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Yikes! Look how Putie has his arm up WhiteTara Sep 2016 #1
K&R It's an old KGB habit. Putin wants his adversary to think he has a handgun under his jacket. Jeffersons Ghost Sep 2016 #27
Putin is the world leader who most reminds me of a particularly evil Bond Villain. Siwsan Sep 2016 #40
It's a old CIA/ KGB trick to induce targets to look at your eyes, as agents pull a gun or needle Jeffersons Ghost Sep 2016 #54
Interesting! Siwsan Sep 2016 #55
"But it was all just fantasy," Putin does not actually have a gun! Is Trump's wall fantasy? Jeffersons Ghost Sep 2016 #65
"Young Guns"? maddiemom Sep 2016 #75
tRump Scarsdale Sep 2016 #46
Maybe F.A.S.? Siwsan Sep 2016 #95
Pooty Poo Scarsdale Sep 2016 #44
You can see the glee on the black man's face in the back! LOL!! Liberal_Stalwart71 Sep 2016 #109
OMG that's f*cking badass TheSarcastinator Sep 2016 #2
"Don't fuck with me, Vlad. I'm not a mealy-mouthed loser like the last guy." Aristus Sep 2016 #3
..... trusty elf Sep 2016 #99
Exactly! n/t MBS Sep 2016 #101
He's saying, you think I give you a hard time, edhopper Sep 2016 #4
Well, I do hope so. She's going to have to work hard to keep her footing with that one Hekate Sep 2016 #19
NOW - That's a picture you won't see on packman Sep 2016 #5
You might ser it yhere as they... MarianJack Sep 2016 #14
Really...It looks very honest whathehell Sep 2016 #41
I JUST POSTED THIS PICTURE ON TWITTER. trueblue2007 Sep 2016 #91
Wow! that is something - KT2000 Sep 2016 #6
Punk assed Puty has to look up at a real man. Loki Sep 2016 #7
That is an awesome eyefuck by POTUS. nt msanthrope Sep 2016 #8
I would NOT want to be in the path of that stare. calimary Sep 2016 #35
Yes!!! n/t MBS Sep 2016 #103
Donald Trump, Tough Guy napkinz Sep 2016 #9
Love that video! Have never seen it. Donald was really terrified. Didn't know where to hide! Judi Lynn Sep 2016 #100
I think of him saying "Hello Putin" the way Seinfeld greeted Newman. nolabear Sep 2016 #10
I love that so much stopwastingmymoney Sep 2016 #13
Putin gave Obama an out from sending ground troops into Syria yurbud Sep 2016 #39
Post removed Post removed Sep 2016 #11
Care to expand on that thought? I don't get the reference to either "propaganda" about Putin or.... Hekate Sep 2016 #22
Cohen is an............ mrmpa Sep 2016 #80
Thank you, mrmpa. I found that post just a little too odd to let pass without comment. Hekate Sep 2016 #93
Just A Little Caviar Leakage... Grassy Knoll Sep 2016 #12
Is that the equivalent of the Lyndon treatment. ananda Sep 2016 #15
no shit. After a year or two of obstruction, Obama should have opened a can of whup-ass on them yurbud Sep 2016 #45
Don't mess with me, you little twerp Motley13 Sep 2016 #16
" " " n/t MBS Sep 2016 #102
Amazing...... titanicdave Sep 2016 #17
Vlad definitely looks flummoxed and am so glad our Pres. looks down on him. Badass is right..n/t monmouth4 Sep 2016 #18
staredown Enrique Sep 2016 #20
Putin regrets he cannot take off his shirt and flex his KGB pecks. Buzz Clik Sep 2016 #21
That is adult serious face x10. Rex Sep 2016 #23
Such a great shot ismnotwasm Sep 2016 #24
Is this from the G20? Hekate Sep 2016 #25
It sure is Siwsan Sep 2016 #26
I am definitely saving it Hekate Sep 2016 #28
Twitter and Facebook tavernier Sep 2016 #29
Oh My God! sheshe2 Sep 2016 #30
You people ryan_cats Sep 2016 #31
I can only respectfully suggest you lighten up, maybe a notch or two Siwsan Sep 2016 #32
Ahhh ryan_cats Sep 2016 #43
I don't worship any human. I just appreciate some really good shade Siwsan Sep 2016 #47
I beg to differ ryan_cats Sep 2016 #50
First, although I can be kind, I am definitely not a sir. Siwsan Sep 2016 #52
+1,000 NastyRiffraff Sep 2016 #82
Yea, it gets old, after a while Siwsan Sep 2016 #85
I am not ryan_cats Sep 2016 #94
It's fun to absolve ourselves of responsibility for the choices we make to engage others. LanternWaste Sep 2016 #104
Says ryan_cats Sep 2016 #105
I AGREE WITH YOU. ryan_cats is being too snarky. And i think he was rude to you. trueblue2007 Sep 2016 #97
I am absolutely ryan_cats Sep 2016 #111
Obama leads the stronger nation True Dough Sep 2016 #37
"The physically fit black belt" ismnotwasm Sep 2016 #56
It's BumRushDaShow Sep 2016 #62
Heh! ismnotwasm Sep 2016 #66
Sometimes I wonder if this is all kabuki, too jumptheshadow Sep 2016 #88
I bet you're a lot of fun at parties harun Sep 2016 #107
President Nasty McBadass Botany Sep 2016 #33
He learned that from my poodle dog. Cracklin Charlie Sep 2016 #34
I used that expression on a former right wing teapartier co-worker and it drove her around the twist Siwsan Sep 2016 #38
My wife has used it on me. duncang Sep 2016 #72
HAHA! Siwsan Sep 2016 #73
It works on me anyways duncang Sep 2016 #74
Go for it, Mr. Prez whathehell Sep 2016 #36
You talkin' ta me? lamp_shade Sep 2016 #42
Whoaaa..this has me holding my breath! PearliePoo2 Sep 2016 #48
The bodies are in back alleys. gordianot Sep 2016 #49
Any idea when that photo was taken. Hulk Sep 2016 #51
Within the last day Siwsan Sep 2016 #53
Ah....OK. Thanks! Hulk Sep 2016 #84
Potential dates of Sasha or Malia should also fear this look nadine_mn Sep 2016 #57
Link to an article about this pic here BumRushDaShow Sep 2016 #58
Yea, but who can ever really be sure when Putin was born Siwsan Sep 2016 #59
!!! BumRushDaShow Sep 2016 #60
Oh yea, I do wonder if he practiced that look in a mirror, first! Siwsan Sep 2016 #63
LOL BumRushDaShow Sep 2016 #77
I just posted the story that goes with this picture and didn't see this thread. NWCorona Sep 2016 #61
I don't think that photo can ever be posted too many times! Siwsan Sep 2016 #64
Yup! It's a great shot and I just know that Putin is kicking himself right now! NWCorona Sep 2016 #67
Fierce lillypaddle Sep 2016 #68
Reminds me of a really ollld TV show with two people in a 'staring contest" in an old west town. LongTomH Sep 2016 #69
Ooooo, that's cold liberalla Sep 2016 #70
Obama def has the height intimidation factor going for him. ErikJ Sep 2016 #71
The Michael Phelps death stare MFM008 Sep 2016 #76
Post removed Post removed Sep 2016 #78
The two have a definite dislike for each other. roamer65 Sep 2016 #79
That guy is pootin'. johnp3907 Sep 2016 #81
"Beware of Cool Cat" as the Chinese PTB apparently say. . . DinahMoeHum Sep 2016 #83
I like it! BlancheSplanchnik Sep 2016 #90
Putin is an incompetent posturer with a dim future. byronius Sep 2016 #86
The Obama looking down on Putin. Stellar Sep 2016 #87
Lol. Decent a man as this President is, Volaris Sep 2016 #89
LOL Skittles Sep 2016 #92
Now that, right there 2naSalit Sep 2016 #96
Well, others have said it, and I might as well say it again. I will MISS Barack PatrickforO Sep 2016 #98
This reminds me of the Putin/Bush appearances. JNelson6563 Sep 2016 #106
Trump would be on his knee's Pakid Sep 2016 #108
Good one, Mr. President! NastyRiffraff Sep 2016 #110
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