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305. Pointed Q about hacks asking if ANYoNE on his staff had contactA- he's deflecting .
Wed Jan 11, 2017, 12:15 PM
Jan 2017

Saying Russia will respect and like us and stop.

that would be 10 chelsea0011 Jan 2017 #1
Thanks! It was a tight shot!! bettyellen Jan 2017 #3
Massive overkill on the flag* thingy Achilleaze Jan 2017 #9
"Visual aides are being set up" looks like stacks of propaganda are ready to hand out- control the bettyellen Jan 2017 #2
My money is on it being a copy of The Affordable Care Act maxrandb Jan 2017 #13
The MSRNC reporters are expecting fireworks, he will pick reporters "at will" UTUSN Jan 2017 #4
Doing a last line,no doubt! He's gotta shine like a star, you know! bettyellen Jan 2017 #5
Shine like a tinkling star Sanity Claws Jan 2017 #226
chucktodd is bloviating, still thinking Trump is going to pivot gratuitous Jan 2017 #6
Chukky is lsewpershad Jan 2017 #258
I can't stand to look at the Orange Beady eyed HipChick Jan 2017 #7
That's why I wish many posts here and ALL websites wouldn't paste his damnable face on every item UTUSN Jan 2017 #10
What's your preferred channel? cilla4progress Jan 2017 #8
I probably should watch cSpan but I have MSNBC on .... wish Joy Reid was there!! bettyellen Jan 2017 #15
Another reporter previewing possible questions gratuitous Jan 2017 #11
Crowd is stirring on stage left- here comes R Kelly Conway?! bettyellen Jan 2017 #12
PLEASE let the press earn their stripes today! nolabear Jan 2017 #14
Delays, delays, delays gratuitous Jan 2017 #16
Do they have Huggies in them? nt Tommy_Carcetti Jan 2017 #21
Can't he go anywhere without the kids? nolabear Jan 2017 #17
He and daughter in chief are here. nt marybourg Jan 2017 #18
Is Melania there? The presser is at Trump Tower, iirc, Tanuki Jan 2017 #155
haven't seen her marybourg Jan 2017 #182
She may be busy on her plan to "help the cheeldrin" Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2017 #206
He looks nervous as hell. MissB Jan 2017 #19
And the paid stooges clapping for him Afromania Jan 2017 #20
He has everyone with him. Spicer denying Pee-Gate. Solly Mack Jan 2017 #22
it's disgusting, I tell you! He should say it to the boss wordpix Jan 2017 #97
Opening with a comment on buzzfeed's report MissB Jan 2017 #23
Buzzfeed attack out of the gate. And CNN. Sad and pathetic. nolabear Jan 2017 #24
And all media! And now Mike Pence?!? WTF? bettyellen Jan 2017 #28
It takes a village... nolabear Jan 2017 #41
He will intro an attorney who will discuss his business conflicts- now he has a spokesman bettyellen Jan 2017 #25
Refuse to watch the MSM anymore maxrandb Jan 2017 #26
CSpan? bettyellen Jan 2017 #32
Oh so much THIS. Iggo Jan 2017 #137
Terrible for buzzfeed to marybourg Jan 2017 #27
Introduction gratuitous Jan 2017 #29
Spicer cilla4progress Jan 2017 #30
probably some paid flunkies Afromania Jan 2017 #43
LOL! They're propping him up with everybody they've got. I am so creeped out. nolabear Jan 2017 #31
Yeah! So it's like five people?! I bet whatever reporter(s) he calls on is a plant! bettyellen Jan 2017 #44
So the flunky is opening the dirty work of lambasting Buzzfeed. Will Peter THIEL sink Buzzfeed?!1 UTUSN Jan 2017 #33
Pence rambling etherealtruth Jan 2017 #34
These guys need to stop running interference Afromania Jan 2017 #35
shameful and disgracefu! marybourg Jan 2017 #36
Pence on giving a stump speech gratuitous Jan 2017 #37
Nope. LaydeeBug Jan 2017 #38
a left wing blog Botany Jan 2017 #39
Pence up now. MissB Jan 2017 #40
very tepid applause marybourg Jan 2017 #42
He s up and rambling about how he used to give "daily press conferences " and he only stopped becasu bettyellen Jan 2017 #65
this is a news conference. Why applause at all?? riversedge Jan 2017 #331
Pence up and kissing ass. Why are his "children" there? livetohike Jan 2017 #45
FYI I didn't need to get a stamp in my passport to go to Prague Solly Mack Jan 2017 #46
I was never stamped either n/t Richard D Jan 2017 #53
I had to get a stamp in my passport for non-Schengen states, but not the CR. Solly Mack Jan 2017 #183
Of course not. It's Europe. KittyWampus Jan 2017 #62
But those who don't understand how it works will think Spicer made a good point. Solly Mack Jan 2017 #171
Pence asking everyone to pat Trump on the head gratuitous Jan 2017 #47
DRUMPF looks like a death mask while all the flunkies stand up for him. UTUSN Jan 2017 #48
Is that guy standing to the left a SS agent? MissB Jan 2017 #49
Oh now PENCE is attacking the press. At a press conference. With the press. nolabear Jan 2017 #50
pence attacking press marybourg Jan 2017 #51
tremendous blot marybourg Jan 2017 #58
oh boy, these intelligence bdamomma Jan 2017 #246
So this is their strategy cilla4progress Jan 2017 #52
It strikes me how well Alec Baldwin nails the DJT character. MissB Jan 2017 #54
NOBODY DIDN'T.. coco22 Jan 2017 #55
Holy Shit malaise Jan 2017 #56
I do the best news conferences. "We stopped giving them because we were being given a lot of bad inf UTUSN Jan 2017 #57
Attacking the Intel right away while kissing up to the "good" press. nolabear Jan 2017 #59
He's blaming the intelligence agencies for releasing the dossier blogslut Jan 2017 #60
this guy Afromania Jan 2017 #61
CNN bad ... they are mean etherealtruth Jan 2017 #63
Donnie's on now gratuitous Jan 2017 #64
big news coming about car companies marybourg Jan 2017 #66
If thr journalists don't do their job today cilla4progress Jan 2017 #67
Fiat/Chrysler? The CEO said you had nothing to do with this back in 2015 when it was discussed chelsea0011 Jan 2017 #68
Pharma? Oh Lord, this is going to be a long slog. nolabear Jan 2017 #69
Rambling man. MissB Jan 2017 #70
English, do you speak it? Afromania Jan 2017 #71
a moo mint Botany Jan 2017 #90
Trump ..... Botany Jan 2017 #72
Press bad, planes good, jobs good jeanmarc Jan 2017 #73
Bragging on the inaugural- elegant,special beautiful.... at least h didn't say "sensual" as one aide bettyellen Jan 2017 #83
Now onto drugs?!? Or on drugs? rambling fairly incoherently... blends into "the generals!?!" bettyellen Jan 2017 #74
This just in: The Elect is an idiot with a fourth grade grasp of concepts nolabear Jan 2017 #75
we're gonna, we're gonna marybourg Jan 2017 #76
quite a change from Obama's speech last night, isn't it? crazylikafox Jan 2017 #77
This is truly embarrassing etherealtruth Jan 2017 #78
The reporters need to address this is a thing- his incoherent speechifying bettyellen Jan 2017 #96
It feels like we have entered an alternate universe etherealtruth Jan 2017 #99
"I will be the greatest job creator that GOD EVER CREATED and I mean that" Bwah-HAHA!1 UTUSN Jan 2017 #79
He's sick that's all, he is very sick!!! rainy Jan 2017 #80
would this constitute bdamomma Jan 2017 #256
The greatest jobs producer that God ever created? nolabear Jan 2017 #81
He's going to bring back the drug industry gratuitous Jan 2017 #82
The best jobs producer that God ever created? Glimmer of Hope Jan 2017 #84
bands from the military marybourg Jan 2017 #85
Oh, Nuclear Cheeto dear, news for ya- anyone who's ever changed a diaper... TygrBright Jan 2017 #115
This is so embarrassing. What a pos. n/t livetohike Jan 2017 #86
Now Afromania Jan 2017 #87
I really won, honest! jeanmarc Jan 2017 #88
press about to get punked as he takes no questions chelsea0011 Jan 2017 #89
Oh my god he's bragging about the fucking parade. He's rambling. He's really what he is. nolabear Jan 2017 #91
This is a maniac cilla4progress Jan 2017 #92
Now he's pumping his Inauguration mcar Jan 2017 #93
also referring to his glory days Nov. 8-9 wordpix Jan 2017 #101
The optics, if he cancelled todays presser would not have been good asiliveandbreathe Jan 2017 #94
He really needs to expand his vocabulary. avebury Jan 2017 #95
ADHD kids are screaming at him to stay on one subject gratuitous Jan 2017 #98
LOL nini Jan 2017 #106
15 days to see a Dr? Blue Idaho Jan 2017 #100
I can only read the comments here nini Jan 2017 #102
david (VA? nominee) marybourg Jan 2017 #103
Woo hoo cilla4progress Jan 2017 #104
Disgrace that info let out. MissB Jan 2017 #105
"all fake news, it didn't happen" - like being on the other side of the fake news, huh, Donnie? wordpix Jan 2017 #107
Ugh BumRushDaShow Jan 2017 #108
He's going to go down so badly. ALL opinion, no facts, delivered at a third grade level. nolabear Jan 2017 #109
It shouldn't have entered paper Afromania Jan 2017 #110
This message was self-deleted by its author Afromania Jan 2017 #123
Grab her by the pussy was fake too, until... jeanmarc Jan 2017 #111
Good God in Butter Botany Jan 2017 #112
Fake news, fake news, fake news mcar Jan 2017 #113
DNC should have had "hacking defense" like we had wordpix Jan 2017 #114
fake news! sick people! our opponents! marybourg Jan 2017 #116
Word Salad... Blue Idaho Jan 2017 #117
Much hacking going on mcar Jan 2017 #118
And our first question gratuitous Jan 2017 #119
Yeah, Russia would have released kompromat on their puppet Trump KittyWampus Jan 2017 #120
"GREATEST COMPUTER MINDS!!1!" bullwinkle428 Jan 2017 #121
he really said that? JHan Jan 2017 #136
Q- intel briefing: did you get 2 page addendum? Accept much of it- bettyellen Jan 2017 #122
He never actually denies it's truth. Just calls it a disgrace. KittyWampus Jan 2017 #129
horrible things Podesta said about Hillary wordpix Jan 2017 #133
He's really gotta stop with the Hillary crap. bettyellen Jan 2017 #319
reliving his glory days on the campaign trail wordpix Jan 2017 #341
When will he say a bad word about Putin? jeanmarc Jan 2017 #124
So he believes putin over our own agencies. MissB Jan 2017 #125
Hillary bad ... they said horrible things about her etherealtruth Jan 2017 #126
He's showing his ignorance about absolutely everything. He's raining about HILLARY. nolabear Jan 2017 #127
He's now pivoting to defending the hacking. asshole! bettyellen Jan 2017 #128
Blame the victim. KittyWampus Jan 2017 #130
Gish gallop. Tommy_Carcetti Jan 2017 #131
Yeap... Random lies to confuse and over load so the can control uponit7771 Jan 2017 #257
OMFG rambling fuckface douchebag snooper2 Jan 2017 #132
Hillary, hacking, DNC, Podesta "I'm supremely careful" about travel -"I'm a germaphobe" wordpix Jan 2017 #153
What the fuck Afromania Jan 2017 #163
Ok Afromania Jan 2017 #134
He's sick. Talking about himself in 3rd person. MissB Jan 2017 #135
+1 Botany Jan 2017 #154
House guests are up gratuitous Jan 2017 #139
Russia good ... wtf? etherealtruth Jan 2017 #140
OMFG BumRushDaShow Jan 2017 #147
horrible things said about hillary! marybourg Jan 2017 #142
He's in GE mode, criticising Hillary mcar Jan 2017 #143
Isis "Is number 1 Tricky" and he tougher than Hillary ?!? Blackmail question!! bettyellen Jan 2017 #144
ISIS is bigly tricky according to the Con wordpix Jan 2017 #342
ISIS is number one tricky. demmiblue Jan 2017 #145
Being asked about his conduct in Moscow MissB Jan 2017 #146
Also saying he is careful about security and "tells many people" be careful.... bettyellen Jan 2017 #162
So, he thinks it's cool that Putin helped his campaign blogslut Jan 2017 #148
Still arguing the election... Blue Idaho Jan 2017 #149
It is really excruciating to listen to him avebury Jan 2017 #150
What a sick man. Glimmer of Hope Jan 2017 #151
Such lies, press bad, jobs many, such wow at America great. Glassunion Jan 2017 #152
LOL- thank you! bettyellen Jan 2017 #193
He's explaining surveillance as though we'd never heard of it. nolabear Jan 2017 #156
Looney tunes... Satch59 Jan 2017 #157
He's mentally ill Dem2 Jan 2017 #158
Asked about tax returns MissB Jan 2017 #159
Wow.. a reporter actually dared to ask that dreaded question!? Cha Jan 2017 #338
He's SNORTING & SNIFFLING - yuk yuk the room is chuckling at his joke "germaphobe" UTUSN Jan 2017 #160
So was Ivanka! Rough night for those two I guess. bettyellen Jan 2017 #165
Release the damned taxes! nolabear Jan 2017 #161
I have stuff others don't have ... I have no conflict of interest etherealtruth Jan 2017 #164
Trust but verify, mother fucker. randome Jan 2017 #167
Un fucking believable. bettyellen Jan 2017 #168
I would be able to run my business and country etherealtruth Jan 2017 #166
miss universe contest did very well marybourg Jan 2017 #169
And no one else could do that. MissB Jan 2017 #178
He didn't know about the government rule on conflicts of interest until three months ago? greatauntoftriplets Jan 2017 #170
This idiot will be under audit forever in his head jeanmarc Jan 2017 #172
Well Hallie Jackson, NBC, is now on his shit list. avebury Jan 2017 #173
Mocks reporter for asking about taxes- only you care! bettyellen Jan 2017 #174
I'm so mad I am almost unable to think. nolabear Jan 2017 #175
FFS kids will run company ... no conflict believe me etherealtruth Jan 2017 #176
and Don will not speak with them about Trump biz! yeah, right wordpix Jan 2017 #343
I dont have to do this marybourg Jan 2017 #177
The only ones who care about my tax returns are reporters. femmedem Jan 2017 #179
My 2 sons ... right here ..... Don and Eric Botany Jan 2017 #180
fuck this bitch Afromania Jan 2017 #181
Is he coming back? Glimmer of Hope Jan 2017 #185
probably not Afromania Jan 2017 #205
And he just walks away blogslut Jan 2017 #184
This should seal his fate. KGBot001 Jan 2017 #186
What about that SON INLAW! coco22 Jan 2017 #187
and now he is out of there Botany Jan 2017 #188
Lol, what the hell is this shit? Some paid legal hack is saying his conflicts of interest are legit jeanmarc Jan 2017 #189
End of Qs, has stacked of signed papers showing he's turned over businesses to sons to run... bettyellen Jan 2017 #190
Fake. Those are Mitts old binders of women. elehhhhna Jan 2017 #197
LOL bettyellen Jan 2017 #198
Someone callled? ;) Binders Keepers Jan 2017 #327
This is not a Press Conference Blue Idaho Jan 2017 #191
Someone HELP US! rainy Jan 2017 #192
Really dumb to have both the PEEoTUS and the Vice-PeeoTUS together in one place. Solly Mack Jan 2017 #194
Mistake putting anyone else on before or after. He sounds like a moron compared to everyone else. bettyellen Jan 2017 #195
Yep ... he is an embarrassment to our country etherealtruth Jan 2017 #199
Ehhhh KGBot001 Jan 2017 #196
They could have tweeted this bullshit out. Solly Mack Jan 2017 #200
Lofl...sounds like he wasted everyone time by repeating mostly campaign talking points uponit7771 Jan 2017 #293
Now going on about Ivanka moving to DC. Only about putting kids in school!?! bettyellen Jan 2017 #201
It is called trying to change the subject Botany Jan 2017 #204
My new names for Jared and Ivanka are... demmiblue Jan 2017 #210
Ivanka won't have any involvement with Trump Organization. avebury Jan 2017 #202
because she never talks to her hubby who will be DT's sr. advisor wordpix Jan 2017 #344
"PeeResident (DRUMPF) will *RESIGN*"!1 -------oh, from the companies. Just wishing here. UTUSN Jan 2017 #203
This woman is the living version of the tiny print statement credit card companies send you. GoCubsGo Jan 2017 #207
LOL! She sounds so much smarter than he does. nolabear Jan 2017 #219
Pretty funny how the 3rd wife KGBot001 Jan 2017 #208
Claims it's actually more virtuous to keep assets?!? bettyellen Jan 2017 #209
That's the gist, yes. Solly Mack Jan 2017 #215
Brings up 3rd party debt that would be investigated? Well it should be - no? bettyellen Jan 2017 #211
The Piss Presser presided over by pontificating President-elect Pee-pee man. Solly Mack Jan 2017 #212
Couldn't find a "competent trustee" should he divest? WTF? bettyellen Jan 2017 #213
... nolabear Jan 2017 #214
Re: amouluments (sp) not receive gifts while holding office ... bettyellen Jan 2017 #216
This is not a press conference TexasBushwhacker Jan 2017 #217
2 that he didn't fully answer I think. Instead he mocked the questioner. bettyellen Jan 2017 #221
Peemoluments!!! pinboy3niner Jan 2017 #218
Don't worry ... it only looks like trump is looting the country etherealtruth Jan 2017 #220
Donating to the treasury? Oh please. This is such bullshit. nolabear Jan 2017 #222
By that, he means he'll buy a couple more paintings of himself. nt Tommy_Carcetti Jan 2017 #227
"American people were well aware" - blame the victims! bettyellen Jan 2017 #223
HAHA He's going to donate his profits to the Treasury! blogslut Jan 2017 #224
Only a fool would believe that Trump and sons won't talk business. Solly Mack Jan 2017 #225
Trump is currently rocking as he talks. I think he needs to pee. Solly Mack Jan 2017 #228
LOL, Sol! bettyellen Jan 2017 #235
Sessions is brilliant (per DT) etherealtruth Jan 2017 #229
The Press in the room are on his side. They laughed on cue. They love him, and don't want to work WinkyDink Jan 2017 #230
Q: cabinet is filled w huge business interests -? bettyellen Jan 2017 #231
He is such an idiot. Solly Mack Jan 2017 #232
some on reporters Afromania Jan 2017 #233
Thought same! bettyellen Jan 2017 #237
Obama care a disaster ...you'll be very proud of what we put together etherealtruth Jan 2017 #234
is he lying???? bdamomma Jan 2017 #236
Is he talking? Then he's lying. Solly Mack Jan 2017 #245
People begging us to get rid of "obama care" ...repeal and replace essentially simultaneously etherealtruth Jan 2017 #238
The same day, the same hour... demmiblue Jan 2017 #239
He's going back to all the crap he spewed during the election re Obamacare - repeal bettyellen Jan 2017 #240
It's amazing how quickly and easily he lies. MissB Jan 2017 #253
Yes... This guys a one trick grifter uponit7771 Jan 2017 #264
he's gonna replace Ocare the same day he repeals, even tho the R's have no plan wordpix Jan 2017 #345
Health plan will be far less expensive and far better etherealtruth Jan 2017 #241
The plan is repeal and replace but no word on what that replacement is Solly Mack Jan 2017 #242
What is the plan and how can it possibly be less expensive(for repeal and replace) jeanmarc Jan 2017 #243
Pesky details. nolabear Jan 2017 #247
Some BS question about his successes w Carrier and others becoming "a program"?!? Ass kisser . bettyellen Jan 2017 #244
He keeps taking credit for saving those Carrier and auto industry jobs! Gidney N Cloyd Jan 2017 #248
Well Afromania Jan 2017 #249
OMG Afromania Jan 2017 #259
Promises a "major border tax" on companies leaving... bettyellen Jan 2017 #250
What about the companies already there? N/t TexasBushwhacker Jan 2017 #312
As an urban dweller I hope he does tax the fuck out of all those farm vehicles and four wheeler and bettyellen Jan 2017 #318
Ultimately, tariffs just raise prices for consumers TexasBushwhacker Jan 2017 #332
Prices in America are ridiculous compared to most other nations.... bettyellen Jan 2017 #333
Yup, generally gas and groceries are cheaper too n/t TexasBushwhacker Jan 2017 #334
Clothing, electronics large and small... the streets and airports of NYC are filled w tourists bettyellen Jan 2017 #335
as long as HIS companies are manufacturing overseas, nothing wordpix Jan 2017 #346
Re Tweet: "are we living in Nazi Germany"? And fence? bettyellen Jan 2017 #251
Does that screen (TV) look like a split screen right now? Solly Mack Jan 2017 #252
The flags are making some odd bold vertical lines. Plus since he keeps bettyellen Jan 2017 #263
lolol! Solly Mack Jan 2017 #269
Mexico will reimburse us for the wall ...idiot etherealtruth Jan 2017 #254
"It's a wall not a fence, narnian60 Jan 2017 #262
Bother. LMAO and idiots will believe this Solly Mack Jan 2017 #255
Thank you major garrett cilla4progress Jan 2017 #260
Now he's answering it. Well not really. MissB Jan 2017 #266
Finally answers "buzzfeed is failing pile of garbage" bettyellen Jan 2017 #268
Who are these unknown asskissing reporters he's calling on?!1 UTUSN Jan 2017 #261
Wtf... This still going in?!?! uponit7771 Jan 2017 #267
I think they are asking some really hard hitting questions. demmiblue Jan 2017 #275
Listen up, people! I want each of you to send me 100 bucks. Solly Mack Jan 2017 #265
He goes Godwin's Law as well jeanmarc Jan 2017 #270
Since you are attackig out station will give us a question? MissB Jan 2017 #271
Wtf was that? Glimmer of Hope Jan 2017 #279
That was CNN learning that they were getting shut out. MissB Jan 2017 #284
Yep. CNN is just the beginning. Glimmer of Hope Jan 2017 #291
He's still worried his dick cilla4progress Jan 2017 #272
Come on Afromania Jan 2017 #273
won't take question from buzzfeed (edited CNN NOT buzzfeed) etherealtruth Jan 2017 #274
Thought that was cnn MissB Jan 2017 #281
Curious?! bettyellen Jan 2017 #283
I think it was buzzfeed ... but could very well have been CNN etherealtruth Jan 2017 #286
Yes it was CNN ... thank you! etherealtruth Jan 2017 #317
So how long until DRUMPF uses Peter THIEL to torpedo Buzzfeed - "will pay the consequences" UTUSN Jan 2017 #282
was it buzzfeed? the NYT or CNN ... I posted Buzzfeed but may be very wrong etherealtruth Jan 2017 #295
Attacking lindsey Graham etherealtruth Jan 2017 #276
Wow. Did he just insult Lindsey graham MissB Jan 2017 #277
yep- He is just a ignorant fuckface ... snooper2 Jan 2017 #287
BBC news "that's another beauty" etherealtruth Jan 2017 #278
Missed that part? bettyellen Jan 2017 #285
Reporter from BBC asked question ... etherealtruth Jan 2017 #288
One reporter shouting out "you're attacking press organizations" can we ask one question? bettyellen Jan 2017 #280
Must have been from CNN! jmg257 Jan 2017 #298
The trouble is that the low information voter, the people who believe Pizzagate Solly Mack Jan 2017 #289
Maybe he's opening an amusement park - 9 Flags over Urination underpants Jan 2017 #290
He actually made me feel bad for CNN MattP Jan 2017 #292
Now claims the DNC was not hacked. Need follow up on other GOPers and his staff... bettyellen Jan 2017 #294
GETTING GOOD cilla4progress Jan 2017 #296
Boy that went to hell. If CNN doesn't take him apart they are done. nolabear Jan 2017 #297
IT"S NOT HACKING DEFENSE Afromania Jan 2017 #299
Hacking defense cilla4progress Jan 2017 #306
I thought that was the intentional fouling of Shaquile O'Neil n/t maxrandb Jan 2017 #328
LOL.. all you guys are cracking me up.. much better to read Cha Jan 2017 #339
Loved when he said "Reince bought a good one" for the MSNBC .... bettyellen Jan 2017 #316
Attacking intelligence for leaks etherealtruth Jan 2017 #300
Super ironic, huh? bettyellen Jan 2017 #321
I am going to vote "insane" vs "ironic" :-( etherealtruth Jan 2017 #324
He's testing the limits of our acceptance of this idiocy.... bettyellen Jan 2017 #336
Now claims he had a meeting w security and "no one knew" and yet the info that he was there bettyellen Jan 2017 #301
Wasn't it Trump's man who said there are no such things as facts anymore Solly Mack Jan 2017 #302
The man who exploited and encouraged leaking is now blaming the victims? Of course he is! bettyellen Jan 2017 #309
I remember the night he called for Russia to hack Clinton. Solly Mack Jan 2017 #322
So true!but it's an odd CYA too, now he can claim "everyone knew" bettyellen Jan 2017 #323
The people who voted for him don't care and the GOP won't care as long as they get Solly Mack Jan 2017 #325
russia will have more respect our our country when I lead etherealtruth Jan 2017 #303
I had many meetings with intelligence Botany Jan 2017 #304
Pointed Q about hacks asking if ANYoNE on his staff had contactA- he's deflecting . bettyellen Jan 2017 #305
Did not answer. He knows they were. bettyellen Jan 2017 #307
So that is a yes? Freethinker65 Jan 2017 #308
JAPAN???? Afromania Jan 2017 #310
No. he's just listing country names he knows. It's all faked to make us feel "who knows" bettyellen Jan 2017 #314
I know Afromania Jan 2017 #320
That was bovine caca wrapped in horse shit and topped with kitty litter crunchies Solly Mack Jan 2017 #311
Yeah but other than that it was fantastic grantcart Jan 2017 #329
What a dumpster fire!! Vinnie From Indy Jan 2017 #313
Surprisingly enough, Chuck Todd didn't give Trump avebury Jan 2017 #315
ok is over??? bdamomma Jan 2017 #326
SOME other comments and tweets here riversedge Jan 2017 #330
i want to know what color do you folks think his hair okieinpain Jan 2017 #337
I think it will stay the same.. the color we now know Cha Jan 2017 #340
I hope it all... 3catwoman3 Jan 2017 #347
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