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Mc Mike

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33. Funny how the fake legend his people crafted about him
Thu Nov 24, 2016, 10:29 AM
Nov 2016

is that he's a notorious micromanager, surrounds himself with the best people, then demands results from them.

He stays on them, always knows exactly what phase they're in, on the projects he's assigned to them. He's constantly looking over their shoulders, constantly calling them into his office and onto the carpet to pump them for info about the smallest details of the tasks he assigned to them, from behind his big desk.

He does this because he's the only one with the complete picture, the only one with all the info, the only one with the detailed knowledge and overview of the whole project, and all the other projects the organization has going on. He knows it all about everything, and keeps all the details in his head and at his fingertips.

And if he doesn't like the answers he's getting from them about the little middle manager subordinate flunky decisions they make on his behalf, he fires them.

That's the whole point of his shitty little reality tv show, that he's so proud of. The constant demand for high-stakes status reports exemplifies the majesty, shrewdness, intelligence, deep desire for knowledge, and supreme tactical genius that is "trump".

He's in charge, knows everything, demands status report details on every minor decision, and the underling who fails gets fired.

The buck always stops at the underlings.

It's funny, because the o.p. shows he's the typically lazy assed, proudly ignorant, do-nothing, layabout, dilettante kind of repug leader they've given us so often before. Another romney, li'l bush, ronnie raygun style leader.

Smugly stupid. Reading working and learning are for the underlings, it's his job to get adulation and be treated like an emporor, he sits in the hive like a termite queen getting fed and pampered, the most important being in the hive's existence.

Except the termite leader actually serves a function for her hive.

He's a draft dodging chicken hawk playing with our troops' lives, and the safety and future of the nation. And remember, keep in mind, when things go wrong, the buck always stops with the underlings.

He receives all of his briefings from Russia so why does he need American intel? LonePirate Nov 2016 #1
Agreed. Hotline to Putin. N/t emulatorloo Nov 2016 #6
He likes hiring and firing. Learning, not so much. nolabear Nov 2016 #2
Waiting for Jared's security clearance to come through. JBoy Nov 2016 #3
Those intelligence briefings must be a real distraction when you've got a business to run. milestogo Nov 2016 #4
no worries... handmade34 Nov 2016 #5
That is scary liberal N proud Nov 2016 #7
Remember when W took a FIVE week vacation and.. elfin Nov 2016 #8
Reference? exboyfil Nov 2016 #11
Intelligence briefing from August 6, 2001 milestogo Nov 2016 #18
Thanks for doing my work for me elfin Nov 2016 #24
The dupes who voted this cretin into power will pay a steep price. BSdetect Nov 2016 #9
WE ALL WILL, thanks to INCREDIBLY STUPID PEOPLE Skittles Nov 2016 #13
How did hitler rise to power? KewlKat Nov 2016 #16
he successfully demonized a group of people Skittles Nov 2016 #19
My feelings exactly. Shit. yardwork Nov 2016 #25
Sadly, all will suffer Oneironaut Nov 2016 #32
Fraud! flamingdem Nov 2016 #10
DERELICTIN OF DUTY KittyWampus Nov 2016 #12
1 I couldn't agree more. nt deminks Nov 2016 #17
Bwah-HAH!1 I don't *doubt* it!1 - can this GO ON for 4 yrs?!1 n/t UTUSN Nov 2016 #14
Why don't tramp don't want to do security briefings... longime demolurker Nov 2016 #15
he knows he would not be able to comment Skittles Nov 2016 #20
He can't focus on the info, and won't remember it. Chemisse Nov 2016 #27
Trump is sounding like a patsy. He'll make his youtube videos, go around to rallies, Solly Mack Nov 2016 #21
That's because intelligence is elitist in right wing world Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Nov 2016 #22
would it make a difference ? it's not like he would understand it even if he listened JI7 Nov 2016 #23
Are we surprised? mindem Nov 2016 #26
we're looking at president pence spanone Nov 2016 #28
Translated: no_hypocrisy Nov 2016 #29
Could be. It does seem to be an unhealthy relationship there between "the children of the corn" KewlKat Nov 2016 #30
It's codependent. no_hypocrisy Nov 2016 #34
...says he doesn't want to hear it? randome Nov 2016 #31
I said in my subject, PER RACHEL KewlKat Nov 2016 #40
Didn't mean to imply you put that there, it just sounds unwarranted, imo. randome Nov 2016 #41
Funny how the fake legend his people crafted about him Mc Mike Nov 2016 #33
1000000! SammyWinstonJack Nov 2016 #35
Thanks, SWJ. nt Mc Mike Nov 2016 #36
Anyone else think Pence will be the real President (like Cheney)? Oneironaut Nov 2016 #37
Willful ignorance is what brought us 9/11 Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Nov 2016 #38
Self Service Mira Nov 2016 #39
Because he's not very intelligent Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 2018 #42
And you cant fix stupid"..... what the H are we going to do? KewlKat Feb 2018 #43
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