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38. Meh...
Wed Aug 31, 2016, 09:45 AM
Aug 2016

You can't please everyone. Especially the hyper sensitive...

I'll work on earning respect from those I think deserve it.

Yep, love me some Jim Wright. malthaussen Aug 2016 #1
There you have it. CanSocDem Aug 2016 #2
A great nation that took an abandoned interracial child and raised him to be a multimillionaire Taitertots Aug 2016 #3
By Standing During A Song? ProfessorGAC Aug 2016 #7
it's the god bless america heaven05 Aug 2016 #10
Then We Agree ProfessorGAC Aug 2016 #19
he can do what he wants Skittles Aug 2016 #22
Nobody Said Otherwise ProfessorGAC Aug 2016 #29
Pssst.. give me the Raiders Quarter back.. yuiyoshida Aug 2016 #31
"Veterans for Kaepernick hashtag blows up as QB receives support" Stellar Aug 2016 #32
people can think what they want Skittles Aug 2016 #39
Why would 'some people' think that. I'm confused. Stellar Aug 2016 #41
Because he's a multimillionaire whining about how oppressed people like him are. NuclearDem Aug 2016 #49
Even Black multimillionaires like Colin get picked-on by the police too, that's how he knows. Stellar Aug 2016 #52
He's a black man who is tired of racial injustice. KMOD Aug 2016 #59
Your premise is ill informed. He is not whining about how oppressed people like him are. Glassunion Sep 2016 #69
I even respect heaven05 Aug 2016 #8
You think millions of people wish you were dead? Taitertots Aug 2016 #16
of course heaven05 Aug 2016 #20
Way out of line, and very rude. KMOD Aug 2016 #60
It's an reasonable/accurate response to their post Taitertots Sep 2016 #64
Doubling down, huh. KMOD Sep 2016 #65
That's an interesting and mostly factual post that is a complete non-sequitur Taitertots Sep 2016 #66
Do you have any fear when you or a loved one are pulled over KMOD Sep 2016 #67
It's both odd and ironic that when calling him an idiot, you confuse "evidence" with "proof." LanternWaste Aug 2016 #9
Thank you! LittleDuckie Aug 2016 #18
uh oh.... was that just common sense I read????!!!!! nt clarice Aug 2016 #21
doesn't football cause brain damage ? JI7 Aug 2016 #23
"A great nation that took an abandoned interracial child and raised him pangaia Aug 2016 #37
You think he is an exception. He is not. Taitertots Aug 2016 #42
Well, we will just have to dsagree. pangaia Aug 2016 #45
This argument is racist and disrespectful to adoptive families. LeftyMom Aug 2016 #46
No it isn't. N/t Taitertots Aug 2016 #47
No, it's not. NuclearDem Aug 2016 #50
Black lives are worthy of respect. KMOD Aug 2016 #58
I agree.... N/T Taitertots Sep 2016 #63
Kaepernick knows perfectly well he is the exception. backscatter712 Sep 2016 #70
Very well said! Stonepounder Aug 2016 #4
I have a feeling Kaepernick will be sitting during the National Anthem for a new team soon. jalan48 Aug 2016 #5
Thank You. Mr. Wright! ProfessorGAC Aug 2016 #6
It is right here in this thread. pangaia Aug 2016 #27
You Said It! ProfessorGAC Aug 2016 #30
I was away for about 12 days, in Norway sailing. pangaia Aug 2016 #35
Even with all it problems,,,, Cryptoad Aug 2016 #11
Kaepernick can do what he wants but it's a distraction to his team & an unnecessary lack of respect. Sunlei Aug 2016 #12
If he had made a spectical of it, then you might be approaching a point. Glassunion Aug 2016 #14
It wasn't a spectacle the first three times he did it ripcord Aug 2016 #48
Lack of respect for...what? pangaia Aug 2016 #36
The real travesty Nuclear Unicorn Aug 2016 #13
I am fundamentally opposed to very little...I loathe fundamentalism in ALL its guises, but Moostache Aug 2016 #15
Excellent. My hat is off to you. n/t CanSocDem Aug 2016 #17
I have turned a corner on CK as well. Will be an open supporter now. nt JanMichael Aug 2016 #24
Don't forget the Vet's that are coming to support him! Stellar Aug 2016 #33
Wish I could rec this 1000 times. Duval Aug 2016 #25
Michael Jordan And Tiger Woods magicnpoetry Aug 2016 #26
Honestly, I don't care Travis_0004 Aug 2016 #28
No empathy at all... Stellar Aug 2016 #40
I want him cut because there arw better options Travis_0004 Aug 2016 #43
So, this is just about football (the game) with you and not about this thread...Or is it. Stellar Aug 2016 #44
hear, hear! Stellar Aug 2016 #34
Meh... TipTok Aug 2016 #38
There's no winning with them, anyway. NuclearDem Aug 2016 #51
Wanting equal justice and treatment in the eyes of the law is not being KMOD Aug 2016 #61
If Colin want to be shown respect then he should show respect to his first (birth) mother. (eom) StevieM Aug 2016 #53
You mean the mother that gave him away at six week old even though his grandparents wanted him, Stellar Aug 2016 #54
She succumbed to the relentless efforts of the adoption industry. And she has been pained by it StevieM Aug 2016 #55
link... Stellar Aug 2016 #56
I honestly don't know what you are talking about... TipTok Aug 2016 #57
Excellent question and I am glad that you asked it. StevieM Aug 2016 #62
are you a fishmonger? TheSarcastinator Sep 2016 #68
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