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40. LOL!
Sat Dec 24, 2016, 07:58 PM
Dec 2016

Your dog probably probably noticed Yul's weird looking eyes! All of my past dogs paid close attention to eyes, such as where they pointed.

I liked the HBO series too. Some of the plot seemed confusing to me, however, such as the maze. And how did the photo of William's fiance end up so far from where he dropped it years earlier?

I was also disappointed that William turned out to be such a jerk. I was hoping that he was only recently cruel to Delores in order to snap her out of her loop, like what seemed to happen to Maeve during a previous "knife experiment."

He could've acted overjoyed that Delores remembered him... only to have her reject him for being mean! Then he'd cry about the irony of it. "Noooo! I only did it because I wanted you back!" LOL. I guess that would've been a little cliche, but the show was still pretty predictable to me in many ways. EDIT: Or Delores could've been like, "Ewww! You're old and wrinkly now!"

"All Holidays Matter" handmade34 Dec 2016 #1
That's a great one, handmade34! calimary Dec 2016 #28
Happy Holy Days. elehhhhna Dec 2016 #29
The same to you, Mortos. Thanks for a lovely post! nt babylonsister Dec 2016 #2
Don't worry about those Christian SNOWFLAKES! Buckeye_Democrat Dec 2016 #3
SHAMEFUL! There are millions of Christan Democrats. And "Snowflakes"? Seriously? SHAME! RBInMaine Dec 2016 #4
I was mocking them with their own language. Buckeye_Democrat Dec 2016 #7
C'mon, you loveable curmudgeon you. Let your love light shine. nolabear Dec 2016 #17
Aww... Buckeye_Democrat Dec 2016 #19
I'm sorry you're alone. But only physically. nolabear Dec 2016 #37
I wrote too soon! Buckeye_Democrat Dec 2016 #39
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Best Wishes to ALL regardless of partidular beliefs! :-) RBInMaine Dec 2016 #5
Merry Christmas!! philosslayer Dec 2016 #6
Happy Holidays to you! Wounded Bear Dec 2016 #8
Thanks for your very thoughtful wishes for **all** of us. FailureToCommunicate Dec 2016 #9
This! Buckeye_Democrat Dec 2016 #10
Merry Xmas! Cryptoad Dec 2016 #11
That must be tRumps house :) sheshe2 Dec 2016 #14
Thank you, Mortos. May the returning light warm and guide us all. n/t sarge43 Dec 2016 #12
Nicely said LostinRed Dec 2016 #13
To you and yours as well, Mortos. sheshe2 Dec 2016 #15
ˇFeliz Vanidad! Xipe Totec Dec 2016 #16
May we all share the light in the coming days. Merry Everything, all y'all! nolabear Dec 2016 #18
"Happy holidays?" What kind of commie are you?? Vinca Dec 2016 #20
Wonderful OP Mortos, & Happy Holidays to all as well! dae Dec 2016 #21
Yes. LWolf Dec 2016 #22
Seasons Greetings to you and yours! MrScorpio Dec 2016 #23
Why do you hate America so much? KamaAina Dec 2016 #24
I don't, I just love Americans more Mortos Dec 2016 #25
If someone wishes you . . . Tactical Peek Dec 2016 #26
I may steal that awoke_in_2003 Dec 2016 #30
You may. Tactical Peek Dec 2016 #32
May your yuletide be happy and bright. Historic NY Dec 2016 #27
Do you think anyone awoke_in_2003 Dec 2016 #31
No, silly. He was a robot. Buckeye_Democrat Dec 2016 #34
Now that was strange. awoke_in_2003 Dec 2016 #35
HBO did a drawn-out remake of Westworld recently, as a series. Buckeye_Democrat Dec 2016 #36
Weird Christmas Westworld story. nolabear Dec 2016 #38
LOL! Buckeye_Democrat Dec 2016 #40
At this point I don't trust anybody to be human except the Asian tech. nolabear Dec 2016 #41
I liked Maeve too. Buckeye_Democrat Dec 2016 #45
No maybe Euell Gibbons... Historic NY Dec 2016 #42
I'd forgot about him awoke_in_2003 Dec 2016 #43
Happy Holidays to you! True_Blue Dec 2016 #33
Nice post malaise Dec 2016 #44
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