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11. I remember, however, the idealism of the Boomers. We were going to stop wars and
Tue Dec 15, 2015, 02:30 PM
Dec 2015

move to Peace and Love. We were young then, driving used VW buses (Don't come knockin' if this bus is rockin&quot with peace signs and flowers in our hair. In context, all was well. Education (at least in California) was cheap or free, if you got a college degree you were almost assured of a good job. Healthcare wasn't even on our radar. We had been brought up by the I Like Ike folk to believe all was well, there was plenty, and those who did not have much...well that was their problem. You just had to try harder.

But the Boomers are now in power, and our kids and grand kids have the same sense of entitlement that goes with the majority culture of their time. Now they need an expensive Master's Degree to go into major debt, instead of buying a house. And they Maybe they will get a job, which is why probably the feds will at least supplement K-16 schooling. And everything cultural has been notched up a few decibels.

Not disagreeing with you, but also hoping for the best. I am optimistic that the youth voting for Bernie see that and that this may very well be their time to take charge as a demographic to fight the oligarchy tide.

Mid-Night Essay [View all] H2O Man Dec 2015 OP
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I remember, however, the idealism of the Boomers. We were going to stop wars and libdem4life Dec 2015 #11
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