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76. I think that will be one of my new year's resolutions, to quit buying beer.
Sat Dec 26, 2015, 03:56 PM
Dec 2015

Some of the beers I've been brewing these last few weeks are turning out pretty well...

Maybe we should just grow it in our back yards instead. Chemisse Dec 2015 #1
People want quality pot, and they want it quickly FrodosPet Dec 2015 #6
Greenhouses. briv1016 Dec 2015 #40
More solar and wind, it's the future! Dustlawyer Dec 2015 #57
Obviously you need to do a little studying sorefeet Dec 2015 #53
I disagree. panader0 Dec 2015 #59
Once I saw some marijuana plants growing on a NYC rooftop. eom LiberalElite Dec 2015 #21
And there there was Toledo! FrodosPet Dec 2015 #44
How much engery does it take to make coors beer? awake Dec 2015 #2
Whatever it is FrodosPet Dec 2015 #7
How does Coors engery use compair to pot growing awake Dec 2015 #11
I'm just posting an existing article... FrodosPet Dec 2015 #14
Just the energy to make even cheaper beers ... L. Coyote Dec 2015 #48
I think that will be one of my new year's resolutions, to quit buying beer. hunter Dec 2015 #76
Isn't that special? 99Forever Dec 2015 #3
Christmas lights... good or bad? FrodosPet Dec 2015 #13
Christmas Lights Bad - No Utility - Silly Human Tradition - Driven By Sillier Human Holiday cantbeserious Dec 2015 #16
Then don't use them, but others, such as myself, like and do use them GGJohn Dec 2015 #18
Then - Some Like One - Are Contributing To Global Climate Change - Enough Said cantbeserious Dec 2015 #29
Does your computer run on hopes and dreams? ForgoTheConsequence Dec 2015 #30
Oooooo, buuurn, from which the burned cannot return!!!1!! ChisolmTrailDem Dec 2015 #32
That's also very special. 99Forever Dec 2015 #54
Wow! The point just sailed right past you! FrodosPet Dec 2015 #61
I'm not the one throwing hippie punches, you are. 99Forever Dec 2015 #62
May I recommend lighting up a chonger, FrodosPet Dec 2015 #63
Oh good grief. 99Forever Dec 2015 #64
Who is offended? FrodosPet Dec 2015 #65
You know jack about me. 99Forever Dec 2015 #66
The sun is setting in the sky FrodosPet Dec 2015 #68
So grow it outside. RichVRichV Dec 2015 #4
Should we pass a law requiring marijuana to be grown without electricity? FrodosPet Dec 2015 #15
In 30 Years It Will Not Matter cantbeserious Dec 2015 #17
Just legalize it across the country and get rid of the growing restrictions. RichVRichV Dec 2015 #19
the cannabis plant can grow perfectly well outdoors without using any electricity at all 0rganism Dec 2015 #5
Mold, fungi, deer, rabbits, uncontrolled pollination from inferior strains, light fingered neighbors FrodosPet Dec 2015 #24
How much energy does it take to distill booze? Or to post on DU? Warren DeMontague Dec 2015 #8
Yes they do go together well FrodosPet Dec 2015 #25
You... JackInGreen Dec 2015 #9
Got any videos? FrodosPet Dec 2015 #26
That's nuthin'. moondust Dec 2015 #10
Do they use led lighting or hid? JeffHead Dec 2015 #12
I just asked that a week ago. Gregorian Dec 2015 #22
It's true, but the problem is how we generate electricity. Gregorian Dec 2015 #20
Renewable energy is one of my major passions FrodosPet Dec 2015 #27
Hydrocarbons are private property, owned by someone or some nation, wind and sun are free to all L. Coyote Dec 2015 #50
I had never thought about it that way. Thanks! Gregorian Dec 2015 #72
Did you ever see the movie "Saving Grace" TexasProgresive Dec 2015 #23
I have not seen it FrodosPet Dec 2015 #28
That is a great movie Kalidurga Dec 2015 #34
It's not like they are smelting bauxite Paulie Dec 2015 #31
nice observation-- librechik Dec 2015 #52
I can almost guarantee that the energy used by a single plant cheapdate Dec 2015 #33
40000 homes can be powered by one giant wind turbine pbmus Dec 2015 #35
Organic outdoor grown herb is soooo much better. Zorra Dec 2015 #36
Let's convert the Dead Trees for Jesus industry into weed farms, double solution L. Coyote Dec 2015 #49
Pshaw rjsquirrel Dec 2015 #78
Yeah because me quitting would help save the world Politicalboi Dec 2015 #37
How much energy do all the distilleries consume? Good grief; why is everything a zero-sum game? Hekate Dec 2015 #38
This was more proving a point FrodosPet Dec 2015 #41
Or water for wineries. Gregorian Dec 2015 #73
It's when I read crap like this .. Trajan Dec 2015 #39
I am sorry about your myopia FrodosPet Dec 2015 #42
Does pot growth use more electricity than Christmas decorations? JustABozoOnThisBus Dec 2015 #43
I thought that was the New Year's Day tradition FrodosPet Dec 2015 #46
Usually, yes, but to help the Earth to sustain marijuana growth ... JustABozoOnThisBus Dec 2015 #67
Christmas decorations use more power than some nations use all year. L. Coyote Dec 2015 #47
Yes, I was sort of referring to that other thread JustABozoOnThisBus Dec 2015 #69
Lighting Las Vegas L. Coyote Dec 2015 #82
Simple solution, legalize farming weed. L. Coyote Dec 2015 #45
combine with solar technology--I thnk I'll get on the horn & see what I can do librechik Dec 2015 #51
Do they have to put enough lights on sorefeet Dec 2015 #55
easy solution...certify natural sunlight grown....little emblem, like the organic stuff dembotoz Dec 2015 #56
And produced a useful, marketable, taxable product. tabasco Dec 2015 #58
That sounds like a great idea! Greenhouses, not grow houses! FrodosPet Dec 2015 #70
My local electrical distribution coop recognized this early on randr Dec 2015 #60
I imagine people smoking pot don't do silly things like driving automobiles so much. hunter Dec 2015 #71
You nailed it in your subject line. Gregorian Dec 2015 #74
Colorado is not an ideal location. Warren Stupidity Dec 2015 #75
The OP stated as a reaction to the Christmas lights are evil OP in LBN FrodosPet Dec 2015 #81
Yeah so? rjsquirrel Dec 2015 #77
People babbling on the internet about other people use energy FrodosPet Dec 2015 #80
Nothing can ever come close to the U.S. Military when it comes to energy usage. nt valerief Dec 2015 #79
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