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39. the odds are really stacked against this baby
Fri Dec 25, 2015, 12:30 PM
Dec 2015

Although others from depraved families have been able to become responsible members of society. ..here's hoping.

"Our family couldn't be more complete" ProudToBeBlueInRhody Dec 2015 #1
A sideways message for babydaddy, no doubt elehhhhna Dec 2015 #3
I think so too. Tipperary Dec 2015 #26
They were referring to "the blacks!" Dustlawyer Dec 2015 #4
That slacker Mary only had *one* virgin birth. LeftyMom Dec 2015 #2
I think you win the Internets today. nt msanthrope Dec 2015 #22
"Slacker" Ilsa Dec 2015 #32
... onehandle Dec 2015 #5
That's a particularly ugly pic meme for Christmas Bonx Dec 2015 #7
It's exactly what is being said by right-wingers/Hillary haters. onehandle Dec 2015 #9
It is ugly and I don't agree with the language but exboyfil Dec 2015 #23
You don't spend any time on Facebook do you? Boomerproud Dec 2015 #47
Agreed.. whathehell Dec 2015 #52
Wow... unrec. n/t demmiblue Dec 2015 #24
That's great! Thank you! Unrepentant Fenian Dec 2015 #54
cough... cough ... third ... cough... PSPS Dec 2015 #6
+1 area51 Dec 2015 #11
+ underpants Dec 2015 #19
I Guess I Have a Filthy Mind Luke Notyourfather Dec 2015 #38
she and her husband could go to Kentucky n spend xmas with Kim Davis nt msongs Dec 2015 #8
Psst. There's no husband. vanlassie Dec 2015 #13
Congratulations. Best wishes. 840high Dec 2015 #10
Sailor Grace, Sailor Grace... Sailor Grace? Sen. Walter Sobchak Dec 2015 #12
Could have been worse . . . hatrack Dec 2015 #17
Or Popeye the Sailor SummerSnow Dec 2015 #46
Wasn't the father in the Navy? Generic Other Dec 2015 #50
Everyone always forgets about the Coast Guard JHB Dec 2015 #63
F Troop Generic Other Dec 2015 #64
Reminds me of a song from 1961 safeinOhio Dec 2015 #14
For those that don't remember safeinOhio Dec 2015 #15
The name madaboutharry Dec 2015 #16
And here I thought rjsquirrel Dec 2015 #18
Sarah Palin Bans Muslims from Entering Bristol Palin Katashi_itto Dec 2015 #20
I think we on this board should avoid reposting something like this...it disrespects CTyankee Dec 2015 #31
Name reminds me of "The sailor who fell from grace with the sea," Tanuki Dec 2015 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author Hekate Dec 2015 #42
I doubt Bristol and her boy toys watch anything so heady ProudToBeBlueInRhody Dec 2015 #59
Bristol should visit Planned Parenthood for contraceptive advice. Vinca Dec 2015 #25
"Our family couldn't be more complete," she wrote left-of-center2012 Dec 2015 #27
If at first you don't succeed... Yavin4 Dec 2015 #29
Will she refund the money she got? left-of-center2012 Dec 2015 #45
Imagine how many kids she'd have if she wasn't preaching abstinence! n/t Yavin4 Dec 2015 #28
Maybe she'll be too busy Ilsa Dec 2015 #44
Modified history: "Ma, Ma, where's my Pa?!1" n/t UTUSN Dec 2015 #30
"Sailor"? Ilsa Dec 2015 #33
I think it's kind of cute for a little girl. I wouldn't consider it but I like the fact that it CTyankee Dec 2015 #34
The only reason I'm not hating it Ilsa Dec 2015 #35
Yes, they are equal in the navy (altho I'm not sure how perfectly that is). CTyankee Dec 2015 #37
Merry Christmas! Ilsa Dec 2015 #43
It's Ok the alleged father was a Medal of Honor winner doc03 Dec 2015 #36
the odds are really stacked against this baby joeybee12 Dec 2015 #39
Heck, Ron Reagan even had the good sense to become a lefty and talk well of Bernie :) JonLeibowitz Dec 2015 #51
unfortunately he still defends his father's actions joeybee12 Dec 2015 #62
Sailor Grace.... catnhatnh Dec 2015 #40
I thought of that, too. LuvNewcastle Dec 2015 #55
Good luck, little baby. Compassion is needed. nt Hekate Dec 2015 #41
I really like the name. nt leftyladyfrommo Dec 2015 #48
Maybe she should have named the baby Hello Sailor Monk06 Dec 2015 #49
It makes me appreciate Bristol Bay, though. Lizzie Poppet Dec 2015 #65
Well mommy did say drill, drill, drill Monk06 Dec 2015 #66
Poor baby. GeorgeGist Dec 2015 #53
I won't chime in to make fun of a mother and her baby. cwydro Dec 2015 #56
Well said. nt Quackers Dec 2015 #57
"Bristol's got nothing to do with Sarah Palin" ProudToBeBlueInRhody Dec 2015 #58
It's disappointing to see how much hate madville Dec 2015 #60
Sorry, cwydro, Can't Agree ProfessorGAC Dec 2015 #67
The wealthy write their own excuses... Orsino Dec 2015 #61
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