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Hillary was a Goldwater Girl, and all that goes with that. leveymg Nov 2015 #1
Did she vote for him?...nt SidDithers Nov 2015 #6
Too young. She did work for Rockefeller at the RNC in 1968. ieoeja Nov 2015 #8
No. Hillary became a Democrat when she left her conservative Hortensis Nov 2015 #31
Who do you vote for? Octafish Nov 2015 #10
You think he helped put the liberal party in power in Canada? Rex Nov 2015 #20
I'd be very surprised Art_from_Ark Nov 2015 #26
Joe Clark was actually one of the better Conservatives arikara Nov 2015 #49
One of the reasons why I suggested Clark Art_from_Ark Nov 2015 #58
Yes, Chretien promised during his campaign to revisit it arikara Nov 2015 #59
I always ask for, you know, something. Anything. Historic. Octafish Nov 2015 #50
Hillary was young at the time... ljm2002 Nov 2015 #14
She was a junior Repub. Now, she's a senior Dem neocon. Lots of evolution . . . leveymg Nov 2015 #19
Well it is certainly true... ljm2002 Nov 2015 #21
The point is, Hillary never really changed, she adapted. She's the best Republican candidate running leveymg Nov 2015 #28
Okay. We have a couple of friends sitting out this election, Hortensis Nov 2015 #36
B I N G O Vincardog Nov 2015 #48
...+1 840high Nov 2015 #55
^^^ This ^^^ cantbeserious Nov 2015 #56
I worry about her SCOTTS appointments almost as much Dustlawyer Nov 2015 #32
Yep. Scuba Nov 2015 #45
Corporate tools like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer? tabasco Nov 2015 #53
What is "all that goes with that"? The only thing I've seen is.......... George II Nov 2015 #18
I suggest looking at what she has done, not at what she is currently saying. Maineman Nov 2015 #23
I have, and that's why I'm supporting her. George II Nov 2015 #30
Oh dear... someone was misguided when young. That never happens. LanternWaste Nov 2015 #24
doesn't surprise me PatrynXX Nov 2015 #33
"Is there any vetting process in Democratic circles for hiring?" phantom power Nov 2015 #2
yeah if they wanna show that Republicans have no principles for voting for Mittens PatrynXX Nov 2015 #34
Hey, the Chair of the DNC will not even endorse Repig challengers hifiguy Nov 2015 #47
They've lost their moral compass. PatrickforO Nov 2015 #3
That's what they do FlatBaroque Nov 2015 #4
And Mit Romney Maineman Nov 2015 #22
No vetting allowed HassleCat Nov 2015 #5
Oh, and those stories about resurrection? Phony, the lot of 'em. n/t jtuck004 Nov 2015 #7
With the President's endorsement of the TPP, Rafale Nov 2015 #9
K/R marmar Nov 2015 #11
For sale to the highest bidder, that's our party leadership. nt bemildred Nov 2015 #12
That is so fucked up libodem Nov 2015 #13
It seems to me, they are chasing $$$, which says very little about their political positions ... 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2015 #15
Actually it says everything about their political positions PowerToThePeople Nov 2015 #35
That is NOT a statement of political position. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2015 #38
I disagree. n/t PowerToThePeople Nov 2015 #39
Okay. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2015 #41
This is what happens after you start spraying for cockroaches sybylla Nov 2015 #16
Kinda 'hillarious' that we have those who have backed, and acted and voted like Republicans trying AzDar Nov 2015 #17
I have learned something this primary season. hifiguy Nov 2015 #46
Makes you wonder if this isn't some sort of Koch brothers operation. denverbill Nov 2015 #25
K & R. Quislings appalachiablue Nov 2015 #27
K & R mountain grammy Nov 2015 #29
If they have a "D" next to their name, You have to support them! Fuddnik Nov 2015 #37
It was Bill Clinton Le Taz Hot Nov 2015 #40
Yep, Bubba was the lead salesman for Al From and the DLC. hifiguy Nov 2015 #44
Remaining Democrats needn't worry: They filed an Assault Weapons Ban bill recently. Eleanors38 Nov 2015 #42
Al From, the DLC and the Clintons began selling the party off piecemeal hifiguy Nov 2015 #43
Always best to keep it simple. It's usually on the money! haikugal Nov 2015 #54
It's like we live in an Plutocracy or something. Octafish Nov 2015 #51
Thanks for the Michigan example. This stuff is killing us at all levels of the Party. Scuba Nov 2015 #52
If it is anything like the business world PowerToThePeople Nov 2015 #57
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