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Claiming owning a gun is about "freedom" is like claiming owning an SUV is about "freedom". Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2015 #1
Yet nothing was done on 2009. Why? Big time lost opportunity. yeoman6987 Dec 2015 #104
Once again, thanks for your concern. Kingofalldems Dec 2015 #148
It's like the study where congress believes their districts are more conservative than they are. Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2015 #163
These people feel the same way about cheap gas. It's their god given right. bettyellen Dec 2015 #135
Lately they believe it's their god given right to kill if they're scared. Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2015 #167
Well, it is in Florida these days. I thought it was in South Africa too, but apparently a panel of bettyellen Dec 2015 #172
I have never in my life been an advocate for mass confiscation but................... leftofcool Dec 2015 #2
I turned the corner about a year ago. Buzz Clik Dec 2015 #8
And I'd argue you still shouldn't be. Lizzie Poppet Dec 2015 #16
mass confiscation is the only real solution mwrguy Dec 2015 #17
+1000 951-Riverside Dec 2015 #58
It worked so well with drugs and alcohol...nt Mojorabbit Dec 2015 #255
and your solution is...??? CTyankee Dec 2015 #275
Let the CDC study gun violence. Break the Republican block on this. Mojorabbit Dec 2015 #287
thank you. I think that is common sense. Also facts, which as we all know, are stubborn things... CTyankee Dec 2015 #291
Here's a novel idea... jack_krass Dec 2015 #392
I don't think we really do. I think the availability of guns is the problem...if the gun is there CTyankee Dec 2015 #393
Nope, look at switzerland jack_krass Dec 2015 #403
look at their population and their gun laws...I've been thru this discussion on DU before. CTyankee Dec 2015 #404
And what do you do when 500 to 1000 of them christx30 Dec 2015 #273
Wait them out, get them a few at a time. mwrguy Dec 2015 #277
You really believe that? GGJohn Dec 2015 #306
So gun owners really aren't law abiding? mwrguy Dec 2015 #322
Would you, if you were a woman, (don't know your gender) GGJohn Dec 2015 #323
Who has been touting "law abiding abortion owners"? mwrguy Dec 2015 #325
I asked you a question, GGJohn Dec 2015 #327
The fact is that gun owning citizens outnumber the law enforcement community. passiveporcupine Dec 2015 #330
"If we offered a buy back program like Australia" EX500rider Dec 2015 #405
Aussies did not give up all their guns. passiveporcupine Dec 2015 #406
So we can be assured that you'll volunteer to be on the confiscation teams? GGJohn Dec 2015 #304
Do you put out house fires? mwrguy Dec 2015 #321
So I'll take that as a no, GGJohn Dec 2015 #409
Are you projecting? passiveporcupine Dec 2015 #407
Projecting what? GGJohn Dec 2015 #408
the way you think people will react to having their guns taken away? passiveporcupine Dec 2015 #410
They're doing just the opposite Left2Tackle Dec 2015 #342
Sure! Legitimize the gun nut argument d_legendary1 Dec 2015 #268
This is what it will take, sadly. randys1 Dec 2015 #3
I don't really understand why the 2nd amendment is so important to hunters. Rex Dec 2015 #4
What if you decide they can't keep them after all? hack89 Dec 2015 #5
If somehow people lose their hunting rifles in all this (which I don't think will happen) AllyCat Dec 2015 #10
The 2A protects an individual right to keep and bear arms. hack89 Dec 2015 #11
Now that lots of people are dying because the right to keep and bear arms AllyCat Dec 2015 #14
Actually Old Codger Dec 2015 #67
+100 narnian60 Dec 2015 #377
Where in the 2A does it say individual rights? Rex Dec 2015 #15
"The right of the people " hack89 Dec 2015 #26
The people that form well regulated militia...where does it say individual rights? Rex Dec 2015 #28
Ok hack89 Dec 2015 #36
Doesn't matter if you don't like it. Rex Dec 2015 #38
The law agrees with me hack89 Dec 2015 #41
Sure sure your sadz says otherwise. Rex Dec 2015 #44
Heller is the law of the land hack89 Dec 2015 #45
I am just telling you what the 2A says, no need to get mad. Rex Dec 2015 #47
And the Supreme Court says you are wrong. hack89 Dec 2015 #53
Well that is the literal wording of the 2A. Rex Dec 2015 #57
So what. That is totally irrelevant when it comes to passing laws hack89 Dec 2015 #64
Crowing? See I knew it you have a big sadz at the literal meaning of the 2A. Rex Dec 2015 #69
The Bill of Rights protects individual right. End of story. hack89 Dec 2015 #77
Why would you be snarky because the 2A agrees with me literally? Rex Dec 2015 #82
ok. nt hack89 Dec 2015 #86
. Rex Dec 2015 #89
Scalia wrote it. It was dissented by every reasonable person on the court. Squinch Dec 2015 #137
Scalia is the moron that threw a federal election. Rex Dec 2015 #161
Exactly, but it is really the Heller decision that all these morons are hiding behind Squinch Dec 2015 #173
Very much so, has not a thing to do with the 2A actual meaning. Rex Dec 2015 #184
That's fine hack89 Dec 2015 #182
And the people must have a right to redress. Rex Dec 2015 #186
What does that even mean? nt hack89 Dec 2015 #191
No, actually it doesn't. Just as Emancipation didn't have to be implemented Squinch Dec 2015 #212
Emancipation took a Constitutional amendment hack89 Dec 2015 #219
I'm sure you think you have a point. Squinch Dec 2015 #220
Heller is the law of the land and cannot be ignored. hack89 Dec 2015 #224
So you have said. Dredd Scott was the law of the land too. So? Squinch Dec 2015 #227
Heller overturned precedent nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #51
What precedent? hack89 Dec 2015 #74
You should read a lot more into the case law nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #112
Your link makes no mention of cases prior to Heller hack89 Dec 2015 #118
As I said, I recommend a law library nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #136
Waste of time nadin. Rex Dec 2015 #165
I got to give it to Scalia, he does write well though nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #171
Oh yes! Nothing against his penmanship. Rex Dec 2015 #177
But he writes clearly, nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #187
Wow at one time it was 8th grade. Rex Dec 2015 #217
I write RSD at a higher level nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #218
That is rare, you don't insult their intelligence like the M$M-Hearst. Rex Dec 2015 #221
Well, right now we seeing the MSM engage in quite a bit of speculation nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #225
Well it is okay for reporters to speculate, yet on DU that is baaaad. Rex Dec 2015 #230
I am not speculating anywhere nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #237
I meant Hollywood pundits. CNN\Foxnews the alphabet outlets. Rex Dec 2015 #239
I know nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #249
Ratings...the original formula still works better than cold hard facts. Rex Dec 2015 #251
And we know WHO to blame, a local Miami affiliate nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #261
Can't back up your claim? Ok. nt hack89 Dec 2015 #175
I can, but even if i gave it to you in the actual nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #183
Bullshit hack89 Dec 2015 #185
There are but it really would not matter to you, so here is a nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #196
You talking about the Jim Crow rulings used to disarm blacks hack89 Dec 2015 #200
Becuase now I know you do not know of the 1930s case nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #203
Miller? nt hack89 Dec 2015 #207
Which is very relevant nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #209
A case where Miller and his lawyer's did not appear in court? hack89 Dec 2015 #215
We shall revisit all this nadinbrzezinski Dec 2015 #222
Well. LokiandMala Dec 2015 #344
Nadin, I often disagree with you, but you are absolutely right about this. Squinch Dec 2015 #176
Didn't you just tell me you don't hide behind the 2A? Squinch Dec 2015 #210
So is Citizens United. thucythucy Dec 2015 #303
What laws could you pass without Heller that you can't pass now? hack89 Dec 2015 #305
Wasn't Heller cited when the courts threw out hand gun restrictions thucythucy Dec 2015 #308
Heller says you can't ban handguns kept in one's house hack89 Dec 2015 #309
Well that's a pretty enormous loophole right there. thucythucy Dec 2015 #310
No. hack89 Dec 2015 #311
But no answer to my other questions? nt. thucythucy Dec 2015 #312
Ok. hack89 Dec 2015 #313
That sounds good to me. thucythucy Dec 2015 #314
One of the reasons a lot of people don't care for the no fly list is when it was revealed that Waldorf Dec 2015 #318
I remember that. thucythucy Dec 2015 #355
Also it says "well regulated" Hekate Dec 2015 #95
Shhhhh...don't tell them about the Guard or Reserves. Rex Dec 2015 #98
That's absolutely incorrect. TeddyR Dec 2015 #124
#129 Rex Dec 2015 #156
So your "evidence" is the opinion of a guy from 250 years ago - a guy who refused to Squinch Dec 2015 #198
NO. The refered to militias were used to keep the slaves in line. chknltl Dec 2015 #284
Believe it or not, it was about more than one thing. Rex Dec 2015 #286
Perhaps but it's reason accdg. to it's authors chknltl Dec 2015 #293
The Founders were worried about the British coming back Rex Dec 2015 #295
State and National Guards didn't exist when the 2nd Amendment was ratified. AtheistCrusader Dec 2015 #223
So what? librarylu Dec 2015 #54
I don't own guns for self defense - I live in a safe town hack89 Dec 2015 #60
How difficult would it be..... librarylu Dec 2015 #385
Don't see the need. hack89 Dec 2015 #387
Something that Scalia, Machine Gun Sammy Alito,... Herman4747 Dec 2015 #259
You do understand that Heller allows strict gun control? hack89 Dec 2015 #272
At the time Old Codger Dec 2015 #71
Exactly! The word 'people' and 'individual' are not the same word at all! Rex Dec 2015 #75
Don't thank me Old Codger Dec 2015 #122
Nope. Re-read the 2A. Rex Dec 2015 #162
OK well Old Codger Dec 2015 #267
Wrong. Not my fault 4 people out of so many in this thread 'don't get it'. Rex Dec 2015 #279
OK Old Codger Dec 2015 #297
The militia is formed OF the people in times of need. AtheistCrusader Dec 2015 #147
#129 Rex Dec 2015 #155
Post 129 is factually wrong on a number of points. For instance, we have a national guard and a AtheistCrusader Dec 2015 #199
I said that was the original intent, thanks for agreeing with me. Rex Dec 2015 #234
No, you are wrong. AtheistCrusader Dec 2015 #246
Yeah well your opinion is not my problem. Rex Dec 2015 #280
You are wildly uninformed on this topic. AtheistCrusader Dec 2015 #307
Rex picked up the wrong lure. He go bye-bye. Eleanors38 Dec 2015 #238
Yeah, I get the feeling I'm talking to a wall, but hope springs eternal. AtheistCrusader Dec 2015 #248
See #129 Rex Dec 2015 #278
It doesn't say the people that form a well regulated militia. n/t whopis01 Dec 2015 #257
Don't shoot the messenger... Left2Tackle Dec 2015 #343
As long as those people are "well-regulated" Gore1FL Dec 2015 #79
The 2A does not stop strict gun control hack89 Dec 2015 #88
I recognize that Gore1FL Dec 2015 #120
You are actually the third person I have seen using almost the same wording to make the Squinch Dec 2015 #170
The 2A does not stop strict gun control hack89 Dec 2015 #189
And time for gun nuts to stop hiding behind it. Squinch Dec 2015 #201
I don't hide behind it. hack89 Dec 2015 #202
Well bully for you. Squinch Dec 2015 #204
The 2A does not stop strict gun control hack89 Dec 2015 #228
So then you should probably stop hiding behind it. Squinch Dec 2015 #229
ok. nt hack89 Dec 2015 #231
Great! Squinch Dec 2015 #235
it took the civil war lancer78 Dec 2015 #347
I understand that those who are defending the idea that their hobby is worth a weekly Squinch Dec 2015 #351
since I am banned by law lancer78 Dec 2015 #365
No, it doesn't. "the People" is the entire population, not individuals. "The People" have a... ChisolmTrailDem Dec 2015 #206
So all the rights in the Bill of Rights that use that wording hack89 Dec 2015 #211
The right is given to "the People" as a whole. It is manifest in our National Guard. Some day, ChisolmTrailDem Dec 2015 #214
No. Just no. beevul Dec 2015 #232
LOL. GGJohn Dec 2015 #316
Pardon the expression, world wide wally Dec 2015 #348
I don't care what you think hack89 Dec 2015 #350
I Find It Interesting That Our 'Well-Regulated Militia' Hasn't Been Able To Stop These Mass.... global1 Dec 2015 #21
That is part of what says they are not well-regulated. AllyCat Dec 2015 #22
Agree, seems all these 'militia' groups are full of paranoid stormfront types that hate Obama Rex Dec 2015 #25
No one says hunters shouldn't keep rifles Tab Dec 2015 #12
Are you sure you are using all the correct terminology there Tab? AllyCat Dec 2015 #18
victims of gun violence do not lose moral authority by using wrong language sanatanadharma Dec 2015 #35
Excellent point about the magazine! AllyCat Dec 2015 #276
Militas, not individuals. If they want to form a rifle club there is no law against it. Rex Dec 2015 #13
And manage our property (slaves) AllyCat Dec 2015 #20
And 'push' Native Americans into smaller and smaller camps...er...reservations. Rex Dec 2015 #23
Sorry - I must have missed it. When exactly did we solve the problem of tyranny and jonno99 Dec 2015 #48
And how long ago was that and why is the wording of the 2A relevant to that time period? Rex Dec 2015 #52
You're missing the point - it is BECAUSE of tyranny and lawlessness (they feared NOT being free) - jonno99 Dec 2015 #93
Irony is dead. You purposely miss the point and the wording of the 2A. Rex Dec 2015 #96
I didn't "miss the point" - I simply disagreed with you. Did you purposely miss my point? jonno99 Dec 2015 #100
The 1A promises me that. Did you know that? Rex Dec 2015 #103
No, the 1A is not a lie. But don't you find it curious that an amendment concerning ONLY the jonno99 Dec 2015 #110
Yes and that is why we have a National Guard. Rex Dec 2015 #129
I agree that the founders were good with wording. I would argue too that they were good with jonno99 Dec 2015 #139
As Long as the Interpretation is Reasonable... Herman4747 Dec 2015 #368
Sure - but by "living" what you mean is amendable. Nobody argues that. And whatever the personal jonno99 Dec 2015 #376
Wow TeddyR Dec 2015 #154
Scalia is a moron that threw a federal election. Rex Dec 2015 #159
As I pointed out in response to 129 TeddyR Dec 2015 #193
So you didn't understand that meaning at all? I figured as much. Rex Dec 2015 #242
So you agree that your initial premise TeddyR Dec 2015 #331
I think you had better recheck your "recorded history" whopis01 Dec 2015 #258
Details! AtheistCrusader Dec 2015 #260
No kidding, I wouldn't expect you to understand history at all. Rex Dec 2015 #282
So much nonsense. beevul Dec 2015 #271
Wrong, that is not what I said keep your words in your own mouth. Rex Dec 2015 #281
I never quoted you. beevul Dec 2015 #285
The 2nd Amendment applies to members of a well-regulated militia, no more, no less. Nitram Dec 2015 #27
Not according to the Supreme Court, the Democratic party platform hack89 Dec 2015 #32
Hack, you are 100% correct. Nitram Dec 2015 #119
Yet groups like the NRA have fooled everyone into believing it is 'individual rights'. Rex Dec 2015 #33
It was only relatively recently the NRA started pushing for a re-interpreation of the amendment. Nitram Dec 2015 #125
Sorry, not even close... More or less.... Eleanors38 Dec 2015 #226
In no other part of the Constitution is it as necessary to limit a right... Nitram Dec 2015 #356
I've read plenty of history, thanks. Your's is a distinctly minority view... Eleanors38 Dec 2015 #386
I'm not sure being in the minority means I'm wrong. These things are re-evaluated and... Nitram Dec 2015 #388
Actually, few cases dealing with the Second ever reached SCOTUS... Eleanors38 Dec 2015 #389
The fact that few cases reached SCOTUS suggests there probably... Nitram Dec 2015 #390
But then you have the 18th Amendment: "No state shall deny..." Eleanors38 Dec 2015 #397
Thanks, Eleanor for the informative and thoughtful discussion. Nitram Dec 2015 #398
I thank you as well. Take care. Eleanors38 Dec 2015 #399
What exactly do you propose? Orrex Dec 2015 #61
I support most gun control proposals hack89 Dec 2015 #83
I see absolutely nothing wrong with universal gun registration Orrex Dec 2015 #97
It won't save lives. hack89 Dec 2015 #115
Why bother with laws at all, if criminals will ignore them? Orrex Dec 2015 #142
A national antisuicide campaign is what is called for hack89 Dec 2015 #178
A universal registration would reduce the flow of illegal guns Orrex Dec 2015 #245
The Sandy Hook weapon was registered hack89 Dec 2015 #247
I didn't propose it as a complete solution by itself, did I? Orrex Dec 2015 #250
There are a lot of laws we can pass hack89 Dec 2015 #252
There is simply no convincing argument against registration Orrex Dec 2015 #294
I stand with the ACLU on this issue. nt hack89 Dec 2015 #296
They are mistaken on this issue. Orrex Dec 2015 #332
ok nt hack89 Dec 2015 #333
Gun registration probably would save lives. Nitram Dec 2015 #357
No problem with universal background checks. nt hack89 Dec 2015 #379
What's your problem with registration. Nitram Dec 2015 #380
Privacy. hack89 Dec 2015 #381
So you refuse to get a driver's license? nt Nitram Dec 2015 #383
Want to compare guns to cars? Ok hack89 Dec 2015 #391
I'd go aong with that. Nitram Dec 2015 #394
No problem with training and testing. hack89 Dec 2015 #395
Not everyone has a gun safe. Nitram Dec 2015 #396
My insurance company didn't even ask about guns. hack89 Dec 2015 #402
Should you be allowed to have a nuclear bomb? Marr Dec 2015 #130
Allowed to have a nuclear bomb? That would be crazy. Orrex Dec 2015 #336
Bravo! marym625 Dec 2015 #6
"FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE REPUBLICANS" Um... about that. It isn't just Republicans. Buzz Clik Dec 2015 #7
Why do they ALWAYS exclude the first phrase of the 2nd Amendment? RoccoR5955 Dec 2015 #9
Because it's an inconvenient truth. Nitram Dec 2015 #29
And the Democratic party hack89 Dec 2015 #39
For 2016? I don't see anything about guns in the party's platform. Nitram Dec 2015 #133
I haven't seen the 2016 platform TeddyR Dec 2015 #143
That was 2013. There isn't a platform yet for 2016 because the nominee has to participate. Nitram Dec 2015 #146
I suspect the party platform will be very similar TeddyR Dec 2015 #157
hack89 said read the Democratic Party's platform, not Hillary's. Ikonoklast Dec 2015 #192
Icon, the party doesn't have a platform yet. Nitram Dec 2015 #358
As did the last platform. Ikonoklast Dec 2015 #366
Because then they would have to admit they've been wrong all this time. Rex Dec 2015 #37
The Second Amendment doesn't mean what you think it means TeddyR Dec 2015 #126
See reply #129 Rex Dec 2015 #131
All it will take to start interpreting the 2nd Amendment correctly again... Nitram Dec 2015 #134
Until 1968 it wasn't thought to be otherwise. Ikonoklast Dec 2015 #195
Mr. and Mrs. America, turn 'em all in. mwrguy Dec 2015 #19
Rec. And I don't even give ONE fuck, much less two. n/t SpankMe Dec 2015 #24
To quote Morpheus: "Then I am grateful that it is not up to you." nt jonno99 Dec 2015 #160
The OP can have his opinion in a vacuum. Eleanors38 Dec 2015 #208
Where in the 2ndn Amendment is the "the right to kill people" described? aikoaiko Dec 2015 #30
K&R. nt DLevine Dec 2015 #31
People hold onto the 2A like it is the Holy Grail for all freedumbs. Rex Dec 2015 #34
Great Meme on gun violence Gothmog Dec 2015 #40
i dont own a gun. never want to retrowire Dec 2015 #42
I agree. The "right" to own gunz is about as immoral as the "right" to own slaves was. Hoyt Dec 2015 #43
It is the right to own guns to form a well regulated militia, shall not be infringed upon. Rex Dec 2015 #46
The 2nd Amendment was a concession to the Slave States. Fuddnik Dec 2015 #62
It was also about the worry of homegrown tyranny or the British coming back to kick our butts. Rex Dec 2015 #68
Oh really? Then why did the non-slave states like Vermont include their own version of the 2nd? X_Digger Dec 2015 #340
Without a strong central government, such clauses enabled the colonies... Pacifist Patriot Dec 2015 #360
But if the federal 2nd was only a 'gimme' to slave states, why enact the same in their own states? X_Digger Dec 2015 #412
I agree completely. Gunners can't read and use some idiotic grammatical construction Hoyt Dec 2015 #66
I've seen gun nuts start foaming at the mouth over the literal meaning of the 2A. Rex Dec 2015 #70
Well, you're saying two directly opposite things. If owning a gun is immoral then it can't be jonno99 Dec 2015 #151
Typical Gungeoneer speak. Hoyt Dec 2015 #153
i agree with you but i would add patsimp Dec 2015 #49
Gee, all that gun control sure helped Paris, didn't it? ConservativeDemocrat Dec 2015 #50
Wow, someone has a big sadz! Rex Dec 2015 #55
No, little kitty ConservativeDemocrat Dec 2015 #106
Did they kick you off of DI? Rex Dec 2015 #109
I wasn't kicked off of DI ConservativeDemocrat Dec 2015 #205
What do you mean by "little kitty". Just need that before I decide whether or not to alert. nt ChisolmTrailDem Dec 2015 #240
The spelling of "sadz" ConservativeDemocrat Dec 2015 #254
What an idiotic argument. Marr Dec 2015 #138
Even with the terrorist attack killing over 100 people, France has a far, far lower... Nitram Dec 2015 #359
The majority of gun deaths are suicides ConservativeDemocrat Dec 2015 #378
Even if you take suicides out of the equation, the US is still way ahead on gun deaths... Nitram Dec 2015 #382
2nd Amendment was created by guys who were fine with blacks counting as 3/5ths of a person TeamPooka Dec 2015 #56
It also was created to keep the government is check by forming citizen militias. Rex Dec 2015 #59
that's right. They hate the truth about guns and local militias. nt TeamPooka Dec 2015 #65
I've seen spittle fly from the mouth of an enraged gun lover over the literal meaning. Rex Dec 2015 #73
"Says nothing about individual rights." EX500rider Dec 2015 #266
No, REx, exactly the opposite. Nitram Dec 2015 #361
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2015 #111
Actually, the 3/5 of a person was a *progressive* and good thing. harrose Dec 2015 #213
Just beacuse it was "progressive" doesn't mean it was right. nt TeamPooka Dec 2015 #414
It was borne of a necessary compromise harrose Dec 2015 #417
Here we go; Rex Dec 2015 #63
Easy - we do NOT want yahoos forming militias! THE Militias were State jmg257 Dec 2015 #80
Too late, we have RWing crazies running around playing pretend soldier. Rex Dec 2015 #85
Totally agree! Yahoos who think they are 'the Militia' as identified in the constitution jmg257 Dec 2015 #90
Thank you! Rex Dec 2015 #94
our Founding Fathers didn't have this in mind ... napkinz Dec 2015 #99
Yeah I fail to see where they muster to. Rex Dec 2015 #169
The constitution actually gives the President ultimate control over state militias. Nitram Dec 2015 #149
Only when called into actual (federal) service. jmg257 Dec 2015 #166
Gun control is too democrats virginia mountainman Dec 2015 #72
I'm sure you'll get over it... ileus Dec 2015 #76
NEVER kpete Dec 2015 #81
You and me both. Pacifist Patriot Dec 2015 #87
The second amendment isn't the problem as much as not follwoing it is. Gore1FL Dec 2015 #78
For years I have been saying that travesty of an amendment has made it... Pacifist Patriot Dec 2015 #84
PacPat, the amendment was designed to limit the use of firearms. Nitram Dec 2015 #152
No, that is not what the amendment was designed for. Pacifist Patriot Dec 2015 #190
Militas were not used only to put down slave rebellions Nitram Dec 2015 #362
Point is, the clauses concerning the right to bear arms... Pacifist Patriot Dec 2015 #371
+100000000000 Initech Dec 2015 #91
I am not for banning guns Marrah_G Dec 2015 #92
States have a National Guard to defend against federal tyranny. Rex Dec 2015 #101
I am still not for banning guns Marrah_G Dec 2015 #105
I never once said we should ban all guns. Rex Dec 2015 #107
I agree Marrah_G Dec 2015 #108
States have a National Guard only until the Feds call them up JustABozoOnThisBus Dec 2015 #174
Wrong Rex. the President is the Commander in Chief of the National Guard. NT Nitram Dec 2015 #363
The interesting thing about rights... Jester Messiah Dec 2015 #102
Interesting. I'm reminded of Franklin's rejoinder to a question posed outside the CC: jonno99 Dec 2015 #123
Amen to that jamzrockz Dec 2015 #150
Actually, they do. MH1 Dec 2015 #300
You're gonna need a lot more fuckless people. Jester Messiah Dec 2015 #320
I own guns OldRedneck Dec 2015 #113
I believe this will change when... abakan Dec 2015 #114
I'm of the opinion this will change when we are finally able to get rid of "mean people" - jonno99 Dec 2015 #145
The NRA are relatively weak compared to the GOA and the SAF, GGJohn Dec 2015 #317
I agree with Scalia SCantiGOP Dec 2015 #116
Sure - as long as those are the only weapons that exist anywhere. Otherwise, no thanks...nt jonno99 Dec 2015 #128
That was my point SCantiGOP Dec 2015 #140
Sounds like we're in agreement then... jonno99 Dec 2015 #141
You got it, jonno SCantiGOP Dec 2015 #168
"...doesn't take into account technology advances of the last 240 years." Like the Internet? friendly_iconoclast Dec 2015 #216
1st amendment still holds up SCantiGOP Dec 2015 #253
All that is mentioned are 'speech' and 'press', nothing else friendly_iconoclast Dec 2015 #256
What is the internet if not speech? nt Nitram Dec 2015 #364
There was a 20 shot semi-automatic musket capable of killing a deer at the time. AtheistCrusader Dec 2015 #262
I assume the ban also applies (I hope) to nuclear weapons? SCantiGOP Dec 2015 #301
Explosives in general are tightly controlled in the US. AtheistCrusader Dec 2015 #302
Thanks for the info, AthiestCrusader SCantiGOP Dec 2015 #328
In another forum MynameisBlarney Dec 2015 #117
Good thing you didn't post those comments here ... JustABozoOnThisBus Dec 2015 #179
LOL MynameisBlarney Dec 2015 #188
Love it! SammyWinstonJack Dec 2015 #352
Thanks! MynameisBlarney Dec 2015 #354
Actually you DO know what is wrong with the United States: slumcamper Dec 2015 #121
It would be nice if it were that easy - unfortuantely it's not...nt jonno99 Dec 2015 #127
Right on....Jim Jeffries says it best... americannightmare Dec 2015 #132
Both amendments assume responsible "self-governance". With that failing, all bets are off. jonno99 Dec 2015 #144
Especially if we have to sleep with one eye open due to gunners trying to grab control. Hoyt Dec 2015 #158
Unfortunately, I have to agree... americannightmare Dec 2015 #345
This message was self-deleted by its author IHateTheGOP Dec 2015 #164
I'm inů. santafe52 Dec 2015 #180
Preach on! The cult of the American gun is as outdated and irrelevant as Sharia law. Raster Dec 2015 #181
I ran out of fucks to give when the children in Sandy Hook were gunned down. n/t me b zola Dec 2015 #194
2A makes america suck. KG Dec 2015 #197
Kpete, you and your source can work for repeal of the Second. If you give a "fuck." Eleanors38 Dec 2015 #233
80% of the people gave a fuck and Congress coward in the corner. Rex Dec 2015 #236
Rex. The country is purchasing firearms in record numbers... Eleanors38 Dec 2015 #241
I have nothing against fire arm owners, I am talking about misunderstanding the 2A. Rex Dec 2015 #243
The misunderstanding is on your part. The Individual RKBA is the Standard Model.. Eleanors38 Dec 2015 #263
No matter how many times you tell people that your interpretation of the 2A is the correct one, Francis Booth Dec 2015 #289
Thanks for showing up to express how sadz you are about me being right. Rex Dec 2015 #292
But you're not right, just obstinate and tedious. Francis Booth Dec 2015 #326
"How few of us..." wrong again. Francis Booth Dec 2015 #329
Those percentages go up & down like tea kettle water... Eleanors38 Dec 2015 #269
I am kicking and rec cing this since you are clearly talking about republicans Rex Dec 2015 #244
Fo Sho! d_legendary1 Dec 2015 #270
I wonder why a few here get so mad when the OP harps on republicans? Rex Dec 2015 #283
I think its more about the gun nuts than it is about the Cons d_legendary1 Dec 2015 #334
More guns here we come! Can we reach half a billion before 2050? Rex Dec 2015 #335
Well we are the world's #1 gun manufacturer d_legendary1 Dec 2015 #338
And the worlds largest military weapons supplier. Rex Dec 2015 #339
True, but I believe foreign manufacturers lead in non-military firearms. Nitram Dec 2015 #367
I don't know who this 'Colorado is the Shiznit' is BKH70041 Dec 2015 #264
"The right to kill"???? cleanhippie Dec 2015 #265
It doesn't matter nothing will change... humbled_opinion Dec 2015 #274
A literal interpretation is closer to what America had in it's early years... De Leonist Dec 2015 #288
EXACTLY x 1,000,000,000,000 flying-skeleton Dec 2015 #290
Since our Conservo 'friends' always harp on 'original intent'- let them have all the black powder JCMach1 Dec 2015 #298
big kick nt restorefreedom Dec 2015 #299
maybe if they used the COMPLETE amendment. WELL REGULATED! pansypoo53219 Dec 2015 #315
I think that's only fair dumbcat Dec 2015 #319
for clarity, it's extinguish not distinguish. passiveporcupine Dec 2015 #324
Perhaps you could give one fuck, then. HassleCat Dec 2015 #337
Not according to our local gun murder apologists SwankyXomb Dec 2015 #372
Same here. Yesterday I suggested someone could put their "right" and their guns where CBGLuthier Dec 2015 #341
So, American's get gunned down by armed terrorists Boudica the Lyoness Dec 2015 #346
Pitch perfect post. Bravo!! pablo_marmol Dec 2015 #349
I didn't ASSume they were white. Boudica the Lyoness Dec 2015 #369
Reread my post. I didn't accuse you of assuming they were white! pablo_marmol Dec 2015 #400
one of the killed was a police officer, a lot of good his gun did him saturnsring Dec 2015 #370
What? You mean something wasn't 100% effective? Lizzie Poppet Dec 2015 #373
it's a long long way from 100% saturnsring Dec 2015 #375
thank you, Boudicca! librechik Dec 2015 #374
Well said. beevul Dec 2015 #384
Let's all be perfectly honest about this for once... world wide wally Dec 2015 #353
I've been done w/freaks & their gunz years ago happynewyear Dec 2015 #401
me, too. It's the same thing over and over and over. CTyankee Dec 2015 #415
Oh, but you respected them before? beevul Dec 2015 #411
Idiot Go Vols Dec 2015 #413
What's that meme called again? romanic Dec 2015 #416
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