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I'm feeling much better about all but 2 states. Funtatlaguy Oct 2016 #1
Ohio has been tough all along Cosmocat Oct 2016 #3
what trump DID very well in the first debate is appeal to the rust belt dembotoz Oct 2016 #15
They need to hammer away on avebury Oct 2016 #21
yes! Call him out on buying from China or lower-wage countries whenever he can. Akamai Oct 2016 #59
But how can they possibly believe his bullshit. rivegauche Oct 2016 #36
IF they rtracey Oct 2016 #44
you're absolutely right of course. And I agree nt rivegauche Oct 2016 #45
The fact that so many Trump supporters Charles Bukowski Oct 2016 #55
One of he seems to be doing well in Ohio is that the mainstream press is not reporting Hillary's Akamai Oct 2016 #60
Yep. It's astounding that he gets away with such blatant hypocricy. Dark n Stormy Knight Oct 2016 #62
It would be great to see Ohio fall off the list of battleground states. calimary Oct 2016 #39
LeBron James is on her side there, so maybe that will help. nt tblue37 Oct 2016 #47
Trump stole Bernie's bit of being anti-NAFTA. Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2016 #63
I think Trump lost NC this week jmowreader Oct 2016 #67
no way Trump wins OH Botany Oct 2016 #26
Trump could win OH, FL, NV, AND NC but still lose the election Major Nikon Oct 2016 #66
Clinton needs to run ads hammering Trump for buying all that steel and aluminum in China dbackjon Oct 2016 #37
Nate Silver now shows Ohio leaning ever so slightly toward Hillary. tclambert Oct 2016 #71
There's a pretty good chance that saltpoint Oct 2016 #2
Pennsylvania would be a miracle for Trump to win it... Wounded Bear Oct 2016 #29
Sounds very encouraging. I hope saltpoint Oct 2016 #31
I'm trying as hard as I can to dissuade people here from voting NightWatcher Oct 2016 #4
I'd encourage them to skip it this year awoke_in_2003 Oct 2016 #54
I'd like to see Rubio have a big loss also..n/t monmouth4 Oct 2016 #5
I'll second that. eom saltpoint Oct 2016 #7
Third! calimary Oct 2016 #40
trump morphing into junkyard dog mode doesn' appeal to college educated white women beachbum bob Oct 2016 #6
What is Ohio's deal? LW1977 Oct 2016 #8
You know, I wondered the same thing but I did hear an explanation the other day. EV_Ares Oct 2016 #9
Ive been to Ohio and well retrowire Oct 2016 #11
Their demographic has not changed GulfCoast66 Oct 2016 #65
+1 uponit7771 Oct 2016 #75
Ohio ckimmy57 Oct 2016 #10
This Floridian is soon to start GOTV efforts mcar Oct 2016 #12
The cuba issue may have galvanized the Cuban community against Trump. TXCritter Oct 2016 #13
There is no path for Trump Johnny2X2X Oct 2016 #14
except the Bush path, rigging elections. Coyotl Oct 2016 #17
Luckily we have Hillary Johnny2X2X Oct 2016 #25
From your keyboard to God's eyes Hekate Oct 2016 #73
Historically, this is true Hekate Oct 2016 #72
There's about 5 states you can say that about... Wounded Bear Oct 2016 #32
I've been out walking for Hillary this week...in FL Sancho Oct 2016 #16
OH needs ads against Republicans supporting Trump. Cycle2016 Oct 2016 #18
Kudo's to all in Florida working on the GOTV!! aeroman Oct 2016 #19
Welcome to DU, aeroman! calimary Oct 2016 #41
You were dangerously close to having your butt kicked.... LynneSin Oct 2016 #20
Ohio = Indiana Cakes488 Oct 2016 #22
Welcome to DU, Cakes488! calimary Oct 2016 #42
I feel the same way about NY !! Cakes488 Oct 2016 #49
I remember the night of the New York primary. calimary Oct 2016 #68
On the page you linked to, I see an average 2.8 pt spread over Trump across all polls Bucky Oct 2016 #23
I can't believe MN is listed as toss up. geardaddy Oct 2016 #24
MN is not a toss-up VMA131Marine Oct 2016 #27
The link in the OP has MN as a toss-up geardaddy Oct 2016 #30
MN is not a tossup. Johnny2X2X Oct 2016 #28
Mn is a bit like Penn...been blue in the presidential for many years...nt Wounded Bear Oct 2016 #33
The four-step process for covering politics in Pennsylvania: Orrex Oct 2016 #52
LOL!!! Wounded Bear Oct 2016 #53
Somewhere this week I read bucolic_frolic Oct 2016 #34
Phew.......... had me going for a minute 'till I read the content. RKP5637 Oct 2016 #35
Florida imploded for Trump, that's for sure. Helen Borg Oct 2016 #38
LOL DarthDem Oct 2016 #57
As a native Floridian bullsnarfle Oct 2016 #43
Yeah, go in for the kill! ananda Oct 2016 #46
In poker parlance, Trump needs a straight flush. Hillary just needs a pair of any blue states. 4lbs Oct 2016 #48
Gang, Florida boy here DonCoquixote Oct 2016 #50
I believe you. The GOP cannot win without cheating, and they cheat as much as possible Hekate Oct 2016 #74
Yea! Sunny05 Oct 2016 #51
if FL, PA, and VA go to HRC, this thing wraps up real early Tuesday night 0rganism Oct 2016 #56
Almost 30 years living in this state....I call this nonsense davidn3600 Oct 2016 #58
Get out.... Hachetman Oct 2016 #61
Your words to God's ear. forest444 Oct 2016 #64
yeah baby. Warren DeMontague Oct 2016 #69
Wait'll the hurricane blows Zika mosquitoes everywhere... Liberty Belle Oct 2016 #70
I have to admit it took me hours to click on this thread because the title made me nauseous LibraLiz1973 Oct 2016 #76
All I see are Hillary ads on TV in SW Florida HockeyMom Oct 2016 #77
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