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15. I had something like that happen ... The usual "X" close thingy didn't work, but Ctrl Shift Q did
Wed Mar 29, 2017, 04:46 PM
Mar 2017

It was something that made a loud continous racket with some dire warning. I couldn't close the window with the "X" at the far upper right like I usually close windows with. But I found that Ctrl Shift Q worked (it shuts down Chrome).

Thanks and REC riversedge Mar 2017 #1
+1 Passing it on to the kids TheBlackAdder Mar 2017 #20
K&R. dchill Mar 2017 #2
I got it too, and I don't even use chrome, so I knew it was a scam! putitinD Mar 2017 #3
Thank you for chillfactor Mar 2017 #4
Thanks for the info. Deuce Mar 2017 #5
Give Secunia's Personal Software Inspector a try. bathroommonkey76 Mar 2017 #6
I tried to dl it, but after giving an email and moonscape Mar 2017 #19
Ninite bathroommonkey76 Mar 2017 #22
Checking it out - thanks! n/t moonscape Mar 2017 #33
Yw bathroommonkey76 Mar 2017 #36
Nice Catch, And Thanks MM (nt) ProfessorGAC Mar 2017 #7
Thanks for the heads up. Arkansas Granny Mar 2017 #8
Thanks. Lindsay Mar 2017 #9
PLUS retrowire Mar 2017 #10
I just discovered: Menu icon - Help - About Google Chrome progree Mar 2017 #14
Close your browser if you get one of those sites. Don't use the back botton. LeftInTX Mar 2017 #11
Thanks! renate Mar 2017 #12
I had something like that happen ... The usual "X" close thingy didn't work, but Ctrl Shift Q did progree Mar 2017 #15
thanks! renate Mar 2017 #24
There's a Firefox version floating around too. Binkie The Clown Mar 2017 #13
Thank you. sarge43 Mar 2017 #16
It also shows up as a critical alert from microsoft and locks your browser or it did until I cstanleytech Mar 2017 #17
I've been using the CLIQZ browser for a couple of weeks and it's great. Snarkoleptic Mar 2017 #18
Lots of scam adverts out there. mwooldri Mar 2017 #21
Thank You for the message Stuart G Mar 2017 #23
Wado-------------Thank you turbinetree Mar 2017 #25
I don't think I have clicked on anything... GeoWilliam750 Mar 2017 #26
If you don't click you needn't worry. MineralMan Mar 2017 #28
I got that today. Of course I didn't click on it. nt Kahuna7 Mar 2017 #27
Note: Google Chrome updates itself automatically, MineralMan Mar 2017 #29
My Chrome doesn't install automatically. n/t bathroommonkey76 Mar 2017 #37
I won't ask you what site you were visiting.... eniwetok Mar 2017 #30
I don't remember, but it must have been in a link in a post. MineralMan Mar 2017 #32
Haven't seen that but sounds like a fishy one, so good to post & alert Kimchijeon Mar 2017 #31
Kick. dalton99a Mar 2017 #34
Thanks for the warning mcar Mar 2017 #35
I have an old computer. Running Vista still (lol) Google won't update Vista anymore. YOHABLO Mar 2017 #38
I was, too. The decision not to support Chrome for Vista MineralMan Mar 2017 #42
After the Great ISP Giveaway by the Repubs this week pecosbob Mar 2017 #39
Thanks. I see that pop up occasionally, particularly on sites that have bullwinkle428 Mar 2017 #40
thanks for the heads up. Sharing with office staff and family. Nitram Mar 2017 #41
thanks lunatica Mar 2017 #43
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