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18. I've been using the CLIQZ browser for a couple of weeks and it's great.
Wed Mar 29, 2017, 04:12 PM
Mar 2017

It's faster and less buggy that Firefox (with it's constant updates).
It uses open-source code, is part owned by the Mozilla Foundation, and has lots of privacy protection.
The only thing I miss from Firefox so far is FB Purity, which I'd used to clean up Facebook.

By using CLIQZ you are choosing to protect your privacy. We do not need to know anything about you as a person in order to help you navigate the web. Your age, gender, interests, and preferences are none of our business. That is why – unlike some other search engines – we never gather such information. We don’t store any data about you or any data that could be used to identify you on our servers. Personal data remains where it belongs: on your device, in your ownership, and under your control.

Based in Germany, our company complies with one of the strictest data security and privacy regulations in the world. However, we go way beyond to what we’re legally obliged to do. As a team dedicated to redesigning the Internet, it is one of our top priorities to improve the way our users’ data is handled.

Today, the Internet is dominated by companies that implicitly say: “To be able to provide you with tailored services and personalized ads, we need to know as much as possible about you. You need to trust us to not misuse your data.”

At CLIQZ, we do just the opposite. We don’t need to know anything about you and we don’t collect any data about you on our servers. Your personal data stays on your device. Instead of demanding your trust, we offer you privacy by design.
Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design means that the complete architecture of CLIQZ is built on privacy and data security from the ground up. Our servers never store any personal or personally identifiable data. IP addresses and other critical data is deleted automatically as soon as it reaches our servers. Statistical data about searches are strictly separated from website traffic statistics. As we don’t store session-IDs, it is impossible to combine consecutive searches and website visits. This way, we rule out conclusions on individual users.

Our data infrastructure is protected by state-of-the art, multi-layer technologies. This is not only true of our servers, but also of the communication between the CLIQZ software on your device and our servers. Privacy by Design makes sure that nobody is able to use data gathered by CLIQZ to find out who you are.
Location Services

If you choose to share your location with CLIQZ so that search results can be enriched with local information, CLIQZ will only use the minimum data required to provide this service.

We utilize the Mozilla Location Service (MLS) API, an open service that lets devices determine their location based on the IP address and nearby network infrastructure like WiFi access points and cell towers. As an open source project, the MLS code can be accessed and reviewed for privacy conformance. Neither CLIQZ nor Mozilla will ever save or use any information to identify or track you.

This geolocation service is optional and can be enabled or disabled at any time. As a default, CLIQZ will always ask for your permission first before accessing your location data.

Based on the IP address, CLIQZ can identify the country each query is coming from. This very rough information is used to provide more relevant search results and to notify users if they are in countries where CLIQZ results are not so “gut” yet.
Human Web

What all search engines have in common is that they work with data. A lot of data. Put simply: the more data, the better (more relevant) the search results. Conventional search engines primarily work with data related to the content, structuring, and linking of websites.

The CLIQZ search engine works differently: it is based on the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ and works with statistical data on actual search queries and website visits. Here at Cliqz in Munich we have developed the technology capable of collecting this information and then building a web index. We call it the Human Web, because the data is based on the behavior of users as a group, which should be a good indicator of relevancy. In other words: the search algorithm of CLIQZ weighs data about people’s behavior on the web more than the technical analysis of websites.

Your privacy is protected. No personal information or data about you or your device is identifiable. In our Human Web you remain fully anonymous. Read more about the Human Web.

Thanks and REC riversedge Mar 2017 #1
+1 Passing it on to the kids TheBlackAdder Mar 2017 #20
K&R. dchill Mar 2017 #2
I got it too, and I don't even use chrome, so I knew it was a scam! putitinD Mar 2017 #3
Thank you for chillfactor Mar 2017 #4
Thanks for the info. Deuce Mar 2017 #5
Give Secunia's Personal Software Inspector a try. bathroommonkey76 Mar 2017 #6
I tried to dl it, but after giving an email and moonscape Mar 2017 #19
Ninite bathroommonkey76 Mar 2017 #22
Checking it out - thanks! n/t moonscape Mar 2017 #33
Yw bathroommonkey76 Mar 2017 #36
Nice Catch, And Thanks MM (nt) ProfessorGAC Mar 2017 #7
Thanks for the heads up. Arkansas Granny Mar 2017 #8
Thanks. Lindsay Mar 2017 #9
PLUS retrowire Mar 2017 #10
I just discovered: Menu icon - Help - About Google Chrome progree Mar 2017 #14
Close your browser if you get one of those sites. Don't use the back botton. LeftInTX Mar 2017 #11
Thanks! renate Mar 2017 #12
I had something like that happen ... The usual "X" close thingy didn't work, but Ctrl Shift Q did progree Mar 2017 #15
thanks! renate Mar 2017 #24
There's a Firefox version floating around too. Binkie The Clown Mar 2017 #13
Thank you. sarge43 Mar 2017 #16
It also shows up as a critical alert from microsoft and locks your browser or it did until I cstanleytech Mar 2017 #17
I've been using the CLIQZ browser for a couple of weeks and it's great. Snarkoleptic Mar 2017 #18
Lots of scam adverts out there. mwooldri Mar 2017 #21
Thank You for the message Stuart G Mar 2017 #23
Wado-------------Thank you turbinetree Mar 2017 #25
I don't think I have clicked on anything... GeoWilliam750 Mar 2017 #26
If you don't click you needn't worry. MineralMan Mar 2017 #28
I got that today. Of course I didn't click on it. nt Kahuna7 Mar 2017 #27
Note: Google Chrome updates itself automatically, MineralMan Mar 2017 #29
My Chrome doesn't install automatically. n/t bathroommonkey76 Mar 2017 #37
I won't ask you what site you were visiting.... eniwetok Mar 2017 #30
I don't remember, but it must have been in a link in a post. MineralMan Mar 2017 #32
Haven't seen that but sounds like a fishy one, so good to post & alert Kimchijeon Mar 2017 #31
Kick. dalton99a Mar 2017 #34
Thanks for the warning mcar Mar 2017 #35
I have an old computer. Running Vista still (lol) Google won't update Vista anymore. YOHABLO Mar 2017 #38
I was, too. The decision not to support Chrome for Vista MineralMan Mar 2017 #42
After the Great ISP Giveaway by the Repubs this week pecosbob Mar 2017 #39
Thanks. I see that pop up occasionally, particularly on sites that have bullwinkle428 Mar 2017 #40
thanks for the heads up. Sharing with office staff and family. Nitram Mar 2017 #41
thanks lunatica Mar 2017 #43
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