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40. World War One was fought almost exclusively because of the ability of
Sun Nov 15, 2015, 04:34 PM
Nov 2015

The vested interests to utilize propaganda to bring the citizens of all of Europe into a conflict that enriched the bankers and the arms dealers. Foreign ministers, who were allied with the bankers, certainly did little, if not outright nothing, to persuade the heads of European nations not to go to war.

I doubt very much they had some 100 year game plan. Greed doesn't work that way.

It was quite helpful that the military generals on all sides decided to treat this war that was basically "infantry fought" as though it were all a cavalry campaign. Not only that, but the citizens in all nations were told that it would all be over by the Christmas holidays of 1914.

Within a year, the generals knew they were wrong, but they couldn't then go about fighting the war in a better way, because first they would have to admit their stupidity. To do that would have meant they would be held accountable for most of the deaths that took place the first year.

Second year of war, same as the first.

Third year of the war, same a the second. And so on, until finally Germany did the decent thing and surrender.

Instead of being thanked for submitting to a surrender, the German people were then pushed into a financial settlement, that would have kept the nation of Germany in debt until the early 1980's.

The fact that most European bankers and foreign ministers were Jewish, and the fact that genetics theory became ascendant during the Nineteen Twenties -- both these factors paved the way for Hitler and his party to take over Germany. (Never mind that the whole genetics argument was a ruse. For instance, we all can determine that here in the USA, our government ministers and bankers of all faiths are willing to put the citizenry into harm's way via needless and endless wars - so genetics should not have been used in this manner.)

So then once Hitler and his band of thugs was in place, you have World War II, during which some fifty million people were killed.

Quite a while ago, Nixon began saying that the world had experienced World War III during all the endless and brutal wars of the USA and Soviet Russia. This War involved of course, our Vietnam war and then Russia's excursion into Afghanistan. With Vietnam War de-stabilizing the area, we then had the Cambodian holocaust. And our governmental ministers, officials and bankers all liked having our nation involved in the wars against the people of Central America, during the 1980's, so the World War III activities continued.

Whether the Egyptian, Syrian situation is part of this World War III period all (and expansion) depends on whether or not Israel is directly attacked. Should that happen, it could well become a thermonuclear war of unprecedented terror, and few of us would be left to debate if the war was "III" or "IV."

Isn't he referring to something much broader, L. Coyote Nov 2015 #1
It is still a small group of people edhopper Nov 2015 #3
And there's no danger... daleanime Nov 2015 #5
No edhopper Nov 2015 #25
Any fire grows.... daleanime Nov 2015 #31
That fire has been burning for a long time edhopper Nov 2015 #36
Tell that to the total of 4,491 U.S. service members killed in Iraq between 2003 and 2014, L. Coyote Nov 2015 #48
C'mon edhopper Nov 2015 #49
A 'piecemeal WWIII' is a contradiction in terms. - nt KingCharlemagne Nov 2015 #79
A great point edhopper Nov 2015 #81
Post removed Post removed Nov 2015 #2
dubious and highly questionable veracity. edhopper Nov 2015 #8
Your Opinion Only - Others See The World Differently cantbeserious Nov 2015 #9
you are entitled to your own opions edhopper Nov 2015 #10
Is One Disputing The Existence Of Albert Pike - Is One Disputing He Wrote The Letter cantbeserious Nov 2015 #13
the letter is a hoax edhopper Nov 2015 #28
Thank You For Sharing cantbeserious Nov 2015 #30
Uhm yeah, they can't distinguish between fantasy and reality. Not every viewpoint is valid... Humanist_Activist Nov 2015 #11
Is One Disputing The Existence Of Albert Pike - Is One Disputing He Wrote The Letter cantbeserious Nov 2015 #14
is there supposed to be some evidence there that he wrote the letter? fishwax Nov 2015 #33
Skepticism Is Always Advised - Maybe The Truth Is Buried In Freemason Archives - Who Knows cantbeserious Nov 2015 #39
The page you linked to is all about nutty conspiracy theories regarding history and the future... Humanist_Activist Nov 2015 #44
So Say You - Others See The World Differently cantbeserious Nov 2015 #45
That's not a counterargument, you are welcome to have your own opinions, but not your own facts. n/t Humanist_Activist Nov 2015 #47
That's nonsense Scootaloo Nov 2015 #19
Albert Pike Lived - See Wikipedia Link Below cantbeserious Nov 2015 #21
Yeah, but he probably didn't predict the 20th century in perfect detail, down to the rhetoric Scootaloo Nov 2015 #23
Maybe Yes - Maybe No - Truth Can Be Stranger Than Fiction - And Often In Plain Sight cantbeserious Nov 2015 #24
Occam's razor Scootaloo Nov 2015 #26
Occam's Razor - Great For Science - Not So Much The Affairs Of Man cantbeserious Nov 2015 #27
Do you have a primary souce? a copy of this letter, perhaps? Scootaloo Nov 2015 #32
No - One Learned About Albert Pike Only Recently - Found The Prospect Of His Vision Interesting cantbeserious Nov 2015 #34
That is what they want you to think! AngryAmish Nov 2015 #51
Well, Delphinus Nov 2015 #20
One Thought So As Well - Hence The Reason For Sharing cantbeserious Nov 2015 #22
I'd declare you certainly can't be serious, but then, here you are, making ludicrous declarations... Journeyman Nov 2015 #37
Ad Hominem Attacks Are Against DU Rules cantbeserious Nov 2015 #38
Posting CT in General Discussion is, however, worthy of ridicule . . . Journeyman Nov 2015 #41
One Man's Conspiracy - Is - Another Man's Fact cantbeserious Nov 2015 #43
World War One was fought almost exclusively because of the ability of truedelphi Nov 2015 #40
Agreed - If Israel Is Attacked - All Bets Are Off cantbeserious Nov 2015 #42
IS is a mutation of al-Qaeda which was the Gulf state paramilitary. leveymg Nov 2015 #4
I don't disagree edhopper Nov 2015 #7
It's a world war in the sense that it is global in scope and pits leveymg Nov 2015 #15
Snap! okasha Nov 2015 #50
Vietnam was a proxy War between us and Russia edhopper Nov 2015 #52
Well at this point Daesh and Al quida are fighting each other. AngryAmish Nov 2015 #53
There are factions and proxies within the Middle East edhopper Nov 2015 #54
Same. okasha Nov 2015 #57
Though Putin is playing games edhopper Nov 2015 #58
No, it doesn't compare. Yet. okasha Nov 2015 #60
There are a hundred scenerios that could happen. edhopper Nov 2015 #65
Ed, you woildn't agree with the Pope okasha Nov 2015 #67
And it seems edhopper Nov 2015 #69
Soory, Ed, I'm not going to get into okasha Nov 2015 #70
You are probably right edhopper Nov 2015 #71
The ghosts of ho chi minh, general giap and the many valiant KingCharlemagne Nov 2015 #80
It was a true civil war edhopper Nov 2015 #82
Precisely. But, it's the terrorist bankers who must be taken out or this reoccurs leveymg Nov 2015 #74
plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose merrily Nov 2015 #6
This is a force that operates all around the world. Agnosticsherbet Nov 2015 #12
So are the International drug cartels edhopper Nov 2015 #18
Looks to me like several powers fighting over access to resources partly controlled by ISIS arcane1 Nov 2015 #16
Post removed Post removed Nov 2015 #17
I agree, the pope is wrong, mountain grammy Nov 2015 #29
Francis is usually wrong and often a bit inciting of violence, actually. Of course he's a Pope and Bluenorthwest Nov 2015 #35
More like the 30 years war revisited. Most of the same players with moslem expansion into Monk06 Nov 2015 #46
He is trying to get the message across about how important it is, even though pnwmom Nov 2015 #55
No I am not edhopper Nov 2015 #56
He said, "War is madness." n/t pnwmom Nov 2015 #59
Big fucking deal edhopper Nov 2015 #66
He was talking about self-defense. The Catholic Church took a strong position pnwmom Nov 2015 #75
That was then edhopper Nov 2015 #78
No? Then what are all the drones about? n/t lumberjack_jeff Nov 2015 #61
You think this a World War? edhopper Nov 2015 #63
we're in year 25 lumberjack_jeff Nov 2015 #72
piecemeal sure edhopper Nov 2015 #73
Instead of proclaiming you know better, try to figure out what he is saying. L. Coyote Nov 2015 #62
I think he is being edhopper Nov 2015 #64
IMHO, for once, the Pope says something vaguely true Yorktown Nov 2015 #68
Reading your responses musicblind Nov 2015 #76
When has the World not been so? edhopper Nov 2015 #77
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