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K&R ismnotwasm Mar 2017 #1
But it is Monday AM, and 90% of the country is not watching. Moostache Mar 2017 #2
The RW is already spinning mcar Mar 2017 #3
I pray that you are right... Moostache Mar 2017 #4
I thought the exact same thing. Doreen Mar 2017 #45
WE DO have a Vulcan problem ... PsychoBabble Mar 2017 #11
who is going to hear... stillcool Mar 2017 #12
Tons of research proves we aren't really primarily rational .... PsychoBabble Mar 2017 #22
psa enid602 Mar 2017 #49
I agree completely LiberalLovinLug Mar 2017 #27
I'm not watching stillcool Mar 2017 #13
Justice works all hours. People were at work during the Watergate hearings, too. WinkyDink Mar 2017 #38
It's so obvious the R's aren't OldHippieChick Mar 2017 #5
Yes mcar Mar 2017 #6
Part of it could be that the collective IQ on the R OldHippieChick Mar 2017 #8
I don't think they understand mcar Mar 2017 #14
Schiff received his JD from Harvard NewJeffCT Mar 2017 #32
And I might say that a Masters in Ag is obviously OldHippieChick Mar 2017 #34
Actually, they are making the GOP look like Russian tools. Country first, if they mean Russia. nikibatts Mar 2017 #7
As usual Dems are better/smarter all around.What's caught my attention, are they getting more time? UTUSN Mar 2017 #9
It seems like they are mcar Mar 2017 #16
What is interesting is this. Wellstone ruled Mar 2017 #10
The Rs on this committee mcar Mar 2017 #17
You nailed it Wellstone ruled Mar 2017 #39
The Tea Party at work mcar Mar 2017 #40
They are but let's be honest, it's not difficult to arthritisR_US Mar 2017 #15
Trey Gowdy was way more upset about who leaked FISA info than the treason Fast Walker 52 Mar 2017 #18
He's as bad as Ryan. He needs to go. Alice11111 Mar 2017 #19
It was all for a Distraction Alice11111 Mar 2017 #20
I mentioned that elsewhere, he's obsessed with the "illegal" act of exposing the illegal acts... George II Mar 2017 #31
I'm sure they had hours and hours of planning caucuses. One representative's questions leads... George II Mar 2017 #21
Well coordinated mcar Mar 2017 #29
Does anyone else notice the Admiral seems to be looking down a lot and not KewlKat Mar 2017 #23
And now Denny Heck is wrapping it up in pretty (ugly?) paper and putting a bow on top of it!!! George II Mar 2017 #24
Very well choreographed CajunBlazer Mar 2017 #25
When it comes to making republicans look like idiots... Turbineguy Mar 2017 #26
As a cube-rat, I'm very pleased to hear this Orrex Mar 2017 #28
Don't know what your friend's been watching mcar Mar 2017 #30
Excellent. Orrex Mar 2017 #35
Yes! mcar Mar 2017 #36
It would appear, the Repubs... Xolodno Mar 2017 #33
They were embarrassingly unprepared mcar Mar 2017 #37
Denial ain't just a river in Africa Fritz Walter Mar 2017 #41
Great post! mcar Mar 2017 #43
Yup - getting all the different ties, theories & players on the record. jmg257 Mar 2017 #42
It has been a joy to watch whenever a Dem is speaking! Greybnk48 Mar 2017 #44
The Dems definitely had... 3catwoman3 Mar 2017 #46
They were excellent malaise Mar 2017 #47
And, this is what our Dems having been doing for those Cha Mar 2017 #48
Thank you for posting this. CentralMass Mar 2017 #52
You're Welcome Cha Mar 2017 #53
This exactly! mcar Mar 2017 #55
K&R... spanone Mar 2017 #50
I was impressed with what I heard. nt delisen Mar 2017 #51
Dem shames Repuks: Trump/Russia probe "is about patriotism" (LOVE THIS) Cha Mar 2017 #54
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