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I recall reading that there's a bit of a turf war. Wilms Apr 2016 #1
That argument, of course, points out the reality that "organic" is just a marketing term. HuckleB Apr 2016 #2
The small farmers, you, and I agree. Wilms Apr 2016 #6
Regardless, it's always been just a marketing term. HuckleB Apr 2016 #8
Also conventional produce gets exported and magically imported back as "organic." yellowcanine Apr 2016 #4
Eek! Wilms Apr 2016 #7
Scams may beget scams. HuckleB Apr 2016 #16
Nicotine is very toxic to humans. Rotenone is somewhat toxic. yellowcanine Apr 2016 #3
Luckily, rotenone is not really used any more. HuckleB Apr 2016 #5
Nicotine has been banned for at least 14 years appal_jack Apr 2016 #18
All I can tell you is that there are many warnings about Neem and pregnancy yellowcanine Apr 2016 #19
All true points. appal_jack Apr 2016 #20
The persistence of synthetic pesticides is correct. The flip side of that is that organic yellowcanine Apr 2016 #21
There is also the issue of fuel use and pollution for each added application of organic products. HuckleB Apr 2016 #24
Just yesterday I saw the only real difference, between "organic" and others. Archae Apr 2016 #9
Corporate marketing, at its ugliest. HuckleB Apr 2016 #10
Like to get me some of that GMO chicken.... yellowcanine Apr 2016 #14
It's CRISPR! HuckleB Apr 2016 #15
Pyrethroids are derivatives of the chrysanthemum Drahthaardogs Apr 2016 #11
All good and well, the LD50 is still not better than for things like glyphosate or Imidacloprid. HuckleB Apr 2016 #12
Pyrethroids are synthetic pyrethrins. yellowcanine Apr 2016 #13
Most synthetic pesticides are derived from naturally occurring ones Major Nikon Apr 2016 #22
. HuckleB Apr 2016 #17
Save the Bees! Ban these two toxic organic pesticides immediately HuckleB Apr 2016 #23
Natural versus Synthetic Chemicals Is a Gray Matter HuckleB Apr 2016 #25
It's a marketing gimmick based on an appeal to nature fallacy Major Nikon Apr 2016 #28
Alas, you are correct on all accounts. -eom- HuckleB Apr 2016 #30
The term "organic pesticides" will confuse the hell out of everybody struggle4progress Apr 2016 #26
All true, but in this era it's well understood via the mass marketing of "organic" food. HuckleB Apr 2016 #27
Two different definitions Major Nikon Apr 2016 #29
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