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Nye Bevan

(25,406 posts)
Sat Aug 27, 2016, 02:41 PM Aug 2016

Do you stand when the National Anthem is played at sporting events? [View all]

73 votes, 4 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes, I stand.
63 (86%)
No, I stay seated.
10 (14%)
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Yes, and I put my hand over my heart. Old school. CentralMass Aug 2016 #1
Hand over heart is not old school. DURHAM D Aug 2016 #4
Well we did it in elementary school in the early 60s. cwydro Aug 2016 #6
I had a discussion with some friends last week DURHAM D Aug 2016 #8
I was born in 1960 and it was done in Massachusetts since I can remember. CentralMass Aug 2016 #9
The 2008 non-hand over heart candidate was President Obama citood Aug 2016 #18
Not according to Dear Abby - DURHAM D Aug 2016 #20
You Mis-Interpret Dear Abbey citood Aug 2016 #48
There is something very wrong with you? DURHAM D Aug 2016 #50
You will now end your day knowing more than you did this morning. citood Aug 2016 #53
You are still wrong among your other problems. DURHAM D Aug 2016 #64
Not a big fan of revisionist history citood Aug 2016 #65
Why don't you read down thread and figure out DURHAM D Aug 2016 #66
I'd say the congressional record and photos citood Aug 2016 #70
I thought this was America trixie Aug 2016 #75
Me too! trixie Aug 2016 #73
The question after the question you highlight trixie Aug 2016 #74
I started elementary school in the late 60's, we were taught back then to hold hand over heart. Waldorf Aug 2016 #39
I believe it was Obama who didn't keep his hand over his heart for the anthem hedda_foil Aug 2016 #40
Not quite shadowrider Aug 2016 #24
I was in elementary school in the late 50s and 60s dflprincess Aug 2016 #77
Yep - for the pledge not the anthem WyLoochka Aug 2016 #90
Same here same time duncang Aug 2016 #92
Yep. me too. In Massachusetts in school 50's to 60' for pledge not anthem. Fla Dem Aug 2016 #95
Me too. tazkcmo Aug 2016 #79
I think it is. Maybe you lived in a pocket where it wasn't practiced, but MADem Aug 2016 #16
Please see my comment just above. DURHAM D Aug 2016 #21
That's New School. Iggo Aug 2016 #23
Yep. We did that in the 50's for the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE. B Calm Aug 2016 #45
Exactly. It annoys me that people mix the two: Solomon Aug 2016 #63
Everyone stands. DURHAM D Aug 2016 #2
Not everyone. I don't stand. masmdu Aug 2016 #85
Never mind. Iggo Aug 2016 #93
I did 20 in the military and this is what I was taught Separation Aug 2016 #96
Typically no. I have no need to prove anything in a public manner. uppityperson Aug 2016 #3
I would say you're trying to prove that religious belief or patriotism are private and personal The2ndWheel Aug 2016 #11
Whatever. I don't stand for most music and most of the time I'm not praying out loud. uppityperson Aug 2016 #29
I know what you mean Zing Zing Zingbah Aug 2016 #37
i didnt during the bush years. mopinko Aug 2016 #5
I think it's a ridiculous custom ... I was at a car show last week and they played it there too Auggie Aug 2016 #7
I stand but I do not put hand over heart (nt) bigwillq Aug 2016 #10
Retired military, I used to have to break my arm to not salute. MADem Aug 2016 #12
Being in a border state. roamer65 Aug 2016 #13
You must live very close to the border. Zing Zing Zingbah Aug 2016 #43
Yeah. I get CBC over the air. roamer65 Aug 2016 #49
Yes Bradical79 Aug 2016 #14
I do the exact same outside or at events yeoman6987 Aug 2016 #27
Of course I love America...always have, always will. ileus Aug 2016 #15
+1 FLPanhandle Aug 2016 #38
Of course, hat removed, with hand over my heart. TheCowsCameHome Aug 2016 #17
Yes but I don't think I'd put hand on heart treestar Aug 2016 #19
Except when I'm pole vaulting, yeah. bluedigger Aug 2016 #22
He comes to "attention" because there is no flag to salute.... Historic NY Aug 2016 #58
Nothing says Freedom like forcing people to stand up every time a certain song is played. NightWatcher Aug 2016 #25
Thank you for putting it so well uppityperson Aug 2016 #30
. Iggo Aug 2016 #55
Well said. nt DLevine Aug 2016 #60
THIS Kali Aug 2016 #82
Who's forcing anyone to stand for the anthem? WillowTree Aug 2016 #84
I agree alarimer Aug 2016 #94
my decades long tradition... northoftheborder Aug 2016 #26
Do you ever question why it is played at sporting events but not the opera? . . . Journeyman Aug 2016 #28
Yes, I do. uppityperson Aug 2016 #32
You didn't grow up military like I did. It got crazy. nolabear Aug 2016 #34
Done for all events in many countries unc70 Aug 2016 #41
Really? Lived in England a few years and never happened whatthehey Aug 2016 #98
I do and it pisses me off the way the right tries to shame those that don't. liberal N proud Aug 2016 #31
Nationalism is right wing group think. Warren Stupidity Aug 2016 #33
Affinity to tribe is a human trait. Maru Kitteh Aug 2016 #52
Hmmm yes it is. Warren Stupidity Aug 2016 #67
Well. I could sit. Maru Kitteh Aug 2016 #86
But Suwanee River is a pretty decent song, when the offensive dialect is flushed. Eleanors38 Aug 2016 #59
Seldom go to sporting events anymore. rurallib Aug 2016 #35
re: your reason 2 melman Aug 2016 #46
not buying into it - just rebelling against the idea that others would buy into it rurallib Aug 2016 #51
I don't go to sporting events. Rex Aug 2016 #36
Always sarisataka Aug 2016 #42
I stand when they play our anthem..I stand when the bride beachbum bob Aug 2016 #44
If you're not standing Quackers Aug 2016 #71
Stand but no hand SCantiGOP Aug 2016 #47
Yes, and during Suwannee River (FL), and both school anthems. Eleanors38 Aug 2016 #54
Yeah and usually just stand at attention. I never say "under god" when reciting the pledge. brewens Aug 2016 #56
I do and I place my hand over my heart. mourningdove92 Aug 2016 #57
Yes... Mike Nelson Aug 2016 #61
I don't even want to watch it on tv JonLP24 Aug 2016 #62
I stand. Cracklin Charlie Aug 2016 #68
I don't go to sporting events nt Raine Aug 2016 #69
It depends. Sometimes I use the opportunity to grab a beer. Philly-Union-Man Aug 2016 #72
Yes, but not for God Bless America... El Supremo Aug 2016 #76
Of course I stand PJMcK Aug 2016 #78
I don't do either one. Kali Aug 2016 #80
No. rug Aug 2016 #81
I find it a ridiculous custom at sporting events cvoogt Aug 2016 #83
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2016 #87
I don't go to sporting events. GoneOffShore Aug 2016 #88
Yes Liberal_in_LA Aug 2016 #89
No, because I think the last sporting event I actually attended was maybe in 1986 or thereabouts. Warren DeMontague Aug 2016 #91
I've been to 2 or 3 games in the last few years because they were charity events pinboy3niner Aug 2016 #97
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