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Response to UtahJosh (Original post)

The usual procedures happen next alcibiades_mystery Oct 2016 #1
Could Trump go to court to stop the no_hypocrisy Oct 2016 #7
He would have to have some very compelling evidence for any court to hear the case. tonyt53 Oct 2016 #11
And he has nothin stevil Oct 2016 #51
Yes, that should depend on the quality of the evidence Ghost Dog Oct 2016 #65
No relayerbob Oct 2016 #24
We celebrate. He blames anyone but himself. What else? TonyPDX Oct 2016 #2
Idiots will use it to question her legitimacy hibbing Oct 2016 #3
Next? Inauguration. immoderate Oct 2016 #4
Post removed Post removed Oct 2016 #5
Let's not be nasty; it doesn't suit us gratuitous Oct 2016 #12
Think of it like a football game. Clock hits 0:00 and the team with more points wins. NightWatcher Oct 2016 #6
Some one gives him a binky and puts him to bed. JoePhilly Oct 2016 #8
There's no requirement that the loser concede; it's just traditional protocol - The Velveteen Ocelot Oct 2016 #10
Yes. It's Called Courtesy ProfessorGAC Oct 2016 #40
Well, here's an idea PJMcK Oct 2016 #13
President Obama could have him arrested for Sedition if he incites violence. Cattledog Oct 2016 #14
generally speaking, presidents don't direct law enforcement to arrest people onenote Oct 2016 #62
He keeps talking until they stop pointing cameras at him, basically. Warren DeMontague Oct 2016 #15
A few unhinged folks will act out violently (they have been stoked), public responds with revulsion salin Oct 2016 #18
Morton Downey Jr!!!!! MADem Oct 2016 #32
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2016 #39
The mother of all sulks, big league (nt) Nye Bevan Oct 2016 #16
He'll Wait Until She Comes Out With Her Acceptance Speech Me. Oct 2016 #17
and everyone speaking at future national press association dinners have to agree salin Oct 2016 #20
DTJ = Donald Trump, Jackoff? jmowreader Oct 2016 #29
uh. of course! salin Oct 2016 #31
I prefer Jagoff.... awoke_in_2003 Oct 2016 #55
He may very well hold out on doing anything until the EC votes Algernon Moncrieff Oct 2016 #19
she'll give a victory speech on election eve. geek tragedy Oct 2016 #21
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2016 #22
They move on as if he never existed relayerbob Oct 2016 #23
Nothing. KWR65 Oct 2016 #25
Nothing. He and his group of wackadoodles find another cause to be outraged about. Rex Oct 2016 #26
She gives her victory speech. roamer65 Oct 2016 #27
^^That^^ onecaliberal Oct 2016 #28
Lawsuits galore. Hillary gives him until Wednesday night... krispos42 Oct 2016 #34
Naaaah. This should be a blowout. She should have her victory party on election night. MADem Oct 2016 #38
There is no constitutional reason for concession Peaches999 Oct 2016 #35
She works with the transition team and gets sworn in next January Warpy Oct 2016 #37
Our spelling of "LOSER" begins with "S-O-R-E" for a few weeks struggle4progress Oct 2016 #41
he can't do anything Takket Oct 2016 #42
No one gives a flying fuck malaise Oct 2016 #43
If she wins and he refuses to concede, she will become president. Really pretty simple. WillowTree Oct 2016 #44
Hillary will wait a decent interval (30 minutes is typical) after networks call election and then yellowcanine Oct 2016 #45
He'll be the center of attention LeftInTX Oct 2016 #46
He whines and everybody laughs at him...again. Downtown Hound Oct 2016 #47
The same thing that happened when he went to Mexico. He will choke. randome Oct 2016 #48
Not much. He can make a lot of noise. haele Oct 2016 #49
Hillary and Bill will NOT be invited to Trump's next wedding after he dumps Melania mnhtnbb Oct 2016 #50
Doesn't matter...trump has no power over who is elected... beachbumbob Oct 2016 #53
It's the old story, did you ever stick your finger in a glass of water? If yes, then Thinkingabout Oct 2016 #54
I like that..."last years garbage"...great ID for Mr. Drumf Stuart G Oct 2016 #64
"Give the speech without the call?" awoke_in_2003 Oct 2016 #56
The Usual Proceedure OneBlueDotBama Oct 2016 #57
Hillary doesn't have to wait. He goes home a loser, one no longer with status as a viable candidate brush Oct 2016 #58
Trump Loses, Refuses to Concede, Then Goes to the Media with His Sycophants Mr. Ected Oct 2016 #59
Laughter. Huge laughter. Bigly LAUGHTER!!! nt longship Oct 2016 #61
If it's clear, she declares victory and ignores him. NT Adrahil Oct 2016 #63
Obama's Response Generic Other Oct 2016 #66
Just give the speech brettdale Oct 2016 #67
Trump doesn't need to conceed sabbat hunter Oct 2016 #68
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