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The humanities suffer; Math and Science are all that anyone care about REP Dec 2011 #1
yeah, but are people better in math and science ? JI7 Dec 2011 #2
More time is devoted to it in K-12 REP Dec 2011 #12
Here's the link: KatyaR Dec 2011 #27
NCLB mandated testing for Reading and Math ONLY... YvonneCa Dec 2011 #39
Math and Science may be "fetishized" fujiyama Dec 2011 #52
You wouldn't believe how many republican B Calm Dec 2011 #3
It's a good tactic... ellisonz Dec 2011 #4
I'll have to remember asking them when confronted. LiberalFighter Dec 2011 #37
Lemme see: Oak, Pine and Ash! So there, three branches rustydog Dec 2011 #46
Abc. NBC, and Fox. ChairmanAgnostic Dec 2011 #5
Legislative, the Executive and Corporate branches? nt bowens43 Dec 2011 #6
I sent out some Tweets to educate my Twitter followers :) Tx4obama Dec 2011 #7
It's posts like this that make me wish... ellisonz Dec 2011 #9
Here ya go - just highlight the image, copy it, and save it somewhere Tx4obama Dec 2011 #15
This is true. ellisonz Dec 2011 #50
a public service barbtries Dec 2011 #11
Not nearly enough, only 1,640. n/t Tx4obama Dec 2011 #13
Not bad... I could tweet the cure for cancer in my Glassunion Dec 2011 #45
i believe the ptb want it this way. barbtries Dec 2011 #8
I think you're correct! City Lights Dec 2011 #25
This message was self-deleted by its author Tesha Dec 2011 #10
Right. That tends to get forgotten. enough Dec 2011 #19
She wanted to resign to take care of her husband (he had tblue37 Dec 2011 #56
I couldn't agree more! City Lights Dec 2011 #24
Hyde on the 70's Show said the real branches of Government are Ichingcarpenter Dec 2011 #14
that sounds about right. Soylent Brice Dec 2011 #34
How about, The Military, The Corporations, and The Media? nt Ilsa Dec 2011 #43
When all they do in schools is teach how to take the standardized tests. hobbit709 Dec 2011 #16
This is a freakin sad state of our country and may explain the dumb signs at the Tea party events. Justice wanted Dec 2011 #17
Understanding How Government Works Is Disdained... KharmaTrain Dec 2011 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author HereSince1628 Dec 2011 #20
Three branches: Corporate, Military and Media Monopoly Ichingcarpenter Dec 2011 #21
What gets me is when the answer is "The White House, HOR, and Senate". HopeHoops Dec 2011 #22
Oh come on, that's easy. It's the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. n/t VWolf Dec 2011 #23
No it's not--it's Larry, Curley, and Moe. asjr Dec 2011 #26
Most people can't even name their congressional district or their representative tjwash Dec 2011 #28
Easy question SOS Dec 2011 #29
I don't KNOW that this is the MOST critical information Land Shark Dec 2011 #30
but it's such a basic thing, i don't know anyone who would understand those other things you mention JI7 Dec 2011 #32
In general, we need words to think clearly. Having words to label something tblue37 Dec 2011 #57
It's awful, isn't it. MineralMan Dec 2011 #31
i never got that, these classes were one area where you can show current examples JI7 Dec 2011 #33
Correct ellisonz Dec 2011 #51
Rick Perry can name two of them. DavidDvorkin Dec 2011 #35
Damn tawadi Dec 2011 #49
:) DavidDvorkin Dec 2011 #59
Wall Street, Big Oil and the NRA. Glassunion Dec 2011 #36
I believe you are the winner Control-Z Dec 2011 #41
The dumbing down of America - for real. CakeGrrl Dec 2011 #38
So are you sayng 1 in 3 American adults are not teabaggers? William769 Dec 2011 #40
This is pathetic The Genealogist Dec 2011 #42
It's tertiary in that there's no test for it. ellisonz Dec 2011 #53
I did The Genealogist Dec 2011 #61
HAHAHAHA!!!! Cali_Democrat Dec 2011 #44
It's really not funny. ellisonz Dec 2011 #54
Their ignorance is forgivable. I, myself, thought the three branches were ... T S Justly Dec 2011 #47
The Republican presidential candidates speak as though they can tblue37 Dec 2011 #48
+1000 ellisonz Dec 2011 #55
I thought there were no longer 3 branches: just the crazy US House of Representatives frazzled Dec 2011 #58
and yet how many can name all the football teams within every division! It's amazing book_worm Dec 2011 #60
Cheney thinks there are four. He was the 4th. NOT JOKING. WinkyDink Dec 2011 #62
This is exactly what we are up against NNN0LHI Dec 2011 #63
2 in 3 Americans can't find their ass with both hands. nt Javaman Dec 2011 #64
So? They can name all three of the eldest Kardashian sisters. Arugula Latte Dec 2011 #65
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