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H2O Man

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6. Thank you.
Tue Dec 15, 2015, 01:02 PM
Dec 2015

That story reminds me of a true life experience I had years ago. While it wasn't in a bar, it was close .....

My daughters and their mother used to attend a local church. This was in a tiny hamlet a few miles away. I've never been much for attending "services" in either bars nor churches, but one particular Sunday morning, I attended.

After the service, two men began arguing. Their conflict was becoming rather unpleasant, and it upset all of the kids there. Indeed, four girls were crying. So I went over to the pair of men, and eventually got their attention.

"What do you have when a wise man argues with a fool?," I asked. Within a split second, they were totally ignoring me, attempting to keep their backs to me. Thus, as they turned, I kept stepping around, too, and trying to force eye contact.

Eventually one, who I'll call "Paul" (as it is his name), turned to me and snarled, "I don't know, Pat. What do you get?"

I said, "Two fools."

The pair again turned away from me, and to each other, to argue. But no words came out. Finally, Paul turned towards me, with an angry sneer on his mug.

"Now, that's just something Rubin told me," I explained. "I'm not suggesting either of you are 'wise men.' No offense intended."

Paul laughed. The other gentleman did not. But the fight ceased for the moment.

I had done the work to get that church on the NYS and national historical registers. But it is closed now. I've heard that some of the Amish that have moved into the area are thinking of buying it. That would be a good thing.

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