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15. I am fundamentally opposed to very little...I loathe fundamentalism in ALL its guises, but
Tue Aug 30, 2016, 11:48 AM
Aug 2016

in this case, I stand or rather I sit with Kaepernick.

The absolute right of freedom of speech is clearly meant to protect citizens from the government's attempts to silence or intimidate or imprison them for dissent. In that regards, the oh-so-offended members of law enforcement, the one's whose itty-bitty feelings are hurt when they are greeted with anything short of instant fealty and endless praise - NOT ALL COPS MIND YOU!!! Just the grandstanding idiots who play to the authoritarian reptile brain crowd of police worshippers - attempts to silence expression or dissent or protest is utterly odious and not deserving of respect.

Who do I respect?

Simple, the cop who is on the beat day-in and day-out and doing his job while trying to work WITH the community he SERVES, NOT the assholes who demand instant obedience or they go to force, yet has the courage to stand up and say what is right and obvious to any rational person - SOME PEOPLE ARE NOT FIT TO EVER BE POLICE, AND YET TOO MANY OF THEM ARE STILL ON FORCES TODAY!

NOT the guy who shows up at an 84 year old woman's house and uses force (pepper spray) on her.

NOT the cops who showed up and executed Tamir Rice in 4 seconds.

NOT the cops who shoot a fleeing man in the back AND THEN try to plant evidence at the scene while blatantly contaminating the crime scene in the process.

There are so many more cases that DON'T get on the news or that I am not going to link to here to ignore this problem. The attacks against Black Lives Matter and the attempts to rebrand them as "domestic terrorists" by the Faux Noise crowd and the Trumpster Fire himself are simply further proof that the issue is real and that there is a significant portion of the population (mainly older white people like myself...the over 40, white males that so often are discussed these days in context of the overt racism that some are resorting to now) that simply wants to believe untruths because the truth is painful to confront.

There is horrifying systemic racism throughout the criminal justice system. From the street cops to the district attorneys to the private prisons to the appellate courts and all the way to the SCOTUS itself. Denial of the problem and failure to confront it is not working. People are dying and injustice anywhere truly IS injustice everywhere.

So, to shine light on the issue...to take heat on one's self in service of others with less access to media coverage, with less of a platform to draw attention is in my estimation a profound service from Colin Kaepernick. At great personal loss (his endorsement future died with this decision) and at great threat to his personal safety (the death threats and crazies are really ginned up about this), a young man whom I was not particularly fond of as a player, has earned my respect and made it front and center in our national discussion once more. It is going to take the courage of 1,000's of Kaepernicks though to truly move the discussion into action and the action into change.

Kudos, Colin...I was never a fan of yours before, but I sit with you on this issue and applaud your efforts to do more that offer platitudes and fake respect to people who have not all earned what they seek without exceptions.

Yep, love me some Jim Wright. malthaussen Aug 2016 #1
There you have it. CanSocDem Aug 2016 #2
A great nation that took an abandoned interracial child and raised him to be a multimillionaire Taitertots Aug 2016 #3
By Standing During A Song? ProfessorGAC Aug 2016 #7
it's the god bless america heaven05 Aug 2016 #10
Then We Agree ProfessorGAC Aug 2016 #19
he can do what he wants Skittles Aug 2016 #22
Nobody Said Otherwise ProfessorGAC Aug 2016 #29
Pssst.. give me the Raiders Quarter back.. yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #31
"Veterans for Kaepernick hashtag blows up as QB receives support" Stellar Aug 2016 #32
people can think what they want Skittles Aug 2016 #39
Why would 'some people' think that. I'm confused. Stellar Aug 2016 #41
Because he's a multimillionaire whining about how oppressed people like him are. NuclearDem Aug 2016 #49
Even Black multimillionaires like Colin get picked-on by the police too, that's how he knows. Stellar Aug 2016 #52
He's a black man who is tired of racial injustice. KMOD Aug 2016 #59
Your premise is ill informed. He is not whining about how oppressed people like him are. Glassunion Sep 2016 #69
I even respect heaven05 Aug 2016 #8
You think millions of people wish you were dead? Taitertots Aug 2016 #16
of course heaven05 Aug 2016 #20
Way out of line, and very rude. KMOD Aug 2016 #60
It's an reasonable/accurate response to their post Taitertots Sep 2016 #64
Doubling down, huh. KMOD Sep 2016 #65
That's an interesting and mostly factual post that is a complete non-sequitur Taitertots Sep 2016 #66
Do you have any fear when you or a loved one are pulled over KMOD Sep 2016 #67
It's both odd and ironic that when calling him an idiot, you confuse "evidence" with "proof." LanternWaste Aug 2016 #9
Thank you! LittleDuckie Aug 2016 #18
uh oh.... was that just common sense I read????!!!!! nt clarice Aug 2016 #21
doesn't football cause brain damage ? JI7 Aug 2016 #23
"A great nation that took an abandoned interracial child and raised him pangaia Aug 2016 #37
You think he is an exception. He is not. Taitertots Aug 2016 #42
Well, we will just have to dsagree. pangaia Aug 2016 #45
This argument is racist and disrespectful to adoptive families. LeftyMom Aug 2016 #46
No it isn't. N/t Taitertots Aug 2016 #47
No, it's not. NuclearDem Aug 2016 #50
Black lives are worthy of respect. KMOD Aug 2016 #58
I agree.... N/T Taitertots Sep 2016 #63
Kaepernick knows perfectly well he is the exception. backscatter712 Sep 2016 #70
Very well said! Stonepounder Aug 2016 #4
I have a feeling Kaepernick will be sitting during the National Anthem for a new team soon. jalan48 Aug 2016 #5
Thank You. Mr. Wright! ProfessorGAC Aug 2016 #6
It is right here in this thread. pangaia Aug 2016 #27
You Said It! ProfessorGAC Aug 2016 #30
I was away for about 12 days, in Norway sailing. pangaia Aug 2016 #35
Even with all it problems,,,, Cryptoad Aug 2016 #11
Kaepernick can do what he wants but it's a distraction to his team & an unnecessary lack of respect. Sunlei Aug 2016 #12
If he had made a spectical of it, then you might be approaching a point. Glassunion Aug 2016 #14
It wasn't a spectacle the first three times he did it ripcord Aug 2016 #48
Lack of respect for...what? pangaia Aug 2016 #36
The real travesty Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #13
I am fundamentally opposed to very little...I loathe fundamentalism in ALL its guises, but Moostache Aug 2016 #15
Excellent. My hat is off to you. n/t CanSocDem Aug 2016 #17
I have turned a corner on CK as well. Will be an open supporter now. nt JanMichael Aug 2016 #24
Don't forget the Vet's that are coming to support him! Stellar Aug 2016 #33
Wish I could rec this 1000 times. Duval Aug 2016 #25
Michael Jordan And Tiger Woods magicnpoetry Aug 2016 #26
Honestly, I don't care Travis_0004 Aug 2016 #28
No empathy at all... Stellar Aug 2016 #40
I want him cut because there arw better options Travis_0004 Aug 2016 #43
So, this is just about football (the game) with you and not about this thread...Or is it. Stellar Aug 2016 #44
hear, hear! Stellar Aug 2016 #34
Meh... TipTok Aug 2016 #38
There's no winning with them, anyway. NuclearDem Aug 2016 #51
Wanting equal justice and treatment in the eyes of the law is not being KMOD Aug 2016 #61
If Colin want to be shown respect then he should show respect to his first (birth) mother. (eom) StevieM Aug 2016 #53
You mean the mother that gave him away at six week old even though his grandparents wanted him, Stellar Aug 2016 #54
She succumbed to the relentless efforts of the adoption industry. And she has been pained by it StevieM Aug 2016 #55
link... Stellar Aug 2016 #56
I honestly don't know what you are talking about... TipTok Aug 2016 #57
Excellent question and I am glad that you asked it. StevieM Aug 2016 #62
are you a fishmonger? TheSarcastinator Sep 2016 #68
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