locking pocket knife MineralMan Sep 2015 #166
It is a "weapon". oneshooter Sep 2015 #167
Oh, OK, then. MineralMan Sep 2015 #168
There are safety blades that you can use. oneshooter Sep 2015 #169
This could be a problem discntnt_irny_srcsm Sep 2015 #222
ordering! n/t w0nderer Sep 2015 #236
OFFS.... Adrahil Sep 2015 #198
*applause* w0nderer Sep 2015 #238
I won't carry a knife without a locking blade... Adrahil Sep 2015 #199
I learned how to avoid that as MineralMan Sep 2015 #200
This wasn't merely carelessness..... Adrahil Sep 2015 #202
Pocket knives aren't likely used to embolden people like Zman, Loughner, racists, etc. Hoyt Sep 2015 #178
Right on que. GGJohn Sep 2015 #212
Naw GG, I'm going to depend on you law-abiding gun owners to do the right thing, no matter what Hoyt Sep 2015 #214
IOW, you're just another keyboard commando GGJohn Sep 2015 #286
You are the one boasting you just couldn't let your gunz go if that were the law. Hoyt Sep 2015 #289
Really? When? GGJohn Sep 2015 #291
Yes. And, I've never carried a gun in public or stockpiled then at home, legal or not. Hoyt Sep 2015 #293
Hey, here's a clue Hoyt, GGJohn Sep 2015 #294
Lot's of things are legal that hurt society. Gunz are one of those, GG. Hoyt Sep 2015 #295
But the law says I can because I'm a law abiding citizen. GGJohn Sep 2015 #296
Actually is does hurt society, but gun fanciers have never cared. Hoyt Sep 2015 #297
Ok, you say it hurts society? GGJohn Sep 2015 #298
Your interlocutor is quite imaginative-he thinks guns make people do bad things friendly_iconoclast Sep 2015 #307
I've noticed that. GGJohn Sep 2015 #312
GG, unlike you, I was not up all night fondling gunz. Hoyt Sep 2015 #331
Hoyt, neither was I, GGJohn Sep 2015 #340
Most of all, GG, gunz embolden people like Zman, Dunn and other racists, Hoyt Sep 2015 #330
All of which has jack shit to do with me. GGJohn Sep 2015 #341
Has everything to do with you and those like you. To keep you in gunz, we make it easy for those Hoyt Sep 2015 #345
Naw, it has nothing to do with me and my fellow legal carriers. GGJohn Sep 2015 #346
Sorry GG, your irrational love of gunz helps make them available to those who will misuse them. Hoyt Sep 2015 #347
In case you hadn't noticed Hoyt, GGJohn Sep 2015 #349
We are the only country with selfish gun fanciers who care little for society, as long as Hoyt Sep 2015 #350
Ya da, ya da, ya da. GGJohn Sep 2015 #352
Nothing to brag about here. Now the Cliven Bundy militia might approve. Hoyt Sep 2015 #356
i'm not bragging Hoyt, I'm stating a fact. GGJohn Sep 2015 #358
Its a tool. It has many uses. Travis_0004 Sep 2015 #180
LMFAO i know the feeling w0nderer Sep 2015 #243
I thought the RW were the folks we can't trust with weapons hack89 Sep 2015 #182
If they routinely carry dangerous weapons concealed on their person, oneshooter Sep 2015 #191
So capability equals propensity in your world? hack89 Sep 2015 #193
Wrong person. oneshooter Sep 2015 #194
Got it. Sorry for the confusion. nt hack89 Sep 2015 #196
ah...sarcasm in running w0nderer Sep 2015 #244
It truly is amazing how narrow sarisataka Sep 2015 #210
Hint, if you checked my pocket w0nderer Sep 2015 #245
Good point sarisataka Sep 2015 #250
I believe i just found a fellow follower of sun-tsu n/t w0nderer Sep 2015 #251
The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. sarisataka Sep 2015 #255
same here w0nderer Sep 2015 #258
I do not have Mein Kampf, yet sarisataka Sep 2015 #263
clausewitz is well worth reading w0nderer Sep 2015 #264
I will do that sarisataka Sep 2015 #273
I'm not with this guy Android3.14 Sep 2015 #284
A man (or woman) without a pocketknife is... Android3.14 Sep 2015 #317
lol w0nderer Sep 2015 #336
It's been pointed out before... benEzra Sep 2015 #372
Sometimes. bigwillq Sep 2015 #170
I carry a Leatherman in my bag--a must-have for single ladies. Stardust Sep 2015 #171
So you admit that you carry a deadly weapon to use on others? n/t oneshooter Sep 2015 #173
Hell, I drive around every day in a deadly weapon. Comrade Grumpy Sep 2015 #176
thanks for making a point i've tried to make as a bicyclist LOL and as a knife owner n/t w0nderer Sep 2015 #246
Are some potentially deadly weapons deadlier than other potentially deadly weapons? friendly_iconoclast Sep 2015 #308
Hell no, I use it to cut open boxes and stuff. It's never occurred to me to use it on someone. nt Stardust Sep 2015 #181
It is still a weapon, capable of taking a life. n/t oneshooter Sep 2015 #190
No it's not. Leave me alone. Stardust Sep 2015 #195
It *is* a weapon, whether you admit it or not friendly_iconoclast Sep 2015 #306
No, it *isnt* a weapon. It's a tool. Period. Stardust Sep 2015 #326
According to LE it is a weapon. n/t oneshooter Sep 2015 #338
Protip: Don't open up that "tool" in a public place... friendly_iconoclast Sep 2015 #360
I don't carry my knife to use on others. Lizzie Poppet Sep 2015 #211
Yes, but the other poster made a strong implacation that she did. n/t oneshooter Sep 2015 #216
Silly oneshooter, don't you know that those fatally stabbed are less dead than those fatally shot? friendly_iconoclast Sep 2015 #309
Sort of Spirochete Sep 2015 #174
Is the little blade sharp. If so, you carry a pocket knife. MineralMan Sep 2015 #175
It's definitely a pocket knife Spirochete Sep 2015 #179
Same one for the last 10 yrs... Rhythm Sep 2015 #183
where did you get that beergood Sep 2015 #370
'Lyric' ordered it online somewhere... put it in my stocking at Christmas Rhythm Sep 2015 #371
I love my ohheckyeah Sep 2015 #185
my ex-wife ran into: w0nderer Sep 2015 #249
Well, nobody that ohheckyeah Sep 2015 #254
my ex wasn't girly girl either (former army and bisexual) w0nderer Sep 2015 #257
I'm straight ohheckyeah Sep 2015 #259
like i said--- ex w0nderer Sep 2015 #265
LOL ohheckyeah Sep 2015 #267
Used to when working around horses csziggy Sep 2015 #186
Middle aged female - Yes sometimes. Maru Kitteh Sep 2015 #187
I always have a pocket knife on my person. Snobblevitch Sep 2015 #188
Thanks w0nderer Sep 2015 #252
I carry a Leatherman multitool which has a knife as one of the attachments n/t eridani Sep 2015 #189
From being needed for work to opening beer One_Life_To_Give Sep 2015 #192
Cub Scout knife! Straw Man Sep 2015 #242
wow that's pretty w0nderer Sep 2015 #253
Never carried a pocket knife Skidmore Sep 2015 #201
Swiss Army Knife - in my backpack, which I carry everywhere. CrispyQ Sep 2015 #203
No surprise to see our DU Gun Enthusiasts claiming to carry multiple knives. Paladin Sep 2015 #204
This is not a gun thread. MineralMan Sep 2015 #205
Carrying one knife keeps things in the "tool" category. Paladin Sep 2015 #225
carrying multiple knives w0nderer Sep 2015 #256
Swiss Army fisherman knife and sailor's rigging knife. DinahMoeHum Sep 2015 #207
I got the exact knife as a safety award from my company... Callmecrazy Sep 2015 #208
Small pen knife about 1/3 the size of a Swiss army only sometimes Person 2713 Sep 2015 #209
They come in handy workinclasszero Sep 2015 #213
I had a small Swiss army knockoff that I carried on my keychain Blue_Tires Sep 2015 #215
Can anyone recommend a good inexpensive pocket knife? tabasco Sep 2015 #218
I've never really found such a thing. MineralMan Sep 2015 #219
You can get a Case medium stockman for 40-45 dollars Mosby Sep 2015 #248
i think the closest you'll get to 'good' + inexpensive w0nderer Sep 2015 #260
In terms of bang for the buck I think it's hard to beat some of the Kershaw knives Major Nikon Sep 2015 #270
You can get a #6 Opinel for $12 ornotna Sep 2015 #261
Just what I'm looking for. Thanks. tabasco Sep 2015 #274
The Opinel is very popular in France GoneOffShore Sep 2015 #335
I really like my small schrade lockback lumberjack_jeff Sep 2015 #292
Leatherman Micra on my keychain. greendog Sep 2015 #220
No but I carry a purse hook... Phentex Sep 2015 #221
knife Rabon Sep 2015 #223
Who is talking about any kind of fight? MineralMan Sep 2015 #224
For the kind of whack job that has guns on the brain all the time, this thread is really about guns. Electric Monk Sep 2015 #300
There's also the whack jobs that stoutly deny that knives are weapons... friendly_iconoclast Sep 2015 #310
Studies have shown that people behave differently depending on what objects they possess Electric Monk Sep 2015 #333
Apparently, we should only carry inexpensive guns and knives while in public friendly_iconoclast Sep 2015 #361
Opening packages with a gun is messy and noisy..... Adrahil Sep 2015 #343
I'm glad this thread is getting so many replies dumbcat Sep 2015 #237
Sometimes, a break from politics is a good thing. MineralMan Sep 2015 #240
second this w0nderer Sep 2015 #262
Two ChairmanAgnostic Sep 2015 #241
Sure. Sometimes two of them. Buns_of_Fire Sep 2015 #247
no. no Liberal_in_LA Sep 2015 #266
Kinda -- I carry two boxcutters. Codeine Sep 2015 #269
I carry one that I found lying out at the beach, surrounded by little kids playing NickB79 Sep 2015 #276
Three days after I got to my destination I found a similar knife in my carry-on bag. Snobblevitch Sep 2015 #280
I usually have my Gerber Gator handy, Joe Shlabotnik Sep 2015 #277
When I have a pocket knife, I use it all the time Android3.14 Sep 2015 #278
I have a tiny one on my keychain, does that count? passiveporcupine Sep 2015 #290
Never PowerToThePeople Sep 2015 #303
A leatherman Recursion Sep 2015 #304
I use mine all the time spiderpig Sep 2015 #305
Invitation to a dogfight jimmy the one Sep 2015 #313
I'm sorry that you have taken the opportunity to MineralMan Sep 2015 #314
just thought you should know jimmy the one Sep 2015 #315
What goes on in the Gungeon is not of interest to me, really, MineralMan Sep 2015 #316
affected others might want to read it jimmy the one Sep 2015 #319
Trashed that room ages ago. Iggo Sep 2015 #359
I have that exact same knife. Sometimes I carry it. Sometimes I don't. When I do carry it... ChisolmTrailDem Sep 2015 #320
That pattern of pocket knife is one of the most popular MineralMan Sep 2015 #321
I love knives and have a collection. hollowdweller Sep 2015 #327
Cool stuff :) /nt workinclasszero Sep 2015 #334
top switchblade w0nderer Sep 2015 #337
I carry a hair comb that looks like a switchblade, n/t leeroysphitz Sep 2015 #339
Why? MineralMan Sep 2015 #348
Oh. lol I bought it in 5th grade from an impromptu Christmas store leeroysphitz Sep 2015 #363
Yes, a little cheap one. NaturalHigh Sep 2015 #351
hell I carry two. clffrdjk Sep 2015 #353
Benchmade. kairos12 Sep 2015 #354
I could have gotten into the habit. But I was a hippy in a time and place struggle4progress Sep 2015 #355
I thought I'd kick this thread Major Nikon Oct 2015 #375
S30 is good steel Travis_0004 Oct 2015 #376
This is my first blade with S30V Major Nikon Oct 2015 #377
I like a clip main blade. It works better MineralMan Oct 2015 #378
I still have my dad's 80T Major Nikon Oct 2015 #379
I'll check that out, thanks! MineralMan Oct 2015 #380
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