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58. The insurance companies don't really care about costs.
Sat Jun 4, 2016, 08:06 PM
Jun 2016

The larger the streams of money they control, the more they can siphon off for things like CEO pay, corporate jets, hookers, and blow.

Here's what we could do:

1) nationalize the health insurance companies, either explicitly, or by more thorough and effective regulation

2) institute a single payer system

3) implement free education for doctors, nurses, med techs and other medical professionals; pay off the student loans of those professionals working in a single payer environment.

4) pay for pharmaceutical research on safe, effective, and inexpensive medicines and devices which can be sourced from multiple manufacturers. Purchase the patents of safe, effective, and inexpensive medicines and devices developed by individuals and corporations.

We also need to open a national debate on what is, and what isn't, appropriate and effective medical care. Medicine can't fix everything. Too frequently expensive medical intervention makes things worse.

"Of the 25 wealthiest nations, we're the only one that doesn't provide basic health coverage." think Jun 2016 #1
Bernie Sanders' proposal would save us $5 trillion over the next 10 years pberq Jun 2016 #2
you still have copays here in Sweden around 200 usd a year AntiBank Jun 2016 #23
And here you have a $5000 deductible with $50 copays each time afterwards. hobbit709 Jun 2016 #67
And my annual max is $13,000/year on take home pay of $40k Doctor_J Jun 2016 #98
They turned it into a for-profit industry... Wounded Bear Jun 2016 #3
Retired lawyer moondust Jun 2016 #4
Was the lawyer a Clinton Supporter or a Republican? Ferd Berfel Jun 2016 #12
Guessing a 1% Dem. moondust Jun 2016 #18
I hope we evolve towards a Single Payer option. But it's going to be a huge battle. Auggie Jun 2016 #13
...and so must we Ferd Berfel Jun 2016 #20
LOL Auggie Jun 2016 #24
.. Ferd Berfel Jun 2016 #25
That compensation is coming out of the overhead expenses that the ACA allows the insurance companies 1939 Jun 2016 #5
Huh? Ferd Berfel Jun 2016 #14
They have to spend atleast 85% (80% small groups) on actual coverage One_Life_To_Give Jun 2016 #59
That clause provides an incentive to overcharge... ljm2002 Jun 2016 #75
Exactly!!! Silver_Witch Jun 2016 #74
total bullshit. Where did you come up with that crap? Dollar Bill Maquire got paid a billion from litlbilly Jun 2016 #34
Think 1939 Jun 2016 #91
Insurance companys still get to set the rules and rip everyone off. they dont need litlbilly Jun 2016 #92
Insurance companies serve no purpose? 1939 Jun 2016 #94
insurance for so called healthcare serve no purpose. I didnt say all insurance. duuhh litlbilly Jun 2016 #96
dont bother replying, its off to ignore for you:) litlbilly Jun 2016 #97
healthcare was totally a fucked up system. so the way to fix it was to require everybody to join in? KG Jun 2016 #6
yeah, you'd think Liz Fowler wrote it or something MisterP Jun 2016 #10
The problem? Private insurance companies. roamer65 Jun 2016 #7
So true. Snarkoleptic Jun 2016 #27
And what will that do? Corporate666 Jun 2016 #45
Sure, that's why every other industrialized nation spends way less than what we do per capita. jeff47 Jun 2016 #53
Please provide a reference for your 5% claim. athena Jun 2016 #85
yep. Absolutely. n/t Triana Jun 2016 #64
+1000 nt abelenkpe Jun 2016 #76
CEO Pay is not the problem Corporate666 Jun 2016 #8
And the real problem is? Ruby the Liberal Jun 2016 #28
the largest problem Corporate666 Jun 2016 #35
Do their foreign counterparts Ruby the Liberal Jun 2016 #37
no Corporate666 Jun 2016 #43
Cuban doctors don't get paid much. And overall, Cubans are healthier than U.S. Americans. hunter Jun 2016 #50
"I dont want to sound like a dick or nothing, but it says on your chart- you're fucked up" notadmblnd Jun 2016 #55
That's how capitalism works Nevernose Jun 2016 #93
ridiculous, just those 6 salaries listed total up to 158 million usd AntiBank Jun 2016 #29
That's 1/10th of NHS England's annual budget. mwooldri Jun 2016 #40
You're off by an order of magnitude Corporate666 Jun 2016 #46
You're right. I'm off. mwooldri Jun 2016 #62
You couldn't have proved my point better if you tried Corporate666 Jun 2016 #41
This message was self-deleted by its author AntiBank Jun 2016 #44
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #47
Obvious violator of civil discourse, you know nothing about me that entitles you to call me a troll AntiBank Jun 2016 #49
thank you jury system nt AntiBank Jun 2016 #56
what do you see as the 'real problem' then' C666? irisblue Jun 2016 #36
There are two Corporate666 Jun 2016 #42
A Nurse at $100k in Boston is over paid then? One_Life_To_Give Jun 2016 #60
It is definitely a problem. athena Jun 2016 #70
and NONE OF THOSE guys EVER cleaned a bedpan. CEO PAY IS BULLSHIT. pansypoo53219 Jun 2016 #9
We have to pay private for me and soon my husband's retirement fund will be at zero. glinda Jun 2016 #11
kind of a major point I'd say. Ferd Berfel Jun 2016 #15
What we have is "InsuranceCare" kentauros Jun 2016 #16
Or "Obamasurance" tularetom Jun 2016 #32
I'm sure plenty could see it coming. kentauros Jun 2016 #38
Down from a BILLION a year. Medicare still have top under one MILLION? 3% (not 20%) overhead? Hmm? Festivito Jun 2016 #17
The reason Medicares overhead is so low is because they contract out. forthemiddle Jun 2016 #71
No, MC does not contract out its administration. That's just funny. And, ... Festivito Jun 2016 #72
Have you ever worked in a doctors office? forthemiddle Jun 2016 #73
Okay, which brings 3% down to 2% as if that matters comparing to 20% and higher. Festivito Jun 2016 #82
Shareholders habu1968 Jun 2016 #19
Wow, that ANTHEM guy better get off his ass. He's really trailing the pack.. pangaia Jun 2016 #21
150 million sucked right out of the system with those salaries alone. Cassiopeia Jun 2016 #22
Almost none in the grand scheme of things metalbot Jun 2016 #90
k&r excellent nationalize the fed Jun 2016 #26
Average Americans Runningdawg Jun 2016 #30
So many voted against getting rid of health insurance MrsKirkley Jun 2016 #31
Three of these guys awoke_in_2003 Jun 2016 #33
Compare to NHS England.... mwooldri Jun 2016 #39
the medical model of care shifted to the business model hopemountain Jun 2016 #48
millionaire doctors....$300,000k college cost....and medical system dedicated to money not people beachbum bob Jun 2016 #51
Of course our system can be improved... Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #52
Unfortunately I think its going to eventually collapse under its own weight AntiBank Jun 2016 #57
All these assholes belong in hell. UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE FOR ALL! Put these jackos out of a job! Dont call me Shirley Jun 2016 #54
The insurance companies don't really care about costs. hunter Jun 2016 #58
bingo we have a winner n/t. airplaneman Jun 2016 #63
+1000 n/t Triana Jun 2016 #65
+100 Silver_Witch Jun 2016 #77
Throw the leeches in the garbage. JEB Jun 2016 #61
Note how Bernie speaks of universal health care while Hillary speaks of universal health coverage. Scuba Jun 2016 #66
Yep. Having insurance you can't afford to use is worse than no insurance at all. hobbit709 Jun 2016 #68
Exactly nt. abelenkpe Jun 2016 #78
It's notable that the highest paid one is avoiding the ACA exchanges IronLionZion Jun 2016 #69
With a BLUE Congress, Clinton can underthematrix Jun 2016 #79
"There will never, ever be single payer healthcare in the US" Doctor_J Jun 2016 #80
That statement alone is reason enough not to vote for her. LibDemAlways Jun 2016 #81
Please provide a reference for that quote. athena Jun 2016 #86
Sorry. I misquoted Doctor_J Jun 2016 #88
Just as I thought. athena Jun 2016 #95
Single payer healthcare will never, ever happen. Doctor_J Jun 2016 #99
In any other country these people would have been dragged into the street by their hair by now. Gene Debs Jun 2016 #83
HRC is dead-set against Medicare-for-all... modestybl Jun 2016 #84
all insurance companies should be co-ops Mosby Jun 2016 #87
A meme from physicians advocating moving to the program they are most able to steal from RB TexLa Jun 2016 #89
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