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15. SCOTUS would be awesome.
Fri Dec 18, 2015, 07:45 PM
Dec 2015

And I voted for that ... but its possible he'll focus on inner city problems. As President, he really could not touch problems that proportionally impact African Americans harder than other groups.

But when he's out of office, he'd be able to do so, and do so with great effect.

He'll be remembered as having been an outstanding President, for all the whining from parts of the left, and the racist BS from the right. The reality is, he stopped the economic crash that was going to match the Great Depression.

He's also rather young. So I suspect he'll stay very active. Michelle too. And hey, perhaps he'll start with some foundation work to improve the lives of struggling Americans, and THEN head off to the SCOTUS.

He's a multi-tasker ... he could do multiple things on this list, easily!!!

Earning a shitload from people he's networked with - like Clinton. polichick Dec 2015 #1
That's kinda where I was going with the Wall Street answer Algernon Moncrieff Dec 2015 #4
ayup. nt restorefreedom Dec 2015 #17
organizing some community or another I'm sure . . .n/t annabanana Dec 2015 #2
I've thought about that Algernon Moncrieff Dec 2015 #7
Trying to break into the DNC database Lochloosa Dec 2015 #3
I think he's going to forget what the DNC is about 5 minutes after he and Michelle leave town Algernon Moncrieff Dec 2015 #5
Counting his millions bigwillq Dec 2015 #6
If he still has his knees, he should play Algernon Moncrieff Dec 2015 #8
Renting Jetskis to tourists in Hawaii NightWatcher Dec 2015 #9
I was a little surprised that he didn't put the Obama library there Algernon Moncrieff Dec 2015 #10
Most folks can barely afford to go to Chicago bigwillq Dec 2015 #11
Oh no doubt it will get more visits in Chicago Algernon Moncrieff Dec 2015 #12
Relaxing, writing, attending sports games, lovemydog Dec 2015 #13
He'll be a younger ex-President like Clinton and Carter Algernon Moncrieff Dec 2015 #14
Foundation ... then SCOTUS. :-) JoePhilly Dec 2015 #16
He'll be a liberal activist ex-president, like Carter and Clinton. Hortensis Dec 2015 #35
SCOTUS would be awesome. JoePhilly Dec 2015 #15
Let's say a Democrat is elected and Obama is agreeable - he could be on the bench for 30 years Algernon Moncrieff Dec 2015 #18
I think he'll concentrate on family for the first year out of office. MerryBlooms Dec 2015 #19
I believe Malia starts college this fall Algernon Moncrieff Dec 2015 #20
You know, I bet all four are just wanting to be done. MerryBlooms Dec 2015 #21
Jokingly voted Commissioner of the NCAA TexasMommaWithAHat Dec 2015 #22
Commentator on FOX Gormy Cuss Dec 2015 #23
He'll write more books, Snobblevitch Dec 2015 #24
Vacationing in Alaska, of course. Blue_In_AK Dec 2015 #25
Beer, salmon Algernon Moncrieff Dec 2015 #27
Why can't he have a successful domestic political career afterward? frizzled Dec 2015 #26
Where's the "Who Cares?" option? cherokeeprogressive Dec 2015 #28
Bwah bigwillq Dec 2015 #34
I'd love to see him teach again Chitown Kev Dec 2015 #29
He's teaching now... YvonneCa Dec 2015 #31
As long as it's not painting, we're good. briv1016 Dec 2015 #30
Working to help Democrats retake the White House... Chan790 Dec 2015 #32
...... bigwillq Dec 2015 #33
Fixing to start madokie Dec 2015 #36
I don't know, but I'm sure it will involve sighs of relief. Vinca Dec 2015 #37
UN or World Bank kentuck Dec 2015 #38
Smoking pot on a Hawaiian beach. . B Calm Dec 2015 #39
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