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Response to rug (Reply #4)

Gene Wilder - Atheist [View all] stopbush Aug 2016 OP
Sounds like a pretty good plan to me. OriginalGeek Aug 2016 #1
and... Jeffersons Ghost Aug 2016 #8
lots of brilliant minds are underpaid Younemeen Aug 2016 #21
IMDB says 1995! TexasBushwhacker Aug 2016 #2
Jewish Atheist! mucifer Aug 2016 #3
Not any more. rug Aug 2016 #4
If it makes you feel better edhopper Aug 2016 #5
It is the reality now, isn't it ed? rug Aug 2016 #16
I took your post to say edhopper Aug 2016 #31
I took it as a simple fact pintobean Aug 2016 #33
True. Now he's just dead. REP Aug 2016 #10
Classy. Warren DeMontague Aug 2016 #13
No, actually I learned that from Hitchens. rug Aug 2016 #18
I know he does Warren DeMontague Aug 2016 #22
Those are pixels and words, not the person. rug Aug 2016 #23
Pixels and words aren't the person? Warren DeMontague Aug 2016 #25
Er, no. rug Aug 2016 #26
wow, that was fast. Warren DeMontague Aug 2016 #27
Only six characters rug Aug 2016 #29
You accused me of preaching, so I figured I owed you a little pulpit thumping, so to speak. Warren DeMontague Aug 2016 #30
HOLY SHIT I'M STILL HERE Warren DeMontague Aug 2016 #41
Always. Think about it. rug Aug 2016 #42
You assume I haven't? Warren DeMontague Aug 2016 #43
You know, we used to believe in ghosts. Many still do. WestCoastLib Aug 2016 #35
He wasn't interested in having an actual discussion, clearly. Warren DeMontague Aug 2016 #40
Post removed Post removed Aug 2016 #14
Post removed Post removed Aug 2016 #19
And to think I thought you were so happy at jpr. rug Aug 2016 #20
Wow. demmiblue Aug 2016 #24
Not any more. AlbertCat Aug 2016 #34
He would probably laugh edhopper Aug 2016 #6
Yes. Very disrespectful of his wife of the past 25 years, stopbush Aug 2016 #7
Well, there's room for both, if that's what one believes. DawgHouse Aug 2016 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author edhopper Aug 2016 #32
That too REP Aug 2016 #12
Just to set the record straight leftynyc Aug 2016 #15
'Rejoining' with god is one way to explain it REP Aug 2016 #36
It was explained to me leftynyc Aug 2016 #37
3 Jews, 5 opinions :-) REP Aug 2016 #38
Agree leftynyc Aug 2016 #39
I never knew he remarried. Lunabell Aug 2016 #28
I thought they were weird REP Aug 2016 #11
If he was Buddhist, one way of looking at it is to say that all things contain the Buddha nature. Warren DeMontague Aug 2016 #17
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