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21. The persistence of synthetic pesticides is correct. The flip side of that is that organic
Fri Apr 29, 2016, 10:02 AM
Apr 2016

pesticides must be applied more frequently to get the same level of protection. This is one thing which drives up cost. And of course every application carries the potential of exposure for farm workers.

I mentioned neem because I have worked in Africa and observed that much of the farm work, particularly pest management, is done by women. OTOH a big advantage of things like pyrethrin and neem is that the farmers can grow their own insecticides. Commercial pesticides are out of reach or unavailable for many farmers in places such as Mozambique.

I recall reading that there's a bit of a turf war. Wilms Apr 2016 #1
That argument, of course, points out the reality that "organic" is just a marketing term. HuckleB Apr 2016 #2
The small farmers, you, and I agree. Wilms Apr 2016 #6
Regardless, it's always been just a marketing term. HuckleB Apr 2016 #8
Also conventional produce gets exported and magically imported back as "organic." yellowcanine Apr 2016 #4
Eek! Wilms Apr 2016 #7
Scams may beget scams. HuckleB Apr 2016 #16
Nicotine is very toxic to humans. Rotenone is somewhat toxic. yellowcanine Apr 2016 #3
Luckily, rotenone is not really used any more. HuckleB Apr 2016 #5
Nicotine has been banned for at least 14 years appal_jack Apr 2016 #18
All I can tell you is that there are many warnings about Neem and pregnancy yellowcanine Apr 2016 #19
All true points. appal_jack Apr 2016 #20
The persistence of synthetic pesticides is correct. The flip side of that is that organic yellowcanine Apr 2016 #21
There is also the issue of fuel use and pollution for each added application of organic products. HuckleB Apr 2016 #24
Just yesterday I saw the only real difference, between "organic" and others. Archae Apr 2016 #9
Corporate marketing, at its ugliest. HuckleB Apr 2016 #10
Like to get me some of that GMO chicken.... yellowcanine Apr 2016 #14
It's CRISPR! HuckleB Apr 2016 #15
Pyrethroids are derivatives of the chrysanthemum Drahthaardogs Apr 2016 #11
All good and well, the LD50 is still not better than for things like glyphosate or Imidacloprid. HuckleB Apr 2016 #12
Pyrethroids are synthetic pyrethrins. yellowcanine Apr 2016 #13
Most synthetic pesticides are derived from naturally occurring ones Major Nikon Apr 2016 #22
. HuckleB Apr 2016 #17
Save the Bees! Ban these two toxic organic pesticides immediately HuckleB Apr 2016 #23
Natural versus Synthetic Chemicals Is a Gray Matter HuckleB Apr 2016 #25
It's a marketing gimmick based on an appeal to nature fallacy Major Nikon Apr 2016 #28
Alas, you are correct on all accounts. -eom- HuckleB Apr 2016 #30
The term "organic pesticides" will confuse the hell out of everybody struggle4progress Apr 2016 #26
All true, but in this era it's well understood via the mass marketing of "organic" food. HuckleB Apr 2016 #27
Two different definitions Major Nikon Apr 2016 #29
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