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Raking leaves is theraputic... n/t PoliticAverse Oct 2016 #1
Mow them then use for garden mulch instead. ErikJ Oct 2016 #40
I'm with you. Lifelong Protester Oct 2016 #2
Agree DJ. Nov 9 cannot come soon enough. Doodley Oct 2016 #3
Nov. 9th is my birthday, Greybnk48 Oct 2016 #12
Happi birfdee shenmue Oct 2016 #21
It should be a great birthday! I love a bit of feminism! Doodley Oct 2016 #46
I rode an old slow horse this morning gwheezie Oct 2016 #4
Sounds awesome. nt fleabiscuit Oct 2016 #16
Keep in mind, the doom and gloom threads are almost always from the same people. vdogg Oct 2016 #6
+1! eom BlueMTexpat Oct 2016 #8
Polls Schmolls shadowmayor Oct 2016 #7
Yes shenmue Oct 2016 #22
Races semby2 Oct 2016 #9
I'm not doom and gloom. Hillary is down a few points, but will still win in a walk. Stonepounder Oct 2016 #10
There's one positive thing that can come out of this: calimary Oct 2016 #11
Yes. I agree. I was actually more worried about that than this email distraction. nt fleabiscuit Oct 2016 #18
Exactly. I've seen some blowback out there Warpy Oct 2016 #31
Thanks, Doctor Jack. mountain grammy Oct 2016 #13
Debbie downer. 4 more years Oct 2016 #14
I just wish LWolf Oct 2016 #15
Kick and rec emulatorloo Oct 2016 #17
GOTV! It's Election Day for the next week TeamPooka Oct 2016 #19
People have a right to be worried tawadi Oct 2016 #20
This is NOT the same election. duffyduff Oct 2016 #25
Hope you are right. nt tawadi Oct 2016 #39
I get sick to my stomach just thinking about that election.... vi5 Oct 2016 #51
volunteer Mary Mac Oct 2016 #23
I am trashing every single one of those g.d. threads that pull this shit, duffyduff Oct 2016 #24
I went hiking this morning. cwydro Oct 2016 #26
Oh, no!! relayerbob Oct 2016 #27
I'm one on those (doom and gloom) but I'm not worried joc46224 Oct 2016 #28
People are just blowing off steam and venting frustrations. Ligyron Oct 2016 #29
Me too. I hate Nervous Nellies. They aren't satisified until they've made everyone around them.... Tarheel_Dem Oct 2016 #30
Rolls right off my back. Rex Oct 2016 #32
If HRC were a man, a 51-percent chance would be hailed as a victory. duffyduff Oct 2016 #33
what will be will be recovering_democrat Oct 2016 #34
I've not been involved in the forum too much this weekend. Cracklin Charlie Oct 2016 #35
Playing fetch with the dogs. Happy, happy. Laser102 Oct 2016 #36
Lets face it, this will have very serious ramifications elmac Oct 2016 #37
She's going to win. Only question is by how much La Lioness Priyanka Oct 2016 #38
Think Down-ballot now! More important then ever. ErikJ Oct 2016 #41
Republican women might be on to something IronLionZion Oct 2016 #42
I won't take anything for granted until the returns are IN! kwenu Oct 2016 #43
For better or worse, I'll be glad when it is over. Liberal Veteran Oct 2016 #44
What you have to understand about the people's frustration is that they are seeing and hearing a world wide wally Oct 2016 #45
I am not looking at any polls. I am not... 3catwoman3 Oct 2016 #47
Hear! Hear! Dem2 Oct 2016 #48
"Sure the idea of a Trump presidency is scary but it isn't going to happen." Towlie Oct 2016 #49
Anthony Wiener! JustABozoOnThisBus Oct 2016 #50
Many are the concerned among us who may have once supported a different candidate. Demsrule86 Oct 2016 #52
Many of the posts and articles are variations on a theme tymorial Oct 2016 #53
Amen. It's all over but the paperwork. CanadaexPat Oct 2016 #54
Here is what I have done so far today instead of obsess about Donald Trump and emails Doctor Jack Oct 2016 #55
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