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18. Given
Thu Mar 10, 2016, 08:28 PM
Mar 2016

that there was someone who is "anti-choice/pro-life", I didn't want to be hostile. Somehow, we have to share the planet.

If someone who is pro-life makes it his or her life's work to match up pregnant women to loving want-to-be parents, I respect that. Especially if the pregnant woman is pro-life, but isn't in a position to raise the child.

If someone who is pro-life makes it his or her life's work to secure birth control and family planning education for our nation's young people, because s/he understands that there is a direct correlation between increased sex education and reduced abortion rates, I respect that.

If a pro-life person can "hate the sin but not the sinner", and choose not to harrass women who have abortions, but reach out to help those who don't want one, I respect that.

There are positive ways to be pro-life. And there are some pro-choice people who hate abortion. They just aren't going to take away a woman's right to choose it.

It's not so black and white. I reserve my "hate" for those who can't see any way but their way, and are going to shame, legislate and coerce women into bad situations, especially where they look for illegal and dangerous means to end their pregnancies.

I've had two abortions, and I defend any woman's right to choose. I am pro-abortion and think it should be the first choice for anyone under 18, or in college, or jobless. But that's just me.

What was it that Margaret Sanger said? PatrickforO Mar 2016 #1
I am a human being, and what you do with your body is none of my business, no matter Jackie Wilson Said Mar 2016 #2
we won the right to vote, mountain grammy Mar 2016 #3
I have a sneaky feeling... qwlauren35 Mar 2016 #4
I think you are probably right. ScreamingMeemie Mar 2016 #7
I am pro choice and feel every woman bigwillq Mar 2016 #8
High priority qwlauren35 Mar 2016 #9
1. Yes, I do that bigwillq Mar 2016 #10
Other things. qwlauren35 Mar 2016 #13
I have daughters rurallib Mar 2016 #5
pro Choice all the way. lunatica Mar 2016 #6
Yes. (n/t) Iggo Mar 2016 #11
Pro-choice, who supports abortion and a woman's right to make her own medical decisions Solly Mack Mar 2016 #12
I'm a man, I'm pro-choice and abortion rights are a high priority for me Omaha Steve Mar 2016 #14
I object to the question's use of "pro-life" in place of "anti-abortion." n/t eShirl Mar 2016 #15
I prefer "anti-choice," in fact Orrex Mar 2016 #17
Given qwlauren35 Mar 2016 #18
100% pro-choice, and this is a very high-priority issue for me Orrex Mar 2016 #16
Abortion rights are very high priority to me. Chan790 Mar 2016 #19
I had thought about that qwlauren35 Mar 2016 #20
I think so too, to some extent. Chan790 Mar 2016 #22
I'd like to change your mind. qwlauren35 Mar 2016 #23
Denying women control over their own bodies is step 1 in "restoring" women's place in Man's world Dont call me Shirley Mar 2016 #21
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