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Mon Mar 21, 2016, 09:16 AM Mar 2016

DNC head challenged by faith leaders over exploitative payday lending [View all]

Several Cooperative Baptist Fellowship ministers were among 36 faith leaders sending an open letter March 17 taking the chair of the Democratic National Committee to task for resisting attempts by the Obama administration to rein in abuses in payday lending.

The clergy asked Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) to support rules being drafted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to crack down on abusive payday lending.

“The Bible expressly forbids excessive interest and warns us not to ‘exploit the poor because they are poor’ (Proverbs 22:22),” the faith leaders said. “With its average 400 percent interest rate, payday lending is the very definition of exploitation.”

The clergy said exploiting the poor is “the very business model” of payday lending, in which money is made by lending amounts that a borrower cannot pay back in time unless they take out another loan, and then another, and so forth.

“Each loan comes with an astronomical interest rate that eats an ever‐bigger hole in the borrower’s budget,” they said. “We call this the debt trap. It is intentional. It is not moral. It should not be legal.”



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Good to see Debbie DINO being dragged out into the sunlight, after watching her operate as djean111 Mar 2016 #1
Cockroaches abhor sunlight. But, she wants that money. Keep it or not, it is now a campaign NCjack Mar 2016 #12
Their first mistake tazkcmo Mar 2016 #2
Money trumps faith. Religious leaders are waisting their time, unless they triple the legal bribes! TheBlackAdder Mar 2016 #29
not sure if I'd use that word though PatrynXX Mar 2016 #67
I'm sorry but this does not bode well hereforthevoting Mar 2016 #3
I'm not entirely sure what you are saying here tkmorris Mar 2016 #8
People have blinders on and the most damning evidence wont change that hereforthevoting Mar 2016 #9
more like too little too late MidwestTech Mar 2016 #37
Hey, hey, ho, ho. DINO Debbie's got to go! Scuba Mar 2016 #4
Hey, ho yes! 840high Mar 2016 #75
This the same grouip supporting open carry in Churchs.... geeez Cryptoad Mar 2016 #5
So by attacking the group, you are supporting Schultz's position on payday loans? BillZBubb Mar 2016 #6
I didn't say that abt supporting anybody Cryptoad Mar 2016 #10
You must have a weird concept of logic then. BillZBubb Mar 2016 #13
Logic? Cryptoad Mar 2016 #17
Clearly you don't have a good grasp of basic logic. Either that or you do support payday loans. BillZBubb Mar 2016 #19
u must be having a hard time understanding Cryptoad Mar 2016 #22
Geez, give it a rest. You've lost. Quit embarrassing yourself. BillZBubb Mar 2016 #25
u seem to be the one having a problem giving a rest Cryptoad Mar 2016 #28
There are plenty of other sources on this, but you are too lazy or disinterested to investigate. BillZBubb Mar 2016 #33
once again Cryptoad Mar 2016 #36
Bringing the veracity of the group confronting DWS is simply veiled opinion in itself. Plucketeer Mar 2016 #47
this is really not that hard Cryptoad Mar 2016 #53
how about these folks? DonCoquixote Mar 2016 #59
Geez,,,, Cryptoad Mar 2016 #60
the point is DonCoquixote Mar 2016 #64
I didn't say anything about Debbie, ,,,,,,, Cryptoad Mar 2016 #65
That's the problem. noamnety Mar 2016 #80
It seems to be challenging for you. Plucketeer Mar 2016 #81
no not at all challenging Cryptoad Mar 2016 #82
LOL! Plucketeer Mar 2016 #86
sig line seems to fit right in with Cryptoad Mar 2016 #88
Of course Plucketeer Mar 2016 #90
ur pretty smart Cryptoad Mar 2016 #91
If you dont by yourself appreciate how offensive you line of argument is - then at least take notice Jemmons Mar 2016 #98
I do know how to Plucketeer Mar 2016 #106
Fact is, Wasserman-Schultz is protecting predatory lenders Scootaloo Mar 2016 #107
You're not fooling anyone... Human101948 Mar 2016 #111
The poster you're talking to is lying about one of two things: beerandjesus Mar 2016 #120
The source does not support open carry in churches. beerandjesus Mar 2016 #119
I read more critically than some........ Cryptoad Mar 2016 #122
If "not reading at all" equals "reading more critically then some" beerandjesus Mar 2016 #123
Speaking of, here's an excerpt from an opinion piece from those right-wing extremists: beerandjesus Mar 2016 #124
I find that party loyalists rarely actually *support* anything, as such. Marr Mar 2016 #30
That appears to be the case here. BillZBubb Mar 2016 #31
You hit the nail on the head. Brother_Love Mar 2016 #56
Yup. There's also the entire DU post history here closeupready Mar 2016 #57
The source is literally The Bible astrophuss42 Mar 2016 #27
No the source in question is Cryptoad Mar 2016 #32
Clearly, you have no concept of a Payday Loan. Mosgt don't need a website libdem4life Mar 2016 #54
The group happens to be right about the business Ilsa Mar 2016 #110
(glad you are here) annabanana Mar 2016 #23
Yes, logic. Marr Mar 2016 #26
NO I was only stating Cryptoad Mar 2016 #34
You weren't questioning some esoteric piece of data. Marr Mar 2016 #45
I dismissed nothing, Cryptoad Mar 2016 #89
LOL Act_of_Reparation Mar 2016 #121
Signatories include that noted right-winger, William Barber. beerandjesus Mar 2016 #35
Have u read their web site? Cryptoad Mar 2016 #38
I've been browsing it for the past half hour... beerandjesus Mar 2016 #41
Yes I read the website Cryptoad Mar 2016 #44
OK then! Plucketeer Mar 2016 #48
I never said,,, Cryptoad Mar 2016 #51
So typical that you won't commit. No wonder you like Clinton. Seems to me you don't rhett o rick Mar 2016 #62
I do know better than to Cryptoad Mar 2016 #63
That isn't the issue discussed in the OP. But here is another case where you won't commit to rhett o rick Mar 2016 #69
I wasn't discussing anyting Cryptoad Mar 2016 #70
I have found the same situation with most major issues. Clinton supporters won't rhett o rick Mar 2016 #71
tick, tick, tick Cryptoad Mar 2016 #72
Tick, tick, tick, until the People throw the Rich and Powerful out of our politics. It won't be rhett o rick Mar 2016 #77
u r so smart Cryptoad Mar 2016 #78
I will be glad to tell you. I am on the front lines. I have family that lost their home. You must rhett o rick Mar 2016 #83
Please - put an end to it ciaobaby Mar 2016 #84
Welll since u ask nice Cryptoad Mar 2016 #85
Just so there's no ambiguity here, BNG does not support guns in churches, as the other poster claims beerandjesus Mar 2016 #125
They've decided that the ends justify their means. They are following the behavior of the wealthy rhett o rick Mar 2016 #127
Hypocritical for the 'Church A Day' candidate who is endorsed by the 'Loan A Day' Chairwoman..... Bluenorthwest Mar 2016 #112
So you support the loan sharks stealing from the poor? rhetorical. It's all about exploitation rhett o rick Mar 2016 #61
aND YOUR POINT? 840high Mar 2016 #76
my point is my opinion that Cryptoad Mar 2016 #93
I can find no evidence that BaptistNews.org has taken a position on open carry... markpkessinger Mar 2016 #104
I'm actually pretty impressed with how progressive that site is... beerandjesus Mar 2016 #126
Nice Ad Hominem. Odin2005 Mar 2016 #92
Just explaining my opinion Cryptoad Mar 2016 #94
No it isn't. the CBF supports nomsuch thing. I know because I helped found the group. rateyes Mar 2016 #99
Well, DWS has managed to do one thing I haven't seen before. Baitball Blogger Mar 2016 #7
+10000 hereforthevoting Mar 2016 #11
This election cycle sure will have a lot of books written about it. LiberalArkie Mar 2016 #15
This may be the black part of the Baptist Church. If that is jwirr Mar 2016 #40
She has apparently supported repukes in Florida on legislation Left Coast2020 Mar 2016 #101
Has Hillary told her to dump that money and get right with "help the poor" HRC campaign? /nt NCjack Mar 2016 #14
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Mar 2016 #16
The BIBLE says this? Is THAT why it is wrong. pangaia Mar 2016 #18
Well, this is a church source. annabanana Mar 2016 #21
it's actually condemned in a few places... my Fav is Jesus and the Temple MidwestTech Mar 2016 #39
as well they SHOULD be. . . . n/t annabanana Mar 2016 #20
So there you have it.. mountain grammy Mar 2016 #24
Maybe Little Debbie should switch taking money from payday lenders and get it from SoapBox Mar 2016 #42
DWS is the very anti-essence of the D party. Can her. Dont call me Shirley Mar 2016 #43
Unfortunately, she's the essence of what it's become. Fuddnik Mar 2016 #66
So much truth in this. Dr. Strange Mar 2016 #74
Well, usury is what, anything over 1%? raouldukelives Mar 2016 #46
Is there no limit to where some on DU will delve to find dirt against OUR party? George II Mar 2016 #49
None! Absolutely no Limit! n/t n2doc Mar 2016 #50
Obviously you didn't objectively read the article or look into the laws that are already..... George II Mar 2016 #114
Objective is subjective n2doc Mar 2016 #118
It would help if she stopped doing such shady and unethical shit... TipTok Mar 2016 #52
Read post #114, and its obvious you're taking this "issue" to slam everything she's done.... George II Mar 2016 #115
Dirty.. unethical... Abuse of a trusted position... TipTok Mar 2016 #117
So, you support her position on this? nt awoke_in_2003 Mar 2016 #58
Do you know "her position on this"? If so, what is it. Sadly people see that name and... George II Mar 2016 #116
Yes awoke_in_2003 Mar 2016 #128
If she is supporting this, yes, she needs to be called on it. AngryOldDem Mar 2016 #113
I sense religious engineering in the future MisterP Mar 2016 #55
GOod reason to send Tim C some money Ferd Berfel Mar 2016 #68
I don't give a rip about "faith leaders," but I'm an atheist against usury. CharlotteVale Mar 2016 #73
k&r... spanone Mar 2016 #79
I've often said that payday loan vendors are the demon spawn of Satan. Initech Mar 2016 #87
I got a resolution into the Erath County Convention ashling Mar 2016 #95
religious leaders complaining about people being fleeced of their money Skittles Mar 2016 #96
Religious people with morals....refreshing! blackspade Mar 2016 #97
But to DINO Debbie.... Left Coast2020 Mar 2016 #100
DNC needs to be challenged on their support for sending jobs to exploitative Asian nations as well whereisjustice Mar 2016 #102
TimCanova.com corbettkroehler Mar 2016 #103
Ok -I gave. Keeping reading how DWS isn't sharing database. She's so corrupt! snowy owl Mar 2016 #105
. libodem Mar 2016 #108
DINO-Debbie is vile by any faith's standards. She must go NOW. Betty Karlson Mar 2016 #109
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