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Otis and Barney elehhhhna Feb 2017 #1
Hah! Good one. nt TrollBuster9090 Feb 2017 #4
Nah ... Otis and Barney were idiots, but they were kind and caring idiots etherealtruth Feb 2017 #7
I like your user icon. I'm still waiting for some woman named 'Ester' to use an ester link TrollBuster9090 Feb 2017 #11
:-) etherealtruth Feb 2017 #13
OMG.....they are so doing it. I gotta lie down now....nt msanthrope Feb 2017 #2
She looks like a mantis Warpy Feb 2017 #3
That's what they do. ....see my above post. nt msanthrope Feb 2017 #6
Both of them IdiotsforPalin Feb 2017 #16
Yep, that's what the female mantis does to the male after mating. TrollBuster9090 Feb 2017 #9
I wonder if those two pathological liars Ilsa Feb 2017 #5
her skull seems to want out of her skin starshine00 Feb 2017 #8
"Here. Pull my finger. I dare you." randome Feb 2017 #10
Flying monkeys would come out. TrollBuster9090 Feb 2017 #12
you need a "warning...graphic" title on this. I can't unsee that! NRaleighLiberal Feb 2017 #14
Hah! Sorry! nt TrollBuster9090 Feb 2017 #18
"And your little dog, too." Arkansas Granny Feb 2017 #15
Haha! Here's another one... TrollBuster9090 Feb 2017 #19
Have they been told where the showers are in the White House? lpbk2713 Feb 2017 #17
They both look like evil Wesen after they've voged. Tikki Feb 2017 #20
beavis and butthead unblock Feb 2017 #21
I saw it in a post elsewhere - but an apt description of bannon: Salviati Feb 2017 #22
Cruella de Vil meets Mad Eye Moody procon Feb 2017 #23
Oh, that's BRUTAL, but accurate! nt TrollBuster9090 Feb 2017 #24
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