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Thu Oct 27, 2016, 10:09 AM Oct 2016

Now we know why gun control has not been an issue for this election. [View all]

The fewest Americans in 20 years favor making it illegal to manufacture, sell or possess semi-automatic guns known as assault rifles. Thirty-six percent now want an assault weapons ban, down from 44% in 2012 and 57% when Gallup first asked the question in 1996.


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I think many Americans have just given up any hope of sensible gun legislation. tonyt53 Oct 2016 #1
How would you "unskew" the poll? hack89 Oct 2016 #3
The questions asked evidently were very confusing, and this is based upon their own words. tonyt53 Oct 2016 #4
The question on whether assault weapons should be illegal is clear and unambiguous. hack89 Oct 2016 #5
Crickets Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #29
I suggest changing the words "semi-automatic" to sonething like "Military Style". napi21 Oct 2016 #40
So a ban based purely on cosmetic appearance? hack89 Oct 2016 #41
It would be wisw to put those specs in the law, but to try to be explicit enough when telling people napi21 Oct 2016 #44
Here is the problem in a nut shell hack89 Oct 2016 #46
LOL. beevul Oct 2016 #151
Bolt-action 5-round fixed capacity rifles are "Military Style". Currently in action aikoaiko Oct 2016 #356
Yep, my bolt action rifles Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #362
Post removed Post removed Oct 2016 #2
I think 'post hoc ergo prompter hoc' is more popular... LanternWaste Oct 2016 #6
ok. nt hack89 Oct 2016 #7
"propter", not "prompter" JustABozoOnThisBus Oct 2016 #78
It's still an issue for Democrats! yallerdawg Oct 2016 #8
There certainly is widespread support for stronger background checks. hack89 Oct 2016 #9
You only want 'convicted' terrorists on the 'no fly list.' yallerdawg Oct 2016 #10
You want people to lose civil rights using secret government lists hack89 Oct 2016 #11
I don't believe my government is inherently abusive and corrupt. yallerdawg Oct 2016 #12
Due process is a constitutional right. It is never optional. hack89 Oct 2016 #13
If we ban an individual from getting on a plane... yallerdawg Oct 2016 #19
One is a constitutional right. One is not. hack89 Oct 2016 #21
If our government does a background check... yallerdawg Oct 2016 #27
No - due process says you can confront your accuser and have an impartial hearing hack89 Oct 2016 #31
Regarding gun purchasing, you are citing the Republican strategy. yallerdawg Oct 2016 #42
Got it. Unlimited government power to restrict civil rights because terra terra terra hack89 Oct 2016 #43
According to you... yallerdawg Oct 2016 #50
Do you understand how those lists are created? hack89 Oct 2016 #51
re: "What you can do if a mistake is made?" discntnt_irny_srcsm Oct 2016 #56
Yes - I do. yallerdawg Oct 2016 #58
So you are good with anonymous bureaucrats having the power to restrict your civil rights? hack89 Oct 2016 #59
If you're not trying to kill and hurt me and my fellow human beings... yallerdawg Oct 2016 #62
No. You have to consent to it hack89 Oct 2016 #74
Wow, what spin. beevul Oct 2016 #110
It's very illuminating how the concern doesn't extend beyond firearms. Marengo Oct 2016 #114
Indeed it is. beevul Oct 2016 #120
How did you feel about the terra watchlist... beevul Oct 2016 #103
So Ted Kennedy should have been arrested, cuffed and perp walked oneshooter Oct 2016 #351
Should they also be prevented from obataining driver's licenses, and purchasing or renting... Marengo Oct 2016 #64
Yes indeed Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #66
Refusing to answer. I'm just SHOCKED I tells ya. Marengo Oct 2016 #116
We have to answer silly questions? yallerdawg Oct 2016 #123
Because Democrats Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #125
Unconditionally? yallerdawg Oct 2016 #127
Of course not Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #141
Isn't the support of a Bush era secret watch list "arguing with the Republicans"? Marengo Oct 2016 #150
Is denying someone not otherwise legally prohibited from purchasing a firearm... Marengo Oct 2016 #154
Apparently not in the case of persons placed on a secret list created by a crooked Republican Marengo Oct 2016 #159
Why do you support preventing persons on the no fly list from exercising their... Marengo Oct 2016 #139
And that person is never told and Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #142
Should I start counting? yallerdawg Oct 2016 #144
Now you are refusing to answer a gun control question? Isn't that the subject of this thread? Marengo Oct 2016 #153
There's three more right there! yallerdawg Oct 2016 #155
Such persistent dodging can only mean you can't answer. Unless you can explain otherwise, Marengo Oct 2016 #157
No questions. yallerdawg Oct 2016 #160
There are many questions waiting for you, questions relevant to the topics you chose... Marengo Oct 2016 #163
Oh, noz! Suspicions are mounting! stone space Oct 2016 #212
Oh, we're past mounting. Mine have been confirmed at his point. Marengo Oct 2016 #213
Typical Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #162
It's comical, with that transparent behavior they expect to be regarded as credible. Marengo Oct 2016 #165
Converse among yourselves. yallerdawg Oct 2016 #167
Yeah, go ahead and wave it off. It's only your credibility that's in question here. Marengo Oct 2016 #169
Who are you to declare anybody's credibility in question? stone space Oct 2016 #205
Same as any person exercising Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #207
It's a declaration of the obvious, out there for anyone to see. Marengo Oct 2016 #209
Our Democratic candidate and Democratic Party platform... yallerdawg Oct 2016 #68
Only guns are used as weapons in terrorist attacks? Marengo Oct 2016 #70
I'm pretty certains guns are required... yallerdawg Oct 2016 #77
I'm pretty sure you are intentionally avoiding answering the question, as I'm pretty sure... Marengo Oct 2016 #83
Time for "Twenty Questions." yallerdawg Oct 2016 #87
How about just answering the question in post #64, or explaining why you can't or won't. Marengo Oct 2016 #104
Is every incident of gun violence an act of terrorism? Marengo Oct 2016 #75
The OP suggests "gun control" isn't an issue. yallerdawg Oct 2016 #81
I'll ask you again if persons on the no-fly list should be denied driver's licenses or the ability.. Marengo Oct 2016 #89
Sorry. yallerdawg Oct 2016 #91
Why not? All that's required is a simple yes or no. I should think it would be easy for you to... Marengo Oct 2016 #100
Scared as you know the logical answer for you Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #164
They nearly always run from that one, often conveniently hiding behind the same lame... Marengo Oct 2016 #172
So true Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #173
Knock it off. stone space Oct 2016 #206
Interesting. What about that statement compelled you to react this way? Marengo Oct 2016 #231
Typical for that poster Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #239
Is gun control the purpose of the no-fly list? Marengo Oct 2016 #107
FFS. One is a weapons designed to kill. The others, not so much. Fla Dem Oct 2016 #309
A Renault truck, used as a weapon in Nice, killed 86 and injured 434. An intentional act. Marengo Oct 2016 #331
Again, the truck was not manufactured for the purpose to kill. It was misused. Fla Dem Oct 2016 #333
And other means kill a lot more than do called assault weapons Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #335
Should a person on the no-fly list be permitted to purchase an AR-15? Marengo Oct 2016 #338
Did a good job Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #336
The 'no fly' list doesn't actually BAN anyone from getting on a plane. beevul Oct 2016 #99
Are guns the only weapons used by terrorists? Marengo Oct 2016 #111
Apparently for at least one here, lol Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #166
LOL! Since that one refuses to answer, it seems justifiable to say that could very well... Marengo Oct 2016 #168
What is it about lying that you find justifiable? stone space Oct 2016 #214
What was that posters answer? Marengo Oct 2016 #218
According to your post, you don't know. To say anything else would be a lie. stone space Oct 2016 #219
You apparently have difficulty with comprehension... Marengo Oct 2016 #221
You can try to justify it all you want. stone space Oct 2016 #223
It's not a matter of trying, it IS justified, whether you choose to acknowledge that or not. Marengo Oct 2016 #225
How is lying justified? stone space Oct 2016 #226
I wonder what is cause of your inaccurate characterization of my statement? Marengo Oct 2016 #228
That road sign up ahead!... You have just entered the Clams Casino Zone. Eleanors38 Oct 2016 #264
Oh goodie! I LOVE Clams Casino! Marengo Oct 2016 #271
But beware the after effect! Eleanors38 Oct 2016 #273
"That posters answer" remains... yallerdawg Oct 2016 #222
LOL! No my friend, it's because you CAN'T answer. If I were not interested, why would I... Marengo Oct 2016 #224
Why do you go on and on? yallerdawg Oct 2016 #227
Curiosity, of course, which you keep alive every time you respond with a non-answer. Marengo Oct 2016 #230
On boredome:. Yet, you are here. Eleanors38 Oct 2016 #354
You may not have noticed ... Straw Man Oct 2016 #233
That pipoman Oct 2016 #350
Obama had to use executive action because Congress is inept! Ken226 Oct 2016 #14
"Murder machines"? hack89 Oct 2016 #15
I'm talking about assault weapons. Ken226 Oct 2016 #18
Humor. Got it now. hack89 Oct 2016 #20
another chuckle discntnt_irny_srcsm Oct 2016 #60
Jeeze Ken226 Oct 2016 #254
Thanks, I know exactly what ITAR covers discntnt_irny_srcsm Oct 2016 #256
Ah, I see Ken226 Oct 2016 #257
No worries discntnt_irny_srcsm Oct 2016 #258
Looks like the NRA won this one for a while. The violence just doesn't bother enough of us. Bucky Oct 2016 #16
I think the gun control focus on rifles made it easy for the NRA hack89 Oct 2016 #17
NRA = National Rapist Association / National Racist Association. stone space Oct 2016 #22
That's nice. nt hack89 Oct 2016 #23
No. Actually, it's not very nice at all. stone space Oct 2016 #24
I was just acknowledging your post hack89 Oct 2016 #25
A simple "that's deplorable" would have been a clearer indication that you actually read it. stone space Oct 2016 #26
Trying to keep things civil. nt hack89 Oct 2016 #28
Referring to those like the NRA who STILL support Trump as "deplorable" is not really uncivil. stone space Oct 2016 #32
Ok. But I didn't mention the NRA nor did I bring them into the conversation. nt hack89 Oct 2016 #34
Good thing Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #35
Ah, but that clams casino just keeps bursting forth. Eleanors38 Oct 2016 #88
What's a "clams casino"? stone space Oct 2016 #96
If you are shocked to read "National Rapist Association" on DU, then don't post such! Eleanors38 Oct 2016 #101
Why does the NRA support sexual assualt? stone space Oct 2016 #122
The irony is that the NRA is airing a "shoot the rapist" ad aimed at women NickB79 Oct 2016 #143
Stone. Dodgeball is no longer recommended curriculum in elementary school. Eleanors38 Oct 2016 #260
What is a "clams casino"? stone space Oct 2016 #261
Fishin' lately? Eleanors38 Oct 2016 #262
What is a "clams casino"? stone space Oct 2016 #263
Where you go to lose your paycheck, space! Eleanors38 Oct 2016 #265
NRA = Negotiate Rights Away. ileus Oct 2016 #137
I guess we just got used to a lot of dead schoolchildren. Starry Messenger Oct 2016 #30
The irony is that CT has what is considered a strong AWB hack89 Oct 2016 #33
Only for full automatics. How did Adam Lanza's mother get one if it is so strong? stone space Oct 2016 #36
Her rifle was perfectly legal in CT. It was even registered with the state. hack89 Oct 2016 #37
So much for "strong", huh? stone space Oct 2016 #38
It was held up as a model law by gun controllers. hack89 Oct 2016 #39
That weapon was fully assault weapon ban Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #67
That's easy gun-control is a loser discntnt_irny_srcsm Oct 2016 #48
We need to educate the public more Jason1961 Oct 2016 #52
I very much doubt that hack89 Oct 2016 #53
re: "I'd be willing to bet...that we'll see a ban on...semi automatic firearms in my lifetime..." discntnt_irny_srcsm Oct 2016 #54
About that Second Amendment discntnt_irny_srcsm Oct 2016 #57
The public has been indoctrinated with decades of MSM gun-control agitprop... Eleanors38 Oct 2016 #94
Won't happen Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #242
Background checks are what they should be pushing Calculating Oct 2016 #61
If less people are truly concerned about the proliferation of "assault" rifles and hatred in this Hoyt Oct 2016 #69
So many generalizations here Calculating Oct 2016 #109
Because there are a lot more photos of racists and losers walking around on streets parading Hoyt Oct 2016 #113
You have personally inspected the homes of all teachers, college professors, doctors,... Marengo Oct 2016 #119
I know gunners, been around them for most of my life. A bunch have become like me, can't stand Hoyt Oct 2016 #124
In other words, your answer is no. Moving on, you may now explain to me... Marengo Oct 2016 #145
I'm waiting for you to explain to me what my position on guns is. Marengo Oct 2016 #161
Your support for all things gunz is quite clear. I don't know your favorite toter,nor do I care. Hoyt Oct 2016 #179
I want to see that guess articulated in your next post, in detail. I want you to tell me... Marengo Oct 2016 #193
Still waiting for the details of that "guess"... Marengo Oct 2016 #232
Besides insults and personal attacks, it's all he has. Throd Oct 2016 #115
"Those" kind of people have every bit as much right to be in the street as you do. beevul Oct 2016 #118
No, Dylann Roof has NO right to be on our streets. stone space Oct 2016 #126
Unless someone has committed a crime and is incarcerated... beevul Oct 2016 #132
What do you have against calculus? I've never understood your obsession with calculus. stone space Oct 2016 #272
You appear to be weak in civics Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #278
There is no need for personal insults. stone space Oct 2016 #284
Not a personal insult, it is an opinion Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #285
It is a personal insult, and you are doubling down on the insult here. stone space Oct 2016 #294
I disagree, have a great day Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #296
It would appear that the poster believes calculous is a difficult and challenging field... SoCalDad Oct 2016 #340
But what does my profession have to do with anything? stone space Oct 2016 #344
I can not and will not tell you what you perceive... SoCalDad Oct 2016 #345
Your other post was about right Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #349
In my opinion, and it is just an opinion... SoCalDad Oct 2016 #359
I know it well, lol Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #361
No one has a right to walk around intimidating people with guns. Sorry, beevul. You might like to Hoyt Oct 2016 #129
Post removed Post removed Oct 2016 #134
Like I said, no one has the right to intimidate people with gunz, no matter how Hoyt Oct 2016 #136
Post removed Post removed Oct 2016 #148
Blame the victim. Nice. stone space Oct 2016 #138
Post removed Post removed Oct 2016 #147
Sorry, I'm not a hoplophobe Calculating Oct 2016 #182
Well, I'm not a gun fancier or humper, so I'm not fine with it. The fact they strap on a gun to go Hoyt Oct 2016 #238
The 64% that don't want a ban includes millions of Democratic Party voters Taitertots Oct 2016 #71
But a minority of Democrats. Hoyt Oct 2016 #130
lulz Rex Oct 2016 #84
Clinton is keeping a somewhat low profile on this issue. JustABozoOnThisBus Oct 2016 #92
People are starting to realize what it means to be progressive. ileus Oct 2016 #135
Pew Research Poll Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2016 #171
The OP - one poll and "gun control" isn't an issue anymore! yallerdawg Oct 2016 #217
Ok we shall see Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #220
Yep, we shall see! kcr Oct 2016 #236
Melt 'em Stinky The Clown Oct 2016 #174
Shoot 'em hack89 Oct 2016 #175
Shoot who? People like me? Stinky The Clown Oct 2016 #176
Paper. In 35 years I have never shot a living thing. Nt hack89 Oct 2016 #177
That's what Zimmerman, Dunn, etc., said before they did what they had been training for. Hoyt Oct 2016 #184
That's nice Hoyt. hack89 Oct 2016 #187
Indeed Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #201
I agree Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #178
In the context of this thread I take that as a personal threat Stinky The Clown Oct 2016 #192
Only if you are a paper plate Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #196
I mention "melt em", one of your brothers in gunloverville threats to shoot me and you chime in Stinky The Clown Oct 2016 #199
So is the "em" in your post a person? Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #200
All the answers and all the cock-sure bravado Stinky The Clown Oct 2016 #203
No threat intended and I Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #204
Post removed Post removed Oct 2016 #229
Minding one's mouth. Straw Man Oct 2016 #235
Yep, pointed that out Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #240
Except that's not what happened. Straw Man Oct 2016 #234
It is exceedingly clear what was meant... SoCalDad Oct 2016 #320
He takes all things personally Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #321
Contortionist.. SoCalDad Oct 2016 #323
Indeed so Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #325
I have found Rio No. 8s in target load an inexpensive and effective choice... Eleanors38 Oct 2016 #267
At least your "fun" argument holds up to scrutiny. Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2016 #181
Cartoons and comedians - the intellectual bedrock of gun control. Nt hack89 Oct 2016 #185
Some comedians make excellent points. Jon Stewart was another example. Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2016 #186
But most don't nt hack89 Oct 2016 #190
That's all they have Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #197
Heh-heh. Ever the case. Eleanors38 Oct 2016 #268
All guns should be pink. JoePhilly Oct 2016 #183
They have this stuff call spray paint hack89 Oct 2016 #189
Na, make it a law. JoePhilly Oct 2016 #191
Right. Because as a nation we have fixed all the big problems. Nt hack89 Oct 2016 #195
Yes, right after the ammo tax. I mean, 236 stand-up comics can't be wrong. Eleanors38 Oct 2016 #269
I heard that too, amazing stuff Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #198
Gallup Organization doesn't have much of credibility anymore rockfordfile Oct 2016 #208
Show me a poll where it is a high priority for voters hack89 Oct 2016 #210
Gun proponents deathrind Oct 2016 #211
I am for reasonable magazine limits Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #215
Arms = ammo hack89 Oct 2016 #216
One can still buy ammo. deathrind Oct 2016 #250
And the Supreme Court has already ruled on defacto bans hack89 Oct 2016 #251
Taxing does not appear to be anissue. deathrind Oct 2016 #253
Taxing at such a high rate to make ammo prohibitively expense is a huge issue hack89 Oct 2016 #255
Guns and ammo should be taxed to pay for the damage they do. stone space Oct 2016 #274
Same for alcohol? nt hack89 Oct 2016 #275
Write an OP about alchohol and find out. stone space Oct 2016 #276
Trying to determine if you are intellectually and morally consistent. hack89 Oct 2016 #277
What is the purpose of this personal attack? stone space Oct 2016 #307
hack89 hack89 Oct 2016 #311
Do you believe that making personal attacks bolsters your case for guns? stone space Oct 2016 #316
No. hack89 Oct 2016 #318
No I don't. Brutality is unnecessary, and blaming the victims for brutality is wrong. stone space Oct 2016 #322
The anti-gunners are the brutal ones hack89 Oct 2016 #324
Women have a right to an education without being brutalized by gun nuts. stone space Oct 2016 #326
What the hell are you talking about? Nt hack89 Oct 2016 #327
Did you even read the post you were replying to? stone space Oct 2016 #329
We are talking about incivility in DU gun threads hack89 Oct 2016 #330
He pivots when losing an argument, lol Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #337
Should students like Ana Lopez just get thicker skins when gun bullies brutalize them? stone space Oct 2016 #342
You keep saying she was brutalized SoCalDad Oct 2016 #347
After 7 posts, your defense of this snuff film video is noted. stone space Oct 2016 #369
Do you even know what a"snuff film" is? oneshooter Oct 2016 #370
Don't defend this terroristic gunlicking video. stone space Oct 2016 #371
I did not"defend" anything. oneshooter Oct 2016 #372
The victim described it as a snuff film. stone space Oct 2016 #373
If she was the "victum" of a "snuff film" then she would not be able to complain. oneshooter Oct 2016 #392
Do you think domestic terrorism is funny? stone space Oct 2016 #393
You really need to educate yourself on what you speak of. oneshooter Oct 2016 #395
Please elucidate... SoCalDad Oct 2016 #375
He will never apologize Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #377
Sorry, not playing, 9 post wonder. stone space Oct 2016 #378
You are certainly free to express whatever opinion you'd like SoCalDad Oct 2016 #380
Yep. And there are going to be a lot of suprises when we take back control. kcr Oct 2016 #237
Been hearing that for decades. Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #241
Things change. That you think you've been hearing something for decades doesn't change that. kcr Oct 2016 #243
I will thanks Duckhunter935 Oct 2016 #244
We will never get rid of firearms. deathrind Oct 2016 #252
"being able to buy an item that allows a person to kill dozens of other people..." EX500rider Oct 2016 #280
.... kcr Oct 2016 #245
Gun control is an issue that has to be used judiciously hack89 Oct 2016 #247
Still missing the point! yallerdawg Oct 2016 #248
I agree to a point hack89 Oct 2016 #249
Concerning proposed bans on so-called "assault weapons:" Eleanors38 Oct 2016 #270
Well said Calculating Oct 2016 #279
Please do not compare trans folks with deadly weapons. stone space Oct 2016 #310
Thanks. This is cyclic history far too many fail to take into account. Eleanors38 Oct 2016 #352
Anyone who thinks that has not been listening to Hillary. n/t Lucinda Oct 2016 #319
Liability Dr.Jones Oct 2016 #328
Good luck with that hack89 Oct 2016 #334
Are you sure? Dr.Jones Oct 2016 #339
It is now cut and dried in WA according to your link hack89 Oct 2016 #341
Not so fast Dr.Jones Oct 2016 #346
If we're just going by polling, most Americans favor marijuana legalization now. Warren DeMontague Oct 2016 #332
The current language is "keep weapons of war...off our streets" aikoaiko Oct 2016 #357
If the gun controllers were smart, they would pair a Toomey/Manchin style background check aikoaiko Oct 2016 #389
Blame the NRA. Jnew28 Nov 2016 #396
Some serious ignorance at that link. hack89 Nov 2016 #397
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