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Sun Feb 14, 2016, 06:01 PM Feb 2016

DU Poll on World Population [View all]

30 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Way too many people
22 (73%)
Some too many people
0 (0%)
About right
0 (0%)
We can have a good bit more
4 (13%)
We can have a whole lot more
1 (3%)
9 kids is just too fucking many
3 (10%)
On Edit - by suggestion - I do not think about it
0 (0%)
On Edit - by suggestion - You are disgusting
0 (0%)
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DU Poll on World Population [View all] SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 OP
Finite World - With Finite Resources - Better With Fewer Consumers cantbeserious Feb 2016 #1
2 DU members did not wish to select any of the options provided SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #2
"the world" isn't a unit. Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #4
Make that three Warpy Feb 2016 #12
Thanks SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #15
+1 excellent post... AOR Feb 2016 #24
Conversations on population are generally a waste of time, here. Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #3
Thanks for the thoughtful post SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #5
Agreed Travis_0004 Feb 2016 #6
not sure about this part SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #7
Obviously the planet is a single entity. But population growth doesn't behave like one. Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #34
The world is not a single unit? Really??? hunter Feb 2016 #42
Again, a waste of fucking time. "The world is so a single unit!" Derp Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #43
No problem here Kilgore Feb 2016 #8
Yep - What happens in the rest of the world never touches some places. SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #10
So what exactly would you like to do about it? Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #35
The whole point is a joke about Scalia having 9 fucking kids SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #37
I'm pro choice. The problem with that guy was that he was not. Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #38
That question can't be answered until the ownership and distribution of resources is addressed. rug Feb 2016 #9
nice post SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #11
Really? What if the question were, MH1 Feb 2016 #13
Yes I would. rug Feb 2016 #17
So, it isn't obvious that 10 trillion people are too many, MH1 Feb 2016 #19
10 trillion can be considered a very big number SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #21
Not necessarily. rug Feb 2016 #22
Wow, seriously? Do you think the biosphere could support that many, MH1 Feb 2016 #26
What influence do you think human activities have on the biosphere? rug Feb 2016 #29
Well said... AOR Feb 2016 #31
Nope, Malthus was not the last. But your argument is absurd. Resources are finite. MH1 Feb 2016 #45
I won't give you a FB but I'll give you a F' in fact. Or three. rug Feb 2016 #49
Corporations are run by human beings. (No they are not "people" MH1 Feb 2016 #52
And not for human beings. They are run for private profit. (No, profit is not "people".) rug Feb 2016 #53
So what is the plan to get to that ideal economic system? nt MH1 Feb 2016 #59
By the way, I withdraw my thinking that you and I are close on any topic. MH1 Feb 2016 #46
Thank god. rug Feb 2016 #50
Yes, best for all concerned. MH1 Feb 2016 #51
+1 AOR Feb 2016 #25
I'm not sure that the problem is "way too many people", honestly. Spider Jerusalem Feb 2016 #14
Yes - but that paints the USA in a bad light SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #20
A resource utilization problem is different than a population one. Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #36
I have explored "wild areas" all across America. SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #39
I am not disputing that Warren DeMontague Feb 2016 #40
Agree SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #41
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many people. GliderGuider Feb 2016 #16
Many Thanks SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #18
Malthus and his debunked nonsense were a stain on human history... AOR Feb 2016 #30
but still... SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #33
Of course you are correct. MH1 Feb 2016 #47
There are too many damn people in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! rug Feb 2016 #44
Oh, bullshit. The capitalists want as many destitute people as possible as fodder for their MH1 Feb 2016 #48
How would Social Security be maintained ? philosslayer Feb 2016 #58
That is where tweaking the economic system comes in. MH1 Feb 2016 #64
The bullshit belongs to you... AOR Feb 2016 #60
My argument is much more nuanced than you give me credit for. MH1 Feb 2016 #66
There is no provable evidence of a "population bomb" on the horizon... AOR Feb 2016 #68
Civilization is the resource concentration mechanism The2ndWheel Feb 2016 #70
Usually take a glance at posting history before responding to this kind of post... AOR Feb 2016 #71
Everyone comes from their own place The2ndWheel Feb 2016 #72
+1 nt GliderGuider Feb 2016 #74
Thank you for that yourpaljoey Feb 2016 #32
There is just about the right number of people Blue_In_AK Feb 2016 #23
Too many Duggars, not enough vasectomies. nt valerief Feb 2016 #27
My favorite reply SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #28
7.5 billion people can live on this earth sustainably, happily and comfortably. We simply need to Dont call me Shirley Feb 2016 #54
You are probably right Quixote1818 Feb 2016 #61
We can slo minimize our dependence on wood using hemp, bamboo and probably many other Dont call me Shirley Feb 2016 #65
So, if the planet is overpopulated, MineralMan Feb 2016 #55
One child and I can be ok with people that have two - three is out SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #56
And you? How many children? MineralMan Feb 2016 #57
thank you SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #62
The no-brainer answer is to provide easy access to control one's own reproduction. MH1 Feb 2016 #63
We really don't have the Mega Cities like they do in Asia yuiyoshida Feb 2016 #67
bump for the night SoLeftIAmRight Feb 2016 #69
There is an easy and quite simple solution that can be implemented to address this issue. Glassunion Feb 2016 #73
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