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Wed Apr 13, 2016, 11:19 AM Apr 2016

I'm 55 Yrs Old, Middle-Class White Male, Retired Military...and I'm pi$$ed as hell [View all]

I’ve heard and read a lot about the “angry middle class white male” voter lately. Well, let me tell you that I fit that description.

I’m so “blanking” pissed I can’t see straight!

I’m angry that white middle class males support a Republican Party that has done nothing but shatter their lives, send their kids off to endless war, wrecked their labor rights, screwed their wages and told their mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and granddaughters that “they aren’t smart enough and emotionally secure enough” to control their own health care.

- I’m pissed that they put Ronald Reagan into office twice, believing that it was “their” social safety net and economic protections, and NOT the profits of the 1% that had become bloated and ineffective.

- I’m pissed that they have declared their enemy to be the fire-fighter who lives down the street, the teacher who teaches their kids, or the government Financial Management Analyst that coaches their kids little league baseball team, simply because those “Americans” have a decent pension and benefits package. I’m extremely ticked-off that they don’t ask instead…WHY DO MY BENEFITS AND RETIREMENT PLANS SUCK SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!

- I’m perturbed that they don’t realize that 400 years of slavery, followed by 150 years of “State-Sanctioned” racism and discrimination…in housing…in employment…in education…in law enforcement…in voting…in mobility…might, JUST MIGHT, have something to do with some folks being mired in abject poverty.

- I’m fucking apocalyptic that the White Middle Class watched 5 and 6 year old kids get their fucking brains blown out and their torsos blown in half by military grade weapons and ammunition magazines, and allowed some LaPierre asshat to convince them that we couldn’t do ONE reasonable fucking thing to make this mass-murder shit a little harder to carry out. That’s all we were asking…let’s just make killing massive amounts of people just a little bit harder. Instead they listened to this ass-pickle from the NRA, who they KNOW in their heart of hearts, would be the first prick to turn tail and run in a barfight.

- I’m pissed that they’ve given away just about all the labor rights and social justice progress that their forefathers fought and died for, without so much as a whimper.

- I’m beyond angry that they believed a guy with five Vietnam Era deferments and a guy that spent the war defending the Floribama Bar, were better suited to defend this country, or understand the sacrifices asked of our military, than the guy that did “back-to-back” Riverine tours in Nam with the Purple Hearts and Bronze Stars to prove it.

But what pisses me off the most is that they’ve become frightened little pissants…either brainwashed by incessant horseshit on talk radio or constantly told by Faux News that, “others” and NOT their own “effing” votes and support for the asshat party, are the reason they’ve been held back. It’s never the fact that they’ve bought into the “trickle-down” bullshit that has caused their wages to stagnate, their social safety net to be destroyed, or their employment right to be diminished…NO…it’s always the fault of some “other”.

-Some mythical Welfare Queen
-Some immigrant picking lettuce for $20 a day
-Some LGBT person who just wants to be left the “eff” alone to love who they love and prosper in freedom
-Some Union Member that patrols their streets, teaches their spoiled ass kids, or protects their home from fire.

Hell NO! Admitting that they’ve been played like fools for the past 30 years would require them to blame themselves, and they are way too cowardly to do that.

So what will they do? They’ll continue to vote for pricks like Donald Trump, or Chuck Grassley, or John Kasich, or Sam Brownback, in the hopes that maybe if we just pump more wealth to the top, it’ll all start trickling down eventually. Bet hey, when it doesn’t, they’ll just blame the liberals, the hippies, the dope smokers and the queers.

These asshats, most making between $42-$47K a year with a shitty 401K and bare-bones health benefits, identify their enemy as their fellow American making between $46-$51K a year with a decent pension and benefits…and that pisses me off to no end.

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Well said. narnian60 Apr 2016 #1
Excellent rant! TreasonousBastard Apr 2016 #2
Great post. hamsterjill Apr 2016 #3
A righteous, pithy, and eloquent rant. 3catwoman3 Apr 2016 #4
Here Here The Polack MSgt Apr 2016 #5
K & R. Great post! Arkansas Granny Apr 2016 #6
They think that once the people at the top get all they can hold on to, it will start spilling LiberalArkie Apr 2016 #7
Bravo, thank you, and K&R! n/t OneGrassRoot Apr 2016 #8
Righteous! Respect. nt thereismore Apr 2016 #9
I'm 52 and also pissed to the max Hayduke Bomgarte Apr 2016 #10
Outstanding, Max! ProfessorGAC Apr 2016 #11
Could't have said it better myself Populist_Prole Apr 2016 #12
I'm pissed that when those white working class men see the light... lumberjack_jeff Apr 2016 #13
Nailed it! Blue Dalek Apr 2016 #14
Thank you and I am sure there are many more like you. jwirr Apr 2016 #15
Thank you for stating that so well! brer cat Apr 2016 #16
K&R! felix_numinous Apr 2016 #17
Great rant! K&R Duval Apr 2016 #18
Thank you! Great post! Missed a couple though.. vkkv Apr 2016 #19
THIS is the DU I remember WilliamPitt Apr 2016 #20
+1 FailureToCommunicate Apr 2016 #59
+2, well said and concisely. nt. druidity33 Apr 2016 #83
+3 and a zillion 840high Apr 2016 #109
EXACTLY!!!!! blm Apr 2016 #93
What an incredibly great piece of writing. bjo59 Apr 2016 #21
I'll second that n/t renate Apr 2016 #69
I wish the people who need to read this would read it. TryLogic Apr 2016 #22
Me too, but Hayduke Bomgarte Apr 2016 #48
Standing ovation....yes, you nailed it! mudstump Apr 2016 #23
Kudos and Thank You SocialLibFiscalCon Apr 2016 #24
America needs more people pissed off Maxrandb-style. Hortensis Apr 2016 #25
Give me the seat next to you.... daleanime Apr 2016 #26
Righteous! bbgrunt Apr 2016 #27
I am the same wickets as you 4Q2u2 Apr 2016 #28
It's hard to understand at times maxrandb Apr 2016 #51
Hey, old pal, can this be shared on the 'internets'? blm Apr 2016 #92
I don't really do Facebook maxrandb Apr 2016 #98
I know you did - but, what you feel is too real to be ignored. blm Apr 2016 #104
I agree, it is confusing... malthaussen Apr 2016 #124
59 yr old woman here agrees with you irisblue Apr 2016 #29
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This crowd doesn't realize that cap Apr 2016 #32
What they also do not realize 4Q2u2 Apr 2016 #130
Smart people make the good teachers. Good pay Hortensis Apr 2016 #131
KnR for visibility. Brilliant rant! nt tblue37 Apr 2016 #33
Yup! 2naSalit Apr 2016 #34
Right on! LiberalLovinLug Apr 2016 #35
When you're rant, you're rant... Wounded Bear Apr 2016 #36
they grew fat on the goernment cow's milk--and then decided they wanted burgers MisterP Apr 2016 #37
Hear hear!! nt Doremus Apr 2016 #38
This 73 year old widow living (barely) on SS only agrees with you. Paper Roses Apr 2016 #39
Right on, Brother! noiretextatique Apr 2016 #40
Funny 1939 Apr 2016 #41
brilliant rant barbtries Apr 2016 #42
Good Lord! You are awesome. Funtatlaguy Apr 2016 #43
I was thinking beltanefauve Apr 2016 #63
Rant worthy of Howard Beale. Especially this: Surya Gayatri Apr 2016 #44
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What a great rant. mnhtnbb Apr 2016 #46
Standing Ovation! Drop the f'n mic! Z_California Apr 2016 #47
awesome.... also Locrian Apr 2016 #49
Righteous! zentrum Apr 2016 #50
I`m on my feet....cheering! democrank Apr 2016 #52
Mic DROP! LittleGirl Apr 2016 #53
+1 Buzz Clik Apr 2016 #54
You described my blue state bubba brother to a T riverbendviewgal Apr 2016 #55
By far... deathrind Apr 2016 #56
K&R silvershadow Apr 2016 #57
A Most Righteous Rant Tsiyu Apr 2016 #58
I am also pissed that some Dems think voting for the "Hydra" Candidate Clinton Katashi_itto Apr 2016 #60
I like Bernie maxrandb Apr 2016 #62
Max, you are a true Mensch--your integrity and honor shine through your words. Surya Gayatri Apr 2016 #77
YES! I agree completely. maddiemom Apr 2016 #128
K&R ReRe Apr 2016 #61
Agree 100%, but not just cowardice bigbadR Apr 2016 #64
Great post malaise Apr 2016 #65
Hear, hear! onecaliberal Apr 2016 #66
A righteous rant. alarimer Apr 2016 #67
right on brother---EX AF porkified Apr 2016 #68
Well said. Thank you lots. Stay pissed! oldandhappy Apr 2016 #70
WooHoo! Maxrandb for VP. What a rightgeous rant. brush Apr 2016 #71
Absolutely! K&R NikolaC Apr 2016 #72
A Gazillion Thumbs UP!! Sunlei Apr 2016 #73
Join The Club scottie55 Apr 2016 #74
I am also mad a hell. I am one of those teachers who now am disabled and... StarzGuy Apr 2016 #75
I'm with you!!! n/t RKP5637 Apr 2016 #76
Can't disagree with any of that WDIM Apr 2016 #78
In addition to being 55, middle class, white,male,retired military, and pissed as hell; YOU sir, , annabanana Apr 2016 #79
Righteous rant sir! Well said. haikugal Apr 2016 #80
Every Repuke you named in your rant is a.... wolfie001 Apr 2016 #81
Love a good rant. Even better when its righteous! Stinky The Clown Apr 2016 #82
Post of the day for me footinmouth Apr 2016 #84
Plus you appear to be a Brown's fan... TipTok Apr 2016 #85
A-MEN!!!! emmadoggy Apr 2016 #86
Fabulous rant! Punkingal Apr 2016 #87
Damned right! Third Doctor Apr 2016 #88
Have to give that Rant an A+... Thespian2 Apr 2016 #89
you are100% right Pakid Apr 2016 #90
POST OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!! blm Apr 2016 #91
Totally agree with you! I'm angry in the same way, too! Rabrrrrrr Apr 2016 #94
PREACH IT maxrandb Skittles Apr 2016 #95
Rec & Kick. MerryBlooms Apr 2016 #96
I'm also a middle aged white male who's pissed as hell....well said maxrandb DrewFlorida Apr 2016 #97
Hear, here! Scruffy Rumbler Apr 2016 #99
Excellent addition tothe original rant! maddiemom Apr 2016 #127
This has been SO TRUE for SO LONG mrsadm Apr 2016 #100
Bravo! smirkymonkey Apr 2016 #101
You've said it all!!! Stellar Apr 2016 #102
say that! kicked MaeScott Apr 2016 #103
Well said, maxrandb: You are 100% correct. joanbarnes Apr 2016 #105
Tell it, Brother! T-E-L-L I-T! Raster Apr 2016 #106
Not just an excellent rant, but I think an excellent start on a campaign platform. Ever think about rwsanders Apr 2016 #107
ah, I love the smell of hate in the morning hfojvt Apr 2016 #108
Sometimes, there's nowhere else to go. mdbl Apr 2016 #117
Happy to be rec #330 A HERETIC I AM Apr 2016 #110
yes demigoddess Apr 2016 #111
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Apr 2016 #112
Right on! cheapdate Apr 2016 #113
Oh my, maxrandb Iwillnevergiveup Apr 2016 #114
They do it because they get mixed signals from the 'New' Democrats. w4rma Apr 2016 #115
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K&R!!! wonderful, wonderful post! secondwind Apr 2016 #118
MIC DROP!!! archiemo Apr 2016 #119
Thank you for putting into words exactly what I feel. Loki Apr 2016 #120
K&R yuiyoshida Apr 2016 #121
You had me at "ass-pickle" ProfessorPlum Apr 2016 #122
Righteous rant. malthaussen Apr 2016 #123
And as our future becomes warmer and less hospitable to lifeforms. raouldukelives Apr 2016 #125
Yesterday on a post about Obamacare.... cynzke Apr 2016 #126
K&R&bookmark nt JEB Apr 2016 #129
I signed in for the first time in weeks just to rec your post. Efilroft Sul Apr 2016 #132
Historic post, maxrandb. Octafish May 2016 #133
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