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stone space

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Thu May 5, 2016, 09:06 AM May 2016

Are University Professors overpaid? [View all]

Ok, I see assertions being made by right wingers here on DU that university professors are overpaid.

Here's just one example from this morning.

This is why many people think university professors are over paid

Instead of working on lesson plans, grading course work or otherwise engaging in activities related to your alleged job as a professor for a public university, you spend your time here posting. I'm glad my tax dollars aren't paying your salary.


Now, I don't feel overpaid.

Bit what do folks think?

Are university professors overpaid?
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52 (93%)
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Are University Professors overpaid? [View all] stone space May 2016 OP
It's the chancellors and administrators that are being paid like CEOs, not professors. IamMab May 2016 #1
Agreed! choie May 2016 #21
Six bathrooms? In an apartment? How many rooms overall? JHB May 2016 #31
Sorry - it only has 4.5 bathrooms and choie May 2016 #88
College sports coaches are the highest paid state employee in many states. LonePirate May 2016 #32
True but the sad thing is that a decent sports team becomes a money maker Jim Beard May 2016 #35
If you do the math you will find that most sports programs are a drain on the school... Human101948 May 2016 #57
Yea but that's all athletics Sgent May 2016 #114
sorry that's just not true... Human101948 May 2016 #118
You haven't refuted my point Sgent May 2016 #121
The report found expenses exceeded revenue at all but 20 schools in the Football Bowl Subdivision Human101948 May 2016 #124
There are plenty of people here who think McDonalds restaurant workers are paid too much. LiberalArkie May 2016 #2
And they should be ashamed of themselves! Silver_Witch May 2016 #5
Depends on the University metroins May 2016 #3
When did she go? Sanity Claws May 2016 #15
Depends on the college metroins May 2016 #28
Just reviewed it Sanity Claws May 2016 #37
It is all in the study listed below in the thread. metroins May 2016 #45
I read it and couldn't find that information Sanity Claws May 2016 #47
Perhaps you shouldn't enter into a debate about the value of learned work Fairgo May 2016 #129
I don't think those professors are being overpaid LisaM May 2016 #105
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel May 2016 #41
You should keep your projections metroins May 2016 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel May 2016 #50
Researchers and Teachers metroins May 2016 #55
How rich GulfCoast66 May 2016 #59
The OP asks do you think Professors are overpaid metroins May 2016 #61
My advice: Don't send your kids to a research university. Coventina May 2016 #62
You are very definitely correct, at least as it was in the 1960's. After that, I have no idea. Jim Beard May 2016 #122
Leaving aside the pay issue GulfCoast66 May 2016 #63
What objective evidence do you have supporting that premise? LanternWaste May 2016 #72
I am an Assistant Professor at a major research university. momto3 May 2016 #65
Professors at top universities.... Adrahil May 2016 #70
They also have to "Teach" metroins May 2016 #74
Well... how many professors do you think teach one class a semester? Adrahil May 2016 #77
To answer metroins May 2016 #84
And my reply... Adrahil May 2016 #101
Ha! My husband is a full professor MrsMatt May 2016 #119
Your husband sounds like a good professor metroins May 2016 #126
Let me re-state what I said earlier GulfCoast66 May 2016 #123
That's not nice at all metroins May 2016 #125
Just so you know.... Adrahil May 2016 #66
if she went to a good university, they were paid to do research not teach La Lioness Priyanka May 2016 #96
I teach at an R-1 a la izquierda May 2016 #131
I'm on your side. La Lioness Priyanka May 2016 #135
Ah, gotcha... a la izquierda May 2016 #136
some professors are paid to teach, some are paid to do research, some are paid for both La Lioness Priyanka May 2016 #137
Keep in mind that classroom teaching is not the only obligation of university profs. Buzz Clik May 2016 #103
College Football coaches -- $5 million per 14 games GreatGazoo May 2016 #4
I dont have a problem with that Travis_0004 May 2016 #54
No they don't... Human101948 May 2016 #58
any link to average pay...how can you ask a question with no data showing salaries? Demonaut May 2016 #6
LINK where you can download ProgressiveEconomist May 2016 #14
Here. metroins May 2016 #27
Thanks for doing that work ProgressiveEconomist May 2016 #75
It was a team effort metroins May 2016 #76
This is what I was taking about Baobab May 2016 #83
I think you replied to the wrong post. metroins May 2016 #85
where have you been the last 20 years? Thats okay, I already know. Baobab May 2016 #86
here is a link which will bring up a lot of the debate in india last year Baobab May 2016 #90
Regulation may be 'not more burdensome than necessary to ensure the quality of the service' Baobab May 2016 #29
I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at ProgressiveEconomist May 2016 #79
An obscure area called "competition policy" - as well as trade policy is what is driving US policy Baobab May 2016 #100
This stuff drives me crazy. Do critics of professorial pay have any idea what it takes to become a Coventina May 2016 #7
This is my theory based on my experience only. CrispyQ May 2016 #33
That one really galls me as well. Anybody can "have summers off" WHEN THEY AREN'T PAID! Coventina May 2016 #36
I know it's stupid, but they don't think that way. CrispyQ May 2016 #40
No, they see millions of skilled teachers in other countries who they think would work for less Baobab May 2016 #104
They don't care. Neoliberalism just cares about supply and demand Baobab May 2016 #87
actually I got paid for graduate school hfojvt May 2016 #92
As a TA, I was paid to attend grad school as well. stone space May 2016 #141
Excellent point. Most profs (with exceptions, of course) would make a lot more in the private sector Buzz Clik May 2016 #106
At the university I work at, definitely not Blue_Tires May 2016 #8
The imminent globalization of these industries will probably mean wages will soonreflectglobal norms Baobab May 2016 #9
This is a great example of why Trump resonates with people. karadax May 2016 #12
What I described is the kind of globalization that Trump likes, he uses it. Baobab May 2016 #24
Some yes, some no. 6chars May 2016 #10
Depends on whether they have tenure and how much they actually work if they do GummyBearz May 2016 #11
Seeing as there is no nationally standardized rate, who can say? linuxman May 2016 #13
They sure are--especially those adjunct professors! Orrex May 2016 #16
Admin and the tenured can make what seems like too high a wage to many astrophuss42 May 2016 #17
Ask adjuncts - that teach half the classes at many colleges and universities jpak May 2016 #18
DO NOT GET ME STARTED! redstatebluegirl May 2016 #19
Divide and conquer n2doc May 2016 #20
there are 3 possibilities: melm00se May 2016 #22
Is it raining today? Are you out in the rain? Sen. Walter Sobchak May 2016 #23
This needs more information. enlightenment May 2016 #25
I've seen zero objective evidence supporting the premise. LanternWaste May 2016 #26
University sports coaches are overpaid. CrispyQ May 2016 #30
The high cost of college skip fox May 2016 #34
Congrats on 34 years. NCTraveler May 2016 #39
Some are, some aren't. Similar to many professions. NCTraveler May 2016 #38
Many states make the salaries of all state employees exboyfil May 2016 #42
Massively underpaid, imo. nt. Turin_C3PO May 2016 #44
I think that's an incredibly broad question. malthaussen May 2016 #46
Yes. Everybody Is Overpaid Except Me ProfessorGAC May 2016 #48
The bad ones are. Throd May 2016 #49
More appropriate questions matt819 May 2016 #51
As a pacifist, I don't have excess to student loans and grants. stone space May 2016 #82
Which school and which prof? merrily May 2016 #52
I voted "Pass" ... 1StrongBlackMan May 2016 #53
in a true/false situation, I was taught that statements like this are prima facie false. Hiraeth May 2016 #56
Overpaid? What does that even mean in a capitalist society? In bbgrunt May 2016 #60
It's a different life to be sure caraher May 2016 #64
Hard to know - how much do you make? nt jmg257 May 2016 #67
I made about $27,000 last year. (nt) stone space May 2016 #69
(W/O all the details) - Then you are definitely NOT over-paid. jmg257 May 2016 #71
Well, I do have my summers off these days. stone space May 2016 #73
A huge ass revolution to increase peoples pay, ... then yell out to slash wages. Brilliant argument. seabeyond May 2016 #68
some are, most are not, some are underpaid Fresh_Start May 2016 #78
No. Only one group of people in this country are overpaid: the CEO. Initech May 2016 #80
Are you f-ing kidding me? abelenkpe May 2016 #81
This is laughable Fairgo May 2016 #133
His open support for Zimmerman mught be another clue. stone space May 2016 #139
perhaps you could provide some data hfojvt May 2016 #89
$27,000 last year. stone space May 2016 #91
are you really at a University and a professor? hfojvt May 2016 #93
Lecturer of Mathematics at a State University. (nt) stone space May 2016 #94
in other words hfojvt May 2016 #97
You're a prof? Or ... work at a university in some other capacity? Buzz Clik May 2016 #108
Lecturer of Mathematics at a State University. (nt) stone space May 2016 #110
I'd say you aren't overpaid... Buzz Clik May 2016 #111
I certainly don't feel overpaid. (nt) stone space May 2016 #112
A PhD is a lot more education than most taxpayers have too.... Adrahil May 2016 #113
it's more like upper class hfojvt May 2016 #115
according to right wingers everyone but businessmen/women are overpaid La Lioness Priyanka May 2016 #95
It's amazing how they discount the value of educated people. Buzz Clik May 2016 #107
i think it serves the ruling class of the party to demonize the educated La Lioness Priyanka May 2016 #109
What do you teach? How many classes? JustABozoOnThisBus May 2016 #98
I do research on my own time. I'm paid to teach. (nt) stone space May 2016 #99
LOTS of right wingers on DU with long histories here. Jackie Wilson Said May 2016 #102
that post, that came from a fucking idiot Skittles May 2016 #116
+1 Johonny May 2016 #117
+2 hunter May 2016 #120
Good thing DU believes in a secret ballot... Califonz May 2016 #127
I am a university professor. a la izquierda May 2016 #128
The anti-intellectual instinct runs deep Fairgo May 2016 #130
I expect it from Republicans, such ignorance about universities... a la izquierda May 2016 #132
I've taught at university as an adjunct Android3.14 May 2016 #134
Changed post to other after reading what the poster you misquoted actually said. stevenleser May 2016 #138
Misquoted? I used C&P. I didn't retype it myself. stone space May 2016 #140
Hahaha, no GOPblows431 May 2016 #142
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