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1. ITA. Jesus would be appalled...
Thu Nov 17, 2016, 10:14 AM
Nov 2016

...at so many of the things done by those who claim to believe in his teachings.

ITA. Jesus would be appalled... 3catwoman3 Nov 2016 #1
He was born a Jew, lived as a Jew, and died a Jew. He stayed true to his beliefs to the end. alfredo Nov 2016 #49
Rec, alf. nt. Mc Mike Nov 2016 #65
The evangelical Christians voted en masse for the AntiChrist Zorro Nov 2016 #71
I'm doing a research paper on the Southern antebellum slaveholders and their Christian religiosity. TheBlackAdder Nov 2016 #79
We will soon have two presidents that have been divorced... Blanks Nov 2016 #2
Indeed. n/t Different Drummer Nov 2016 #66
Two? BonnieJW Nov 2016 #78
Ronald Reagan. Blanks Nov 2016 #80
And, their daughter, Patty, was born... 3catwoman3 Nov 2016 #81
One could make a similar observation about "patriotic" and "supporting the military" Buzz Clik Nov 2016 #3
They didn't abandon the terms... Wounded Bear Nov 2016 #12
Even the dumbest among them recognized that supporting Putin over Obama, ... Buzz Clik Nov 2016 #31
Yeap, they deny he's an openly racist person though and bring up the multiple state and federal ... uponit7771 Nov 2016 #4
But he's an expert on Two Corinthians.... Wounded Bear Nov 2016 #13
:grin: uponit7771 Nov 2016 #23
Evangelical "Christians" are the least Christian people in the country. They are right up there OregonBlue Nov 2016 #5
It's improper to denounce all Evangelicals. They aren't a monolithic group. KittyWampus Nov 2016 #8
Right on. I happen to be a member of one of those groups. Bohunk68 Nov 2016 #74
Your church sounds cool. Most interpret evangelical in a stricter sense, however. Raastan Nov 2016 #75
While I'm sure there are exceptions to any rule, I've spent a good deal of my life in the south OregonBlue Nov 2016 #82
When Max Lucado feels compelled to speak out against the likes of Trump KittyWampus Nov 2016 #6
And they keep saying that 'make merika great again.' Just exactly what does 'great' mean to them. lonestarnot Nov 2016 #7
They really mean "make America white again." CottonBear Nov 2016 #32
K&R nt. NCTraveler Nov 2016 #9
I'm a Christian too workinclasszero Nov 2016 #10
Well said. narnian60 Nov 2016 #21
This Christian is in total agreement with you wryter2000 Nov 2016 #58
K&R... spanone Nov 2016 #11
As a Christian, I used to dismiss the term "Christian right".... LAS14 Nov 2016 #14
Not in the deep south... Wounded Bear Nov 2016 #27
Buckle up for HAB911 Nov 2016 #15
Its well on the way now workinclasszero Nov 2016 #19
Sojourners is an example of the evangelical left. LAS14 Nov 2016 #16
They are supremely unholy lying jackwagons, indeed. rec, nt. Mc Mike Nov 2016 #17
Evangelical "Christians" kebob Nov 2016 #18
Donald Trump's campaign exposed the right's true colors (and especially the religious right). Initech Nov 2016 #20
He nails them good I must say workinclasszero Nov 2016 #25
That is the fucked up irony of Donald Trump's campaign. Initech Nov 2016 #33
That is one CREEPY freeze-frame. NurseJackie Nov 2016 #26
Good thing I wasn't eating when I saw that because it makes me want to vomit. Initech Nov 2016 #35
Sadly, there are girls in sexually abusive situations who DO NOT KNOW it's wrong, and... NurseJackie Nov 2016 #39
yep, Trump coveting 13 year old daughter whilst standing in front of 2 parrots fucking Grey Lemercier Nov 2016 #41
I love the vomiting parrots alfredo Nov 2016 #50
Hmmmm Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Nov 2016 #72
Yes, part of the Roman puppet Herodian dynasty that ruled Judea for 137 years Grey Lemercier Nov 2016 #73
The conversation before this clip was pretty damned good. longship Nov 2016 #45
Maher definitely was pissed the last couple of episodes! Initech Nov 2016 #59
I'm afraid they voted the antichrist into the White House. nt leftyladyfrommo Nov 2016 #22
Same here workinclasszero Nov 2016 #28
People who voted for That Creature Bettie Nov 2016 #24
You and your hubby are so right. workinclasszero Nov 2016 #30
I refer to the 'christian' right as christianists - they are no different from jihadists, IMHO Siwsan Nov 2016 #29
I kind of like the term Talibangelist, too... Wounded Bear Nov 2016 #36
That IS a good one. I'll add it to my list! Siwsan Nov 2016 #40
Excellent! The parallel is almost exact except... LAS14 Nov 2016 #44
I'm worried about what they will do, now that they feel 'empowered'. Siwsan Nov 2016 #48
I Despise Fake Christians. SDJay Nov 2016 #34
So true Zing Zing Zingbah Nov 2016 #38
I despise the whole idea of religion period. Ligyron Nov 2016 #43
I couldn't agree more Plucketeer Nov 2016 #55
Separation of Church and State senaca Nov 2016 #76
I've always been bothered by the hypocrisy of most Christians Zing Zing Zingbah Nov 2016 #37
I'm sorry you haven't met many good Christians. Actually, you probably have, LAS14 Nov 2016 #42
Living in a state where they run the government, I already knew their hypocrisy. herding cats Nov 2016 #46
Look at Alabama. Robert Bentley ran on the platform of morals and values. Initech Nov 2016 #60
True Bear Creek Nov 2016 #47
W.W.J.G. Their new motto... WilliamPlanke Nov 2016 #51
K&R! ShakeWell Nov 2016 #52
I refuse to call them evangelicals. They are fundamentaliists period. Evangelical is just a pretty Doreen Nov 2016 #53
I couldn't agree more. world wide wally Nov 2016 #54
Absolutely agree get the red out Nov 2016 #56
"Christian Right" is a contradiction in terms. Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2016 #57
They want to Make Christianity Great Again LiberalLovinLug Nov 2016 #61
Hallejuah! MountainMama Nov 2016 #62
it was reported 81% of evangelicals voted for Trump IcyPeas Nov 2016 #63
I only get old testament verses shoved in my face by the fundies. not Jesus talk at all n/t SleeplessinSoCal Nov 2016 #64
Beelzebub himself with a R Generator Nov 2016 #67
When Fascism comes to America shadowmayor Nov 2016 #68
Too many Christians are willing to unconditionally follow any politician who appears to love Dustlawyer Nov 2016 #69
Kick. sarcasmo Nov 2016 #70
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