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Thu Jun 23, 2016, 06:21 PM Jun 2016

When it comes to what's best for Black People, it's time for White People to mind their business [View all]

Black folks are beginning to no longer center whiteness in their dress, speech and lifestyle choices. We are not biting our tongues when we disagree with our white cohorts. From protests against police brutality to sit-ins about curriculums taught at universities, black millennials are forcing those in power to address their concerns—and the backlash has been vocal and violent.

The rise of Donald Trump represents an unapologetic white supremacist response to movements like #BlackLivesMatter and the presidency of Barack Obama. The frustration that many white men and women feel with the declining significance of whiteness is what compels so many to subscribe to his brand of nationalism. Yet that is not the only place where white supremacy rears its ugly head. Even in progressive circles, the specter of white supremacy is present.

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Preach! Tarheel_Dem Jun 2016 #1
Hey!! bravenak Jun 2016 #2
pssst... yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #146
Heeyyy!! bravenak Jun 2016 #182
Never give up. Note, friend, we are still here. nt msanthrope Jun 2016 #3
We are. Many have found other places... bravenak Jun 2016 #4
I feel terrible for the women on that site. Imagine trying to be taken seriously msanthrope Jun 2016 #5
The b-word too, among other nastiness bravenak Jun 2016 #7
Sexism towards one woman means sexism towards all. nt msanthrope Jun 2016 #10
I agree bravenak Jun 2016 #17
which site? runaway hero Jun 2016 #203
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #13
Are you following her around on the internet? KMOD Jun 2016 #18
Of course. bravenak Jun 2016 #19
Your fan club is KMOD Jun 2016 #22
Gawd, I know. And persistant. Off topic. It's just weird at this point. bravenak Jun 2016 #24
No, I was just reading this thread and thought that post was ironic. Fozzledick Jun 2016 #21
But...but we're only trying to help! randome Jun 2016 #6
Oh yes. They can do us a solid and vote against Trump and not let him win. bravenak Jun 2016 #8
That's why I cannot understand those who want to sit out the election. randome Jun 2016 #9
I see it as a form of revenge against us for voting a certain way bravenak Jun 2016 #14
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2016 #155
You will of course, provide us with an accurate example of such, yes? LanternWaste Jun 2016 #160
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #163
And letting the country go to hell will teach that Brock guy a lesson? bigbrother05 Jun 2016 #173
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #174
For close to 10 months, we (PoC) were told ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #178
Recommended. guillaumeb Jun 2016 #11
That's what I see too bravenak Jun 2016 #16
Liking this thread and replies. I have felt the undercurrent of some Bohunk68 Jun 2016 #39
Exactly, you got that right! bravenak Jun 2016 #42
This is just one of the reasons I love you. William769 Jun 2016 #12
Love you too!!! bravenak Jun 2016 #15
Not that I don't understand, but ... surrealAmerican Jun 2016 #20
The only way we can 'work together' it is let me decide what's best for me and you to decide bravenak Jun 2016 #23
THIS Bohunk68 Jun 2016 #41
This is pretty much what I was saying. surrealAmerican Jun 2016 #60
Why is this so hard to understand? mcar Jun 2016 #63
If you don't understand Coolest Ranger Jun 2016 #53
Kinda looking forward to progress gwheezie Jun 2016 #105
K & R wysi Jun 2016 #25
You mean African Americans can think independently? I LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! still_one Jun 2016 #26
I know, right? bravenak Jun 2016 #28
...................... still_one Jun 2016 #29
Did you figure that out just recently? jack_krass Jun 2016 #96
My comment was sarcasm directed at those who presume to know what is best for an ethnic group, that still_one Jun 2016 #97
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #102
three fictions. 1. white & black people are separate. 2. either group is uniform Bucky Jun 2016 #27
I don't think the point was to imply that we are a monolith bravenak Jun 2016 #30
This right here - JustAnotherGen Jun 2016 #126
It would be hell to go backwards like some want to do. We know this. I sometimes think they do too. bravenak Jun 2016 #177
Excellent observation n/t susanr516 Jun 2016 #216
I try ... at 54, I am still a work in progress etherealtruth Jun 2016 #31
I think we all get it wrong sometimes, but at least we give it a try and try some more. bravenak Jun 2016 #33
I'm still getting it wrong MFM008 Jun 2016 #111
Yup. ismnotwasm Jun 2016 #32
Hey! bravenak Jun 2016 #34
Hey you! ismnotwasm Jun 2016 #50
Amen! treestar Jun 2016 #35
They really are stupid as hell. Trump is a CON ARTIST. I keep trying to explain that to folks. bravenak Jun 2016 #37
Love this! Starry Messenger Jun 2016 #36
Me too! Lol. bravenak Jun 2016 #38
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2016 #40
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #43
Bye. bravenak Jun 2016 #44
Lord, I hope so. I was on the jury and OH HELL NO. nolabear Jun 2016 #45
He's gone. Will be back to see me again, I'm sure. bravenak Jun 2016 #47
If we agree fine malaise Jun 2016 #46
I feel the same. bravenak Jun 2016 #48
I could not agree more Coolest Ranger Jun 2016 #49
It has been a difficult year in blackness bravenak Jun 2016 #52
I agree completely. Whites have no more business determining your needs, desires, dreams any floriduck Jun 2016 #56
I hope we find a way bravenak Jun 2016 #58
I hear you, bravenak. floriduck Jun 2016 #61
Great post, bravenak! brer cat Jun 2016 #79
I agree that contact lessens fears bravenak Jun 2016 #80
Agree with you... mia Jun 2016 #212
K&R! stonecutter357 Jun 2016 #51
Posted to for later reading. 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #54
K&R! stonecutter357 Jun 2016 #55
I'll bear this in mind as I continue to do whatever I think is right. cheapdate Jun 2016 #57
Makes sense. bravenak Jun 2016 #59
K&R mcar Jun 2016 #62
... Spitfire of ATJ Jun 2016 #64
Does this not imply that "my business" is what's best for white people? n/t lumberjack_jeff Jun 2016 #65
No. It's really quite a simple concept. KMOD Jun 2016 #67
It can becomes a lot less simple when different groups occupy the whathehell Jun 2016 #200
so true DustyJoe Jun 2016 #72
You're again conflating "imply" and "infer LanternWaste Jun 2016 #161
No, I am not. I draw inference from her implication. lumberjack_jeff Jun 2016 #201
"Black folks are beginning to no longer center whiteness in their dress, speech and lifestyle choice Number23 Jun 2016 #66
Me too! We needed this. bravenak Jun 2016 #73
Excellent. sheshe2 Jun 2016 #68
KICK because truth is truth. raven mad Jun 2016 #69
K&R! Haveadream Jun 2016 #70
K&R fleabiscuit Jun 2016 #71
Why doesn't your quote include the portions bad mouthing democratic candidates? Taitertots Jun 2016 #74
I used the quotes I wanted to use. bravenak Jun 2016 #77
I'm going to report the OP for linking to anti-democratic candidate websites Taitertots Jun 2016 #112
Nobody claimed anybody was a white supremacist. bravenak Jun 2016 #113
It's in the article that YOU linked to in the OP Taitertots Jun 2016 #114
It talked about the black view of the candidates. bravenak Jun 2016 #116
Calling it "the black view" doesn't change that fact that it's bashing... Taitertots Jun 2016 #117
This was a critique bravenak Jun 2016 #118
that one heaven05 Jun 2016 #193
Yeah, I think we are seeing more hurt feelings than anything else. bravenak Jun 2016 #195
Defense mechanisms KMOD Jun 2016 #128
People are naturally defensive when other people are offensive Taitertots Jun 2016 #162
some behaviour was. Follow the link in the article to read it. KMOD Jun 2016 #166
So, your basic issue here is you're still upset about WillyT. Thanks for clarifying. nt Electric Monk Jun 2016 #167
No. That's not my basic issue. KMOD Jun 2016 #168
I understand from your posts that you think it's ok to be racist against white people. Electric Monk Jun 2016 #170
I have know idea where you got that from, KMOD Jun 2016 #171
What I saw in the main was that POC supported HRC because of name recognition Ligyron Jun 2016 #189
The reason that saying Clinton policies hurt us did not work is because bravenak Jun 2016 #196
I did not know that Ligyron Jun 2016 #215
K&R Gothmog Jun 2016 #75
Damn right rbrnmw Jun 2016 #76
Juche. Igel Jun 2016 #78
Not quite bravenak Jun 2016 #81
Sounds good to me Orrex Jun 2016 #82
I like having you in the discussion bravenak Jun 2016 #83
Thanks! I'm glad to participate! Orrex Jun 2016 #88
I think most people would agree that if you flipped those it'd be blatantly racist. Electric Monk Jun 2016 #84
That's how identity politics works Democat Jun 2016 #85
Donald Trump thanks you for your vote. forjusticethunders Jun 2016 #122
I believe in inclusion, not exclusion Democat Jun 2016 #135
Yes or no? No, of course. kwassa Jun 2016 #86
Really? You're in denial that classifying like that is racism, practically by definition? Electric Monk Jun 2016 #87
I don't understand this response. kwassa Jun 2016 #91
I don't understand yours. You're saying it's ok to be racist against white people, because? Electric Monk Jun 2016 #92
Institutional racism has benefited you. kwassa Jun 2016 #99
I will concede that point, to some degree. My point still stands, that racism can varied. nt Electric Monk Jun 2016 #100
If only race X were different, all would be right in the world. That's racism, pure and simple. nt Electric Monk Jun 2016 #89
No. betsuni Jun 2016 #93
Looks racist to me. jack_krass Jun 2016 #104
I think you missed the point of the article KMOD Jun 2016 #130
The OP is not Black People telling White People how they should act, speak, etc? Electric Monk Jun 2016 #134
No. It's not black people telling white people how to act. KMOD Jun 2016 #137
It's not telling white people how to act, it's just telling white people how to act. Ok, got it now. Electric Monk Jun 2016 #138
Clearly, you don't. KMOD Jun 2016 #139
You don't see your own double standard. That's the irony here. nt Electric Monk Jun 2016 #141
Can you answer my question? KMOD Jun 2016 #143
Flip that on it's head and think about how rediculous a statement it is. Electric Monk Jun 2016 #144
The article is not telling white people what is best for them. KMOD Jun 2016 #147
Am I telling "black people" what is best for them? I share my opinions on what I think is best Electric Monk Jun 2016 #148
sharing your opinion is great. KMOD Jun 2016 #149
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #150
She has been patiently, and persistantly trying to get people KMOD Jun 2016 #152
No melman Jun 2016 #158
Yes, history, but what is happening now is BULLYING of bravenak. It has gone beyond "context". Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2016 #180
Would you have preferred it if William Lloyd Garrison, John Greenleaf Whittier, and Electric Monk Jun 2016 #151
You continue to take offense at bits and pieces and are KMOD Jun 2016 #153
We can end this subthread here if you like. I think that you totally missed my point, though. nt Electric Monk Jun 2016 #154
Sure. But I didn't miss your point. KMOD Jun 2016 #156
Yeah, you really did. If it was about "Black people" or "Asian people" or "Native people" or Electric Monk Jun 2016 #157
The article is not telling you how to behave. KMOD Jun 2016 #159
Perfect. Thank you. bravenak Jun 2016 #183
lol melman Jun 2016 #140
Or how about "listen to" not "talk at"? pnwmom Jun 2016 #90
That works for me!! bravenak Jun 2016 #94
Unrec.Stupid, divisive crap article. jack_krass Jun 2016 #95
and that makes it right? smh uponit7771 Jun 2016 #108
I think that's a lesson some of us are learning from the primary. aikoaiko Jun 2016 #98
we welcome all to the Sanders revolution SoLeftIAmRight Jun 2016 #101
A sloppy article... MellowDem Jun 2016 #103
Blaxit from white centered culture begins, it aint gonna be pretty in the short term uponit7771 Jun 2016 #106
Blaxit! betsuni Jun 2016 #107
Yep. But it must be done. bravenak Jun 2016 #109
+1, The right will fight the inertia but few listen to them now in regards to race seeing tRump is uponit7771 Jun 2016 #127
Ha! Nt Quayblue Jun 2016 #125
K&R. lunamagica Jun 2016 #110
Sounds like an attempt to have carte blanche to act however... TipTok Jun 2016 #115
Your statement would be spot on KMOD Jun 2016 #131
Not sure why people cannot "act however" Haveadream Jun 2016 #133
My "however" implied behavior outside of acceptable social norms... TipTok Jun 2016 #145
I understand what you are saying better now Haveadream Jun 2016 #187
k & r lovemydog Jun 2016 #119
The article subtly ties Sanders to white supremacy. I read that as dog-whistle anti-semitism. redgreenandblue Jun 2016 #120
and his supporters "Bernie Sanders supporters engage in behavior rooted in white supremacy" bunnies Jun 2016 #124
It does no such thing. KMOD Jun 2016 #132
She has been even more blatant about it in the past. Not subtle (dog-whistle) at all. Electric Monk Jun 2016 #136
Not subtle at all melman Jun 2016 #142
Agreed the paternalistric attitude that some on the left have for black people craigmatic Jun 2016 #121
K&R betsuni Jun 2016 #123
White women generally do not support Donald Trump. lostnfound Jun 2016 #129
If you don't like sulphurdunn Jun 2016 #164
All whites benefit from their whiteness. Period. bravenak Jun 2016 #181
Hurt feelings? sulphurdunn Jun 2016 #184
Not the same thing at all bravenak Jun 2016 #185
Forget it. If you ever want sulphurdunn Jun 2016 #188
That is called poverty bravenak Jun 2016 #190
This is 2016, not 1916, sulphurdunn Jun 2016 #191
They had the 'privilege' of living on stolen land while the original inhabitants were removed bravenak Jun 2016 #194
It's been thosuands of years sulphurdunn Jun 2016 #197
How often were people removed just because of the color of their skin? bravenak Jun 2016 #198
Most of the time people are removed sulphurdunn Jun 2016 #208
In this case the conquerors (privileged) were the new white folks and the (oppressed) were bravenak Jun 2016 #209
The whites who conquered America sulphurdunn Jun 2016 #210
They did come thousands of miles to oppress poc bravenak Jun 2016 #211
The overwhelming majority sulphurdunn Jun 2016 #213
That does not change the history of oppression and the fact that they come to take the land of the bravenak Jun 2016 #214
I live in very poor, rural upstate NY, and while I know the white poor have advantages adigal Jun 2016 #204
Nobody told you to shut up bravenak Jun 2016 #205
Oh, sorry. I misunderstood. I was mostly reading the comments. :) nt adigal Jun 2016 #206
It's cool bravenak Jun 2016 #207
There is nothing privileged elljay Jun 2016 #186
Is this about the Brexit? egduj Jun 2016 #165
Of course not. bravenak Jun 2016 #199
Well said, Bravenak... secondwind Jun 2016 #169
Sounds like a plan... jmg257 Jun 2016 #172
And should Black People mind their own business? kiva Jun 2016 #175
Most of those posts are from- White people.... bravenak Jun 2016 #179
Just tell us and we'll do it. HassleCat Jun 2016 #176
as usual heaven05 Jun 2016 #192
I agree runaway hero Jun 2016 #202
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