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29. The so-called "University of Ottawa study" was conducted by
Tue Sep 6, 2016, 04:09 PM
Sep 2016

Serge Larivée, Geneviève Chénard, and Carole Sénéchal

Serge Larivée's University of Montreal webpage states:
... I focus on developmental approaches of intelligence ... I am interested in the determinants of intelligence in an epigenetic perspective (interaction between genes and the environment), the comparisons between groups (gender and ethnic groups). Finally, I work on one of the most intriguing phenomena in the field of intelligence the "Flynn Effect" which highlights the generational increase in IQ scores ...

It is entirely unclear why this qualifies him to speak on issues of social work among the poor in India

Carole Sénéchal University of Ottawa webpage states: Carole Senechal did her doctoral studies at the University of Quebec in Montreal in psychology .. and at the University of Montreal in psychology. Her first doctorate focused on autism and the second on burnout and organizational behavior. Since the end of her studies, her research .. focuses .. autism , mental health and psychopathology in children and adolescents and psychological health problems of teachers and school leaders ...

It is entirely unclear why this qualifies her to speak on issues of social work among the poor in India

Geneviève Chénard works at the University of Montreal as Chargée de cours. In this interview, she admits the so-called "study" involved no original research: We found 287 books and articles on Mother Teresa (of which) 153 ... were hagiography. In fact, when asked Did you do field work in Calcutta at all? Chénard replied: No. But I’d like to go to Calcutta

Mother Teresa Was No Saint [View all] niyad Sep 2016 OP
I only regret that I have but one K&R to give to this post The Polack MSgt Sep 2016 #1
sadly, you are quite correct niyad Sep 2016 #2
+1000 smirkymonkey Sep 2016 #25
Nailed it. nt SusanCalvin Sep 2016 #38
Me too. GoneOffShore Sep 2016 #30
I would have thought... Mike Nelson Sep 2016 #3
even things that don't happen!! niyad Sep 2016 #5
Indeed. She was a horrible person. R&K nt longship Sep 2016 #4
K & R for exposure. SunSeeker Sep 2016 #6
Yeah, but they need new saints. HassleCat Sep 2016 #7
Marketing is the name of the game. trotsky Sep 2016 #10
Looks like she is one now! misterhighwasted Sep 2016 #8
k and r Stuart G Sep 2016 #9
lets hope trump does not hire her pr firm dembotoz Sep 2016 #11
Come on - it's all BS malaise Sep 2016 #12
it's a vatican PR stunt to raise $$. sainthood is a racket nt msongs Sep 2016 #13
That whole miracle requirement makes me think none of them really are. ToxMarz Sep 2016 #14
'Mother Teresa will be the patron saint of white people on gap years' LynneSin Sep 2016 #15
Hitchens did a vidja about her. MynameisBlarney Sep 2016 #16
Hitchens, rightly, put Theresa in her place. progressoid Sep 2016 #20
Aye MynameisBlarney Sep 2016 #22
One of C. Hitchens many critiques on this "saint" was.... wolfie001 Sep 2016 #23
The woman was deranged! smirkymonkey Sep 2016 #26
It was barbaric MynameisBlarney Sep 2016 #32
The sick thing is she had the means and money to help smirkymonkey Sep 2016 #33
It can make you mad cry just thinking of the unnecessary suffering! wolfie001 Sep 2016 #34
Sounds eerily similar to MynameisBlarney Sep 2016 #36
Ain't that the truth. SusanCalvin Sep 2016 #39
(Shrug) The Church made a Roman tax collector the patron saint of bankers. Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2016 #17
Wow, brutal, but true Saviolo Sep 2016 #18
K&R nt lillypaddle Sep 2016 #19
"Mother Teresa was a martyr ... for white, bourgeois guilt" progressoid Sep 2016 #21
Yep, bingo. trotsky Sep 2016 #24
Lets see... tavernier Sep 2016 #27
The Vatican chose him to play the Devil's Advocate wolfie001 Sep 2016 #35
The Albania poison dwarf. GoneOffShore Sep 2016 #28
The so-called "University of Ottawa study" was conducted by struggle4progress Sep 2016 #29
I figured that "study" was bogus. Apparently The_Casual_Observer Sep 2016 #31
I agree BlueInPhilly Sep 2016 #37
Hitchens's research was used by the Vatican REP Sep 2016 #40
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