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87. I'm not so secure in my person when any damned fool can buy a gun.
Mon Dec 7, 2015, 10:54 PM
Dec 2015

I think the "no-fly" list is bogus too, but so are the airlines. I hate flying.

Automobiles, airplanes, automatic weapons, high explosives, none of that shit existed when the Constitution was written.

The Constitution was a very flawed document from the beginning, allowing white male property owners exceptional privileges while fucking over everyone else, most especially slaves and the people who'd been living in the Americas for thousands of years.

My European Ancestors fled to the lawless U.S.A. wilderness in the eighteenth and nineteenth century escaping European officials who hated pacifists and religious heretics. My very last immigrant ancestor was a mail order bride to the newly established Salt Lake City. The husband in Utah was little better than the husband she left in Scandinavia, and worse, she had to share him with other wives. So she ran away with a third guy, and later married him, establishing a remote homestead where nobody would bother her with religion or politics again.

I'm the child of a matriarchal family where the women hunt and the men farm. Or maybe worse, the men are artist and dreamers. My great grandmas were all fierce, the sort who could kill a bad man and depend upon the county sheriff-coroner to clean up the mess and fill out the proper paperwork. (That's not a good thing.) Pacifists by necessity, not by any natural inclination. Berserkers. Valkyrja.

Modern interpretations of the U.S.A. Constitution are equally flawed, most especially concerning the the mother-fucking-second-amendment and all the morons who worship it and their fucking guns, almost as the word of some demented deity, probably that same gawd who got his jollies penetrating the bodies of human sons and daughters with spears, knives, bullets, shrapnel, and frequently the dicks of his child-raping "holy" men.

I piss on guns. I piss on fundamentalists of any sort, religious or secular.

Every gun lover I've met reminds me of Sean Connery in Zardoz, but never so smart or as good looking.

I hate guns for maybe two reasons. In my family tradition it's acceptable to separate a fool from his guns. Sometimes literal "gun grabbing."

I've witnessed my mom taking guns from family, family friends, and horrifyingly a few times, strangers.

Worse, I've cleaned up gun messes. Replacing carpets. painting over blood in cheap housing with Kilz. My gun stories are all awful. Liberty-and-Justice-For-All had fled, and were washing the shit and piss out of their underwear at the nearest fast food place toilet while I was still trying to figure out what the hell had just happened.

Bam, bam, burrupity, bam bam, it's over. Slow motion is Hollywood fantasy.

As a foolish young man I was out climbing rocks once, alone, without proper safety equipment. I started sliding, flesh was being scraped off of me all over, but I managed to wedge a hand into a crack and halt my slide. It fucking hurt.

Gangster kids show up in the local hospital emergency room shot, screaming it hurts.

Well, duh. Boys and many grown men are weenies.

I don't have any personal experience of guns making a human conflict better, and I've been in some very rough situations where other people have been well armed. In my experience, anecdotal I know, guns tend to turn conflicts that are resolvable into horrible tragedies.

If the San Bernardino "terrorists" had been left to live then their stories would be as stupid as the stories of anyone who thinks guns will solve their stupid problems.

It's called due process. See 5th, 14th amendments. n/t X_Digger Dec 2015 #1
Really, if that were a problem, why can we keep them from flying? CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #4
Flying on a commercial airline isn't a civil right. X_Digger Dec 2015 #7
I'm not so secure in my person when any damned fool can buy a gun. hunter Dec 2015 #87
Can't argue with 'em on this point. It's in the NRA book of answers for Good Guys w/Guns Photographer Dec 2015 #28
So you're in favor of Bush era secret govt lists also? GGJohn Dec 2015 #33
Hot dog filling? Really? Photographer Dec 2015 #35
Interesting. GGJohn Dec 2015 #37
I would have more success discussing Kant with a Koi. Photographer Dec 2015 #40
That.^^ darkangel218 Dec 2015 #51
the question is Duckhunter935 Dec 2015 #2
I am not willing to give up our right to be safe in our environments provided..... CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #14
nice of you to agree to give up rights Duckhunter935 Dec 2015 #19
+1 million !!! darkangel218 Dec 2015 #54
There's that "by assault rifles" again. GGJohn Dec 2015 #20
well when the news and our elected representatives Duckhunter935 Dec 2015 #27
Yep. GGJohn Dec 2015 #29
does not California Duckhunter935 Dec 2015 #31
Yes they do, GGJohn Dec 2015 #34
You're right, it can't stop terrorists who legally buy their AR-15 and high capacity magazines... CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #44
Those 2 AR-15's weren't bought in another state, GGJohn Dec 2015 #46
Good point sanatanadharma Dec 2015 #41
I don't know how many times this has to be explained. GGJohn Dec 2015 #3
I find it interesting that very progessives Senators voted for the bill and.... CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #5
Maybe the cons got something right for a change? GGJohn Dec 2015 #6
Nope the reason you believe they got something right is because... CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #9
Nice rant, GGJohn Dec 2015 #11
Gee, ya caught me, GGJohn Dec 2015 #13
I didn't know the NRA is a civil rights organization. CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #15
I never said it was, notice I listed them seperate? GGJohn Dec 2015 #17
I am simply ridiculing Republican Senators who.... CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #21
Again, the argument from authority. This is wrong, and it remains wrong *whoever* approves of it friendly_iconoclast Dec 2015 #22
Was FDR's approval of the internment of Americans of Japanese descent also acceptable to you? friendly_iconoclast Dec 2015 #23
Surely you are not equating the no fly list with..... CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #56
This message was self-deleted by its author friendly_iconoclast Dec 2015 #62
Due process: ever hear of it? If these people are dangerous, then why are they not in jail? friendly_iconoclast Dec 2015 #63
Dianne Feinstein progressive? GGJohn Dec 2015 #24
Yes, the NRA is a civil rights organization. branford Dec 2015 #38
The NRA are protectors of one interperation of the 2nd Ammendment to the Constitution... CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #49
You can adopt any personal interpretation of the 2A (or anything else) that you wish. branford Dec 2015 #50
From your posts, you are soft on Constitutional rights. Eleanors38 Dec 2015 #8
The Supreme Court has already ruled that the people, through their government,.... CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #10
Yet here you are, supporting Bush era, yes, BUSH era secret govt lists, GGJohn Dec 2015 #12
My postions are not dictated by the ACLU or any other organizations CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #16
Buy assault rifles? GGJohn Dec 2015 #18
Don't display your ignorance - The law banning assault weapons expired in 2004 CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #25
Your ignorance is showing again, GGJohn Dec 2015 #26
No, it didn't actually ban guns. X_Digger Dec 2015 #30
Politicians from both political parties are hypocrites and pander to their constituencies. branford Dec 2015 #32
This message was self-deleted by its author PowerToThePeople Dec 2015 #36
A Pox on Both their Houses Dems to Win Dec 2015 #39
I have one question about "The List" Glassunion Dec 2015 #42
Crickets dumbcat Dec 2015 #47
does not surprise me at all Duckhunter935 Dec 2015 #53
Very good question LittleBlue Dec 2015 #60
Why not just go ahead and toss them in gitmo. ileus Dec 2015 #43
When I posted the OP, I thought it would be fairly non controversial. I forgot about the gun lobby CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #45
When you post mis-information, GGJohn Dec 2015 #48
Read the OP again, I didn't post anything but factual information CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #57
So far you support Bush era secret lists, GGJohn Dec 2015 #61
I also support the positions of President Obama, Mazie Hirono, Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren,...... CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #65
I'm proud to say I support transparency and due process, GGJohn Dec 2015 #67
Really, because that is 2 things the Republicans who agree with you .... CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #75
Again, I support transparency and due process, which is something you don't. GGJohn Dec 2015 #79
Still arguing personalities rather than the merits of the issue. Also, you're *still* not... friendly_iconoclast Dec 2015 #72
well since it is the Bush list Duckhunter935 Dec 2015 #55
Gotta love those lists madville Dec 2015 #58
sickening Duckhunter935 Dec 2015 #59
Bush's lists were an abomination philosslayer Dec 2015 #84
And yet, we have one on this very thread vigorously defending this abomination GGJohn Dec 2015 #86
Ask yourself - why does President Obama support these bills along with.... CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #66
this one I take the side of the ACLU Duckhunter935 Dec 2015 #68
Congratulations-combining the 'argument from authority' and associational fallacies is a rare feat. friendly_iconoclast Dec 2015 #70
You mean using logic I'm sure. CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #71
Nope, you're basically telling us "*These* people support this, therefore you're wrong"... friendly_iconoclast Dec 2015 #73
Quit the BS - anyone can copy from a website CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #76
Repeatedly telling us who likes this and who doesn't as if it mattered is a diversion... friendly_iconoclast Dec 2015 #78
He really is making a fool of himself here isn't he. eom. GGJohn Dec 2015 #82
Most of us learned about the difference between 'plagarism' and 'citation' in high school friendly_iconoclast Dec 2015 #83
Makes on wonder how old he really is and what grade he's in. GGJohn Dec 2015 #85
Sorry, my appoligies, I didn't see the link you provide the first time - my bad. CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #88
Nice rant. GGJohn Dec 2015 #90
Yep, I am and proud of it. I am not owned by the ACLU or any organization CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #92
*cough,cough*...compurgation...ahem. Sometimes, otherwise good people are wrong friendly_iconoclast Dec 2015 #95
"(Y)ou had to go find someone else's thoughts to..." What if those thoughts are also *my* thoughts? friendly_iconoclast Dec 2015 #94
ho hummm CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #96
... GGJohn Dec 2015 #81
And you're still siding with those that would deny due process because............GUNS!!!! GGJohn Dec 2015 #74
That's an easy question. branford Dec 2015 #77
It was brilliant political tactic - it made those Republicans Senators look like fools CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #89
The Repukis may have ulterior motives for voting against it, GGJohn Dec 2015 #91
I don't care about Republican hypocrisy. I already expect it, and don't vote Republican. branford Dec 2015 #93
All's fair in love and politics. CajunBlazer Dec 2015 #97
You are free to keep telling yourself that. branford Dec 2015 #98
.... GGJohn Dec 2015 #80
Kasich has no problem with it. Dawson Leery Dec 2015 #52
Kasich is wrong friendly_iconoclast Dec 2015 #64
yes he is Duckhunter935 Dec 2015 #69
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