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Thu Oct 6, 2016, 10:42 AM Oct 2016

‘I will NOT wear a hijab’: U.S. chess star refuses to attend world championships in Iran [View all]

(Nazi Paikidze) announced last week that she will boycott February’s Women's World Chess Championship in Iran because the players will have to wear hijabs.

Paikidze’s decision will deprive the tournament of one of the game’s brightest stars and biggest draws — the U.S. champion who once told a magazine she would “do everything I can to help more girls get into chess.”

Islamic coverings for women in public — required in Iran and some other nations such as Saudi Arabia — have increasingly become a target for both protests and struggles over Muslim identity. Some activists in Iran have launched online campaigns against the hijab rules, while other women continually test the boundaries by pushing back headscarves to near gravity-defying levels.
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Good for her. apcalc Oct 2016 #1
No sure if it's good lsewpershad Oct 2016 #23
Fuck those religious freaks. She is above having to wear that crap. Nt Lucky Luciano Oct 2016 #24
Yep. Let's be clear, this is religious bullshit, not some "cultural" stricture. stopbush Oct 2016 #26
I'm sure it's good mdbl Oct 2016 #25
Standing up to rigth wing extremism is good Democat Oct 2016 #33
Yea, women should put up and shut up get the red out Oct 2016 #92
How is this not good? GulfCoast66 Oct 2016 #117
Damn straight. Warren DeMontague Oct 2016 #2
Not the same. And no one is forcing anyone to not wear something. randome Oct 2016 #14
The hijab is a symbol of oppression to you, and those that are forced to wear it. Exilednight Oct 2016 #22
Indeed ck4829 Oct 2016 #27
maybe the symbols of oppression are all that makeup she is wearing msongs Oct 2016 #42
What makes you think this is hijab? You do know there is a difference between a headscarf and hijab Squinch Oct 2016 #105
How would you EVER know if someone is being oppressed or not? You can't know. randome Oct 2016 #45
It's not an all or nothing absolute. How do you know that Exilednight Oct 2016 #66
No one knows but the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of that. randome Oct 2016 #72
When the law requires women wear it get the red out Oct 2016 #93
I'm not sure what you're replying to. Exilednight Oct 2016 #95
You are incorrect GulfCoast66 Oct 2016 #118
I'm not sure what you're replying to. Exilednight Oct 2016 #135
i feel it is more complicated. Many are wearing it because of direct or indirect pressure patsimp Oct 2016 #48
I agree with that , but we can't kneejerk and go the complete Exilednight Oct 2016 #68
Drug to temple? oberliner Oct 2016 #114
A Jewish church. Some call them Synagogues. Exilednight Oct 2016 #134
Never heard "drug to temple" used to describe a synagogue oberliner Oct 2016 #136
Drug: Exilednight Oct 2016 #137
Aha! oberliner Oct 2016 #138
The Mayor of Cannes runs the film festival? jberryhill Oct 2016 #36
I don't know about his political leanings but i doubt he'd help pass a rule like this w/o support. randome Oct 2016 #44
it's very simple. Warren DeMontague Oct 2016 #78
I completely agree patsimp Oct 2016 #47
I think people should be allowed to decide for themselves what the fuck to wear, or not. Warren DeMontague Oct 2016 #73
So white sheets and Nazi armbands are okay with you? randome Oct 2016 #96
Um, yes, because I understand how the 1st Amendment works. Warren DeMontague Oct 2016 #100
Good points but we're not talking about outlawing everything we don't like. randome Oct 2016 #104
Yes, we can agree. Warren DeMontague Oct 2016 #106
This. There should be more laws wrt what is allowable to wear. scscholar Oct 2016 #101
Good. I sure as hell wouldn't but Missn-Hitch Oct 2016 #3
Good for her. Islam is anti-woman and we should not accommodate their backwards belief system. scheming daemons Oct 2016 #4
No multiculturalism for you. Rustyeye77 Oct 2016 #107
It isn't about "multiculturalism." It is about fundamentalist religion making women servile emulatorloo Oct 2016 #133
Really? brucefan Oct 2016 #5
Yes really. MicaelS Oct 2016 #7
Well, just phuket... ret5hd Oct 2016 #9
words have different meanings in different languages! AlbertCat Oct 2016 #62
Or, as we say in Germany, "what's in a name?" DFW Oct 2016 #110
Assyrians use that name as well eissa Oct 2016 #19
It's also a man's name in Turkish. athena Oct 2016 #63
Ironically, the origin of the name is Farsi. athena Oct 2016 #69
Fantastic. n/t MicaelS Oct 2016 #6
But wait! The good folks here at DU tell me Muslim women wear hijabs by choice! davidn3600 Oct 2016 #8
Yes, they choose not to be beaten or killed if they don't wear them nt Revanchist Oct 2016 #10
Some have the choice to wear it or face consequences that can be dire depending on the country patsimp Oct 2016 #49
But, but, hijab is classy and mainstream now! Codeine Oct 2016 #11
Everybody's wearing one they're so popular there! Marr Oct 2016 #131
Good for her indeed. cwydro Oct 2016 #12
“do everything I can to help more girls get into chess.” Ohioblue22 Oct 2016 #13
She's teaching girls self-respect, which is more important than chess. nt DLevine Oct 2016 #15
Men in NYC, SF and Scotland feel free to rock whatever bottoms they want .... bettyellen Oct 2016 #58
Exactly! There is no law against men wearing skirts or dresses. athena Oct 2016 #64
Im not even allowed to wear cargo shorts, anymore Warren DeMontague Oct 2016 #86
There is no law making you wear pants GulfCoast66 Oct 2016 #119
Bikini bottoms ...lol I couldn't do that to my neighbors....eom Ohioblue22 Oct 2016 #125
I hope I am oppressed GulfCoast66 Oct 2016 #126
Ridiculous! It's like mandating Iranian women to wear bikini's if they came here !! Cakes488 Oct 2016 #16
Don't give Trump any ideas ... (nt) JustABozoOnThisBus Oct 2016 #17
It should be a choice to wear one and it should be a choice to not wear one ck4829 Oct 2016 #18
Good for her eissa Oct 2016 #20
they want women oppressed everywhere Skittles Oct 2016 #31
agreed patsimp Oct 2016 #50
This is interesting given the celebration of the hijab at the Olympics just 2 months ago. MadDAsHell Oct 2016 #21
The issue is not the hijab ... the issue is scheduling a world championship in a place where ... etherealtruth Oct 2016 #28
And that is the real point. LisaM Oct 2016 #38
Exactly!!!! etherealtruth Oct 2016 #39
The same NCAA who hosts bowl games in the anti-LGBT Bahamas every year, including this December? MadDAsHell Oct 2016 #56
I certainly can't argue with that. LisaM Oct 2016 #75
One question though.. LisaM Oct 2016 #87
Fair question. I assume the NCAA has to sanction the game though. MadDAsHell Oct 2016 #91
They should, but.... LisaM Oct 2016 #141
cute, but NOTHING mandatory is empowering. eShirl Oct 2016 #30
welcome to the great big logical fallacy that is the cultural left Sen. Walter Sobchak Oct 2016 #35
The thing itself doesn't empower OR oppress. It's a scarf, basically. Warren DeMontague Oct 2016 #77
Good for her, I would never wear one either. CharlotteVale Oct 2016 #29
Standing up to right wing extremism Democat Oct 2016 #32
The core belief of the cultural left is West = Bad Sen. Walter Sobchak Oct 2016 #37
Bingo. 100 % on the money. MicaelS Oct 2016 #57
yeah, well, some people are fucking idiots. Warren DeMontague Oct 2016 #74
You nailed it. romanic Oct 2016 #82
Baloney apcalc Oct 2016 #90
I guess you missed the Charlie Hebdo threads. Warren DeMontague Oct 2016 #108
Missed those threads.... apcalc Oct 2016 #109
apparently you "can't shout fire in a crowded theater", no sir Warren DeMontague Oct 2016 #111
Now that you mentioned that GulfCoast66 Oct 2016 #121
It even has a name Sen. Walter Sobchak Oct 2016 #129
We make women cover their breasts, which is every bit as oppressive. cheapdate Oct 2016 #34
which is every bit as oppressive. AlbertCat Oct 2016 #43
If you can't see that the two situations are essentially identical cheapdate Oct 2016 #51
Not quite as identical as you may think. randome Oct 2016 #53
I recognize that. cheapdate Oct 2016 #80
Maybe all decisions about women's bodies should be made by a conclave of women only. randome Oct 2016 #98
If women want to go topless fine. MicaelS Oct 2016 #59
Fine? It's against the law in about 99.9% of the United States. cheapdate Oct 2016 #76
I support changing the law. MicaelS Oct 2016 #81
Whether or not it's "important" to me isn't the point. cheapdate Oct 2016 #83
Disagree. MicaelS Oct 2016 #85
Are women marching to have the freedom to uncover their breasts davidn3600 Oct 2016 #88
I'm no friend of Iranian theocracy. cheapdate Oct 2016 #99
No it isn't . It is completely legal in New York for instance. Now there are 50 states CBGLuthier Oct 2016 #120
The legal landscape in New York cheapdate Oct 2016 #127
If you can't see that the two situations are essentially identical... AlbertCat Oct 2016 #61
Oh, so that's the important difference? cheapdate Oct 2016 #79
Oh brother.... AlbertCat Oct 2016 #89
"Oh brother" is right. cheapdate Oct 2016 #94
Stable, monogamous, societies have existed at many times ... AlbertCat Oct 2016 #97
Yeah, you are going to have a really hard time convincing people of that. kcr Oct 2016 #143
Personally I think men who wear tank tops or half shirts in public should be shot. JanMichael Oct 2016 #102
Everyone who isn't me annoys me sometimes. cheapdate Oct 2016 #103
I'll allow flip flops, but if they are also wearing socks; gas chamber. AtheistCrusader Oct 2016 #140
Just another reactionary refusing to promote tolerance & diversity Marengo Oct 2016 #40
if we support the ncaa pulling shit from carolina we need to support her on this dembotoz Oct 2016 #41
Good for her - she is a hero patsimp Oct 2016 #46
Who on Earth names their daughter "Nazi"?! KamaAina Oct 2016 #52
Georgians do. MicaelS Oct 2016 #54
Iranians do, too. athena Oct 2016 #65
Who on earth names their son Božo? DFW Oct 2016 #112
Probably the same people who named a son Stanko whathehell Oct 2016 #128
Who names their sons GulfCoast66 Oct 2016 #123
I work with one Sen. Walter Sobchak Oct 2016 #130
I can't get past someone being named Nazi BainsBane Oct 2016 #55
Well obviously she's happy with it MicaelS Oct 2016 #60
Please let's try to accept that there is more than one language in the world. athena Oct 2016 #67
More than one language in the world BainsBane Oct 2016 #70
OK, more than two languages, then. athena Oct 2016 #71
She is Russian. I think if the Russians can get over it, maybe you should too. CBGLuthier Oct 2016 #122
Are you multilingual? GulfCoast66 Oct 2016 #124
I do not blame her Gothmog Oct 2016 #84
When I visited Iran two years ago I had to wear a hijab dhol82 Oct 2016 #113
Good for her ProudToBeBlueInRhody Oct 2016 #115
What were the organizers thinking? Marr Oct 2016 #116
I wouldn't either. Starry Messenger Oct 2016 #132
Good for her. NaturalHigh Oct 2016 #139
Nobody should be forced to put on or take off clothing, because some invisible sky daddy Rex Oct 2016 #142
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