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14. So if Assad goes....what happens next in that power vacuum? Who takes over?
Sat Dec 10, 2016, 08:08 PM
Dec 2016

Can you be certain it will turn out better for the Syrian people?

Because that policy hasn't worked anywhere else.

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I trust the CIA to be looking out for America's interests more than I trust the KGB Freethinker65 Dec 2016 #1
How is sending America's tax dollars to ISIS helping our interests? davidn3600 Dec 2016 #8
If what you say is indeed occurring, my answer is - Realpolitik Freethinker65 Dec 2016 #10
+1 RoccoR2 Dec 2016 #2
Post removed Post removed Dec 2016 #3
That was Cheney and his Office of Special Plans that lied about Iraq. KittyWampus Dec 2016 #4
It's not just the CIA pointing out the Russian influence... JHan Dec 2016 #5
Oh, the cyber. Big with the cyber. AngryAmish Dec 2016 #21
#lol Just for you. e. e. trumpings on the cyber.. JHan Dec 2016 #23
Diarrhea. He had nothing to say. AngryAmish Dec 2016 #25
Post removed Post removed Dec 2016 #6
Overseas, things can be murky. Domestically, I trust they put the country first. LonePirate Dec 2016 #7
Murky to us, perhaps but not to those "overseas".. pangaia Dec 2016 #16
Seriously, are you basing this on what gabbard of all people is saying? etherealtruth Dec 2016 #9
So if Assad goes....what happens next in that power vacuum? Who takes over? davidn3600 Dec 2016 #14
With Trump in the White House, Assad safer than he's been in years. Bucky Dec 2016 #17
No fears of Assad losing now ... Trump and the Russians have this all settled etherealtruth Dec 2016 #22
1000 sheshe2 Dec 2016 #19
Really questioning the cia because of a Trumpster mouthpiece... pbmus Dec 2016 #11
Yes, because they are giving us some hope dumbcat Dec 2016 #12
I no longer know who to trust malaise Dec 2016 #13
There's been plenty of evidence on your TV for the past four months Bucky Dec 2016 #15
remember, this is the US of A. pangaia Dec 2016 #20
Nope. I don't believe the CIA anymore than I believe the NSA. look at their history. nt m-lekktor Dec 2016 #18
NSA and FBI counterintelligence would have actual information about what was done FarCenter Dec 2016 #26
I believe both can be true. bluedigger Dec 2016 #24
I trust Obama RazBerryBeret Dec 2016 #27
I'm sad that we have to question the allegiance of those who should be defending us. TonyPDX Dec 2016 #28
the cia can't talk about it zippythepinhead Dec 2016 #29
yes because everything else in the world leads to that conclusion Jean-Jacques Roussea Dec 2016 #30
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